Hyper Fusion Officially Gets More Traffic Than Rise Broadband

15 Aug by Hyper Fusion

Hyper Fusion Officially Gets More Traffic Than Rise Broadband

I know alot of folks seemed to be perplexed by new installs taking almost 3 weeks to do and don’t really understand why.  We thought we’d make this post today which should help shed some light as to the reason why.  Well, as of August 14th, 2019, according to Amazon, a world leader in measuring traffic and cloud internet services, reported that we out-traffic and are more popular than Rise Broadband.  Don’t believe us, check it out for yourself.

Site: hyperfusiontech.com Rank: 183,127

As you can see from the screenshot to the left ( clicking on it will take you to Amazon’s profile page on Hyper Fusion, bear in mind, this is something we have zero access to and have zero Amazon trackers or cookies buried within any of our sites, (check our source code if you don’t believe us).  There are roughly 8 billion active websites on the web these days, by a rough estimate, and Amazon ranks them, as you can see, we are ranked 183,127, that means, there are only 183,126 websites that get more traffic then us.  If you check out Rise Broadband, who is in multiple states and multiple countries, we out rank them by a good 5,000 spots worldwide, and by a good 60,000 in the USA exclusively.  So as you can see folks, we get an FANTASTIC amount of traffic, phone calls, sales requests for service, and everything else that goes along with it.

By comparison, we’ve also displayed some other local providers Alexa rankings as well, and as you can see, we VASTLY out-traffic and out perform every one of them.  There’s several reasons we started after almost every single one of them and have grown so much faster.   Some of the other providers have some of these features, some none at all, but NONE of them have them all together.  All you have to do is research for yourself.

  1. We do not resell other networks circuits.  Meaning, we don’t call up AT & T, have them install fiber, and slap our sticker on it and call it ours.  We install, dig, trench, string on utility poles, and this is OUR network and Fiber, not owned or installed by anyone else.
  2. We operate ALL our wireless, tower, and network gear in house with qualified engineers that have been doing this for years and are technology based, and not “business based”.  Clearly, service plan prices reflect the goals of these type of providers as they often charge over $100 a month for service and rarely delivery anything more than 10 Mbps circuits.
  3. We operate all our servers and do all our own programming.  All our server work, website work, Fusion Portal, and everything is all operated in house.  Our people not only physically build the servers and put them into server racks, but we also take identical copies of those servers we built ourselves and go plant them in data centers where we rent space to house them to ensure high connectivity, security, and so we don’t lose our data.
  4. In just a week or 2, we will have a full multi-honed ARIN recognized autonomous system network.  Meaning we will have multiple 1 Gbps or faster direct fiber connections out to the internet.  NO other provider has this capability, and once the upgrade is complete, and everyone run’s their speed tests, the provider will come back as Hyper Fusion, and that’s how you can easily tell the difference.
  5. Hyper Fusion deploys proprietary ( meaning we built it ourselves and didn’t buy it off a shelf somewhere ) hardware devices and software throughout our network.  These devices and software are what keep our network so much faster than every other provider and the key to our disruptive technology.  Just like the Colonel has his magical 11 herbs and spices recipe, Hyper Fusion’s recipe for our explosion of growth is tightly guarded.

The fact that when Hyper Fusion started 2 years ago, there was little to no options for Broadband internet in the Highland Lakes area, Lampasas County, and

1 Year Traffic Graph for Hyper Fusion

Burnet County, and now, over the last 2 years, several new providers have popped up, AT & T and T-Mobile have installed several new towers, and redundant lines, it’s made the City of Lampasas start to scramble to figure out what to do, and its allowed us to surround Lampasas with 4 repeaters, and another one of which is about to get direct fiber connected with one of our live fibers to really super charge the network in preparation for our gigabit wireless to the home service, and its really given this entire area, choices, options, and spurred the competition.

Back in the Spring of 2017, it was Hyper Fusion’s goal to bring true broadband internet to Lampasas and Burnet counties.  Our goal has succeeded.  We were the first to publicly announce it, and we continue to be the first to bring innovation and modest pricing to the internet game in this area, and although we are not subject to the guidelines the FCC is proposing, we completely agree with them and that’s why are prices are more in line with internet you might find in the city’s, like in town Burnet with Spectrum, or in town San Marcos with Grande Communications.  As you can easily tell by all the other “WISP’s” as they call them, they do not price anywhere near that low.  Additionally, NONE of them offer fiber to the home or business that is truly their own.  We ARE the ONLY provider offering fiber to the home or business, built, ran, and installed by us, regardless of what they may tell you.

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