Social Networking Scam, Twice In The Past Week

Oct 17, 2020 Featured, Tech News

Scammers Hard At Work

So, over the last week, I have received several scam reports regarding the networking site Meet Me. I do want to note that these scams are all over social networking sites and the internet. This is why Hyper Fusion recommends that if you want to share your life over the internet, do it privately, and not on any website you have to “upload things” to, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Meet Me. We offer a safe place to store your pictures and things and still be able to share them with family through our Plex server.

How do I protect me and my family from this?

Consumers fall victim to these scams because they are not informed of basic safety measures when it comes to your personal information and the online world. Hyper Fusion doesn’t want to only provide internet and streaming services, but we also look out for subscribers. Hyper Fusion STRONGLY recommends that EVERYWHERE you go online, DO NOT use your real name, post photos of you and/or your children, your home, or anything else that includes identifying information. Even setting your profile to “friends only” offers zero protection. All your data is still on the social media site and online and is constantly being sold, photos included to a plethora of companies, which is where these scam artists hunt for victims. We do offer a safe way to store your information and be able to share important memories and pictures with family through our Plex server. You can ticket in to inquire about this service.

This particular scam

In the Meet Me scam that was reported to me by 2 different people, the scammer talked to the people into texting. Then after 20 minutes, a 2nd number appeared, claiming to be the first ones parent. At this point, they would call the ‘feds” and “have you taken down”.  Within minutes a 3rd number appears, claiming to “be a fed”, yet reveals no agency they work for or badge number, and demanded a $4,000 wire to “clear their name”.  When the almost victim replied that they do not have a bank account, they pushed them to send $2,000 through a cash app.  That is a major red flag. Law enforcement officials in the US will NEVER ask anyone for money over the phone.
The fact of the matter is, government officials whether with the police, FBI, IRS…etc DO NOT call, text, or email you. So if you get some random person you’ve never met, telling you to give out your personal information or to send them money DO NOT GIVE SEND THEM ANYTHING and please report this to our Hyper Fusion staff via email so that we can investigate.
The three phone numbers associated with this scam are: ( 863-354-4190 ), ( 712-525-8205) and (469-359-1603).

We all know this.


As an ISP Hyper Fusion can find these scammers IPs and report them to the right agencies to get them taken down. Chris and Will have been working in the internet field and finding information like this for more than thirty years. By keeping your personal information off the internet and reporting scams to Hyper Fusion we can all protect each other.
As you can see from the article posted below, these scams are rampant.

Stay safe out there on the net folks,

Andrea Raynor- Operations Manager
Will Seykora- Field Manager
Chris Seykora – Technology Manager


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