Hyper Fusion Awards Technology Scholarship to Local Burnet 2021 Graduate

Jun 28, 2021 Media Stories

The last 12 months with the Corona virus and pandemic going around its made for extremely weird times.  Lots of businesses seem to fail due to closures.  However, not only did Hyper Fusion not die, but we thrived.  So much so, we decided that for the 2021 graduates, we would offer a $1,500 technology scholarship.  Pictured above is Cooper Stuteville, the graduate that we awarded the scholarship to.  We did so well we decided to give back to the local community who is responsible for all our rapid growth.

We’re also pleased to announce that next year, we’ll be doing our 2nd Annual Technology Scholarship to a Burnet Graduate for $2,500, and if they decide to work for us over the summer, at the end of the summer before they start school, we’re going to double that to $5,000.  We’re very happy to be a part of this community and will always strive to make it better and enrich the lives of all the folks who make Hyper Fusion able to thrive when most businesses are dying.

(Pictured below is the news paper clipping.  When the online story comes out we will update this post and post a link to it.)

One thought on “Hyper Fusion Awards Technology Scholarship to Local Burnet 2021 Graduate”
  1. Thanks for supporting our schools, students, and community. We need community minded businesses!
    Best regards!

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