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Hyper Fusion Is Removing It’s Social Networking Presense

As some of you or a lot of you may have realized our facebook page is gone along with out Twitter and other social networking sites.  Many have been confused by this.  We chose to wait until we had our business alot more put together and things going in a good positive motion, which they are now.   The Co-Founders of Hyper Fusion believe there are much better avenues of subscriber acquisition and want to forge our own path moving forward.  Our choice has nothing to do with the current social climates that our nation is experiencing and has been part of our long term plans for some time now.  We just feel like now is the proper time to move forward in the next stage of our Company’s development.

We will no longer be making posts of any kind anywhere on any social networking site.  We will not make official announcements any place but on our own website in a post just like this one.  Thank you to everyone who supported our social networking profiles when they where up, but not we’re asking all our loyal followers to follow us on our own website. =)

The TV Wars Are On!

The Problem

A typical “cable box” from the 1970’s, as you can see, we’ve come along way.

Before the internet was invented, TV was easy.  You break out those bunny ears, slap them on your TV, and away you went.  No calling the cable man, no downloading an app, no trying to figure out what’s going on.   TV received its first “upgrade” in 1948 when the first cable services delivered broadcast TV channels in Oregon, Arkansas, and Pennsylvania.  In the 60’s, these “cable lines” started to expand into metro areas, and by the 1970’s, the very first television networks started to form.  Including HBO, C-SPAN, ESPN and a few more.  By the 90’s, cable was running strong with a 57% market density in subscriptions and nearly 80 networks running strong as well.

Then, in 1996, the dawn of the “cable modem” and broadband internet was introduced to the masses.  This new technology was poised to take over as the primary medium through which news, entertainment, and education would be delivered to consumers.  By 1998 consumers in the US had access to more than 170 networks and fiber became even more prevalent.    The National cable & television association ( NCTA ) claims more than 93% of Americans had access to cable TV at that time. However, as fellow rural Texans know not a single cable company will run lines to more than 60 million people who live in these rural areas.

Then, in 2007 everything changed.  A little known DVD rental company called Netflix started putting their movie catalogue online and came out with the very first streaming service.  This would be the begining of what would remake the television, entertainment, movie, and music industries forever. By this time more and more rural consumers were also getting mobile phones which made it possible to consume media on the go.  Something that had never happened before.

The War Begins

With media now consumable on the go, of course the US government started to get involved and this caused a huge increase in regulation.  As a result, a good chunk of the media, TV, and movie world fell apart.  Most may not be aware, but TV and radio FCC renewals are always processed in a staggered format. Cable companies have a license agreement with networks (like ABC, ESPN, Fox…etc)in order to create a channel line up.  As streaming became more prevalent, these distributors like, Spectrum, Cox, and Netflix decided with the new streaming media for delivery, traditional transmission methods were no longer needed.

Once streaming became the primary medium of delivery for media, other companies realized they no longer needed cable TV companies to distribute their productions.  Then came the introduction of Disney + and Disney pulled all of its content that it owned from Netflix.  Many other companies soon followed suit.  Now streaming companies had to get inventive to keep from losing lots of subscribers.  The primary means of doing this it seems, went to producing original content.  As a result, American’s started subscribing to multiple streaming services.  Now when you add all the different streaming services at an average of $20/service for 5 different ones to ensure you see watch what you want too, the total is as much as cable was!  $100 a month between streaming services and add-ons is what most people pay today, that’s more than most average cable modems.  It seems, TV, movies, and music, are doomed to be in disarray for many years to come.

Isn’t it ironic?

COVID-19 Is Still Going Strong

Business Update Notice

Burnet COVID-19 Cases Hospital
According to the Daily TRIM  and a story posted by Daniel Clifton, Burnet businesses are back to 50% occupancy due to increased hospitalizations from COVID-19.  We strongly encourage all our subscribers and fellow community members to respect this as it keeps us all safe.  This pandemic has really rolled over a lot of us.   Hyper Fusion is right there in the trenches with you folks.  We all need to help each other during times like this.

COVID-19 In 2021

As we move forward in 2021 Hyper Fusion will remain committed to practicing all CDC guidelines when it comes to social distancing.  As much as we don’t like it, it looks like this pandemic state is likely to last a lot longer then we all originally thought.  Hyper Fusion has decided to make long term preparations as well as permanently changing some of our standards and practices to ensure a higher degree of health and safety for our subscribers and fellow community members.

COVID has taken a huge toll on communities, schools, families, and businesses.  At times like these Hyper Fusion really encourages everyone to understand the times we’re in and really truly help your neighbor.  Why, because its the right thing to do.  After all, its literally in the name of our country “United” States.  So Hyper Fusion is encouraging all our subscribers and community members to remain united together to battle this pandemic. Everyone should do their part to ensure that we can wipe it out.  Not only that, but learn from all the mishaps as we move forward to prevent such wide spread devastation in the future.

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2021 Is Here, lets put 2020 behind us and forge ahead!

Looking Back on 2020

Well folks, it’s been a crazy, wacky year this year, that’s for sure.  The Coronovirus has seemed to touch all corners of the globe and everyone’s lives.  Here at Hyper Fusion, we’ve been fortunate that we didn’t get shut down.  In fact, the government issued a decree for all internet providers to maintain and pick up operations.  Which of course, as I’m sure all our live subscribers know, we did just that.

At the close of 2020, we are stronger than ever. Hyper Fusion was founded and built in Burnet, TX by members of the community FOR the community. We will ALWAYS work to bring fantastic, reliable, and reasonably priced internet to everyone who needs it.

The Year Ahead

So what does Hyper Fusion have planned for 2021? Well, as we announced on Sep 19th of last year ( CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ) We have been heavily developing out our Hyper Vision Cloud TV service and it’s been going great. We expect a full public Beta launch this fall, and over the summer a private Beta launch for Hyper Fusion subscribers only.  On launch day, we will have full On-Demand services for streaming movies, past TV series and episodes, music, audio books, and even 3D VR content.  We are working hard to finish securing as many distribution & exhibition licensees as we can. Keep an eye out for updates!

Hyper Vision will have all the local channels, the Ted Turner Network Channels, Viacom Channels, and USA Network channels for our live channel line up, as well as, Hyper Fusion’s own local channel. Live streaming will also allow us to control our own commercial air time! Soon Hyper Fusion will be looking for local businesses for TV commercial advertisements to promote our local businesses.

Full Network Audit

As we move forward through the rest of the winter, Hyper Fusion will be taking a heavy focus on the tower network and upgrade tower to tower links by completing projects such as: Equrina Fields, Blackbuck Ridge, Burnet East, as well as adding Pecan Valley, and Lampasas North. Hyper Fusion will also be activating more of the dark fiber we hold, fiber connecting Kempner River Place, Chica Ranch, Burnet, Council Creek, and Kingsland, as well as building several new repeater sites and expanding our network.

New installs are still being conducted, however appointments are approximately 4 to 8 weeks out.  Hyper Fusion has taken a strong effort to care for our existing subscribers to ensure they’re good to go for another 3 years.  Our primary objective is to give every subscriber, whether new or old, the fastest internet in Texas.

The New Gold Standard In Rural Internet

Before Hyper Fusion was ever around, the only internet in the Highland Lakes and Lampassas were a couple of ISPs who couldn’t make the speeds or reliability needed in our rural community. Hyper Fusion started in June 2017 with one mission, Better and faster internet. Whether it is through Hyper Fusion or someone else, our community deserves reliable internet.

As we approach our fourth year in business, there are more than 4 new 4G LTE resellers across Burnet, Lampasas, Llano, and Williamson Counties, 2 new fixed point wireless providers, and even a bigger big box brand who moved into the area at the end of 2020. So, our mission and our goal was successful.

As Hyper Fusion remains committed to continuously upgrading the network, we will stand alone as being the only rural provider in the Greater Highland Lakes area with a truly multi-honed network. A network that also has inter-connect services directly with content providers, giving a more seamless and stable internet connection for our end users. Hyper Fusion is the new Gold Standard in rural internet, and plan to remain so for many years to come!

From the HFT family to yours, we appreciate your patronage and look forward to what 2021 will bring us!

Thank you,

HFT Staff