Archive: August 28, 2021

Signup With Chase And Get Free Money!

I almost never do this, but in this case I thought it was warrented.  Chase Bank in Cedar Park is just flat out awesome everyone.  The folks there are super nice and that just have really solid policies.  I've managed to work a special link out of them for our website visitors, such that, if you open a new checking or savings account online using the link below that says "Open Banking Account" or the QR Code you'll get $225 from Chase bank after 3 months as long as you have $500 or more in direct deposits!  Make sure you read all the terms, and when you go into the bank, tell them you heard about Chase from Hyper Fusion.  How could you go wrong with FREE MONEY?!?!  Any how folks, make sure when you go into the bank you tell them you saw an ad for Chase Bank on the Hyper Fusion website!

HFT Maps Well Underway

Hey everyone, finally finished the coding for the new HFT Maps!! It has listings for all our locally owned businesses and local "work for themselves" type of folks. Hyper Fusion has an every growing number of subscribers and we send them all to HFT Maps when ever they are looking to start shopping somewhere new!

We are asking everyone to share this post, and please, comment on local businesses or local work for themselves folks you think we should list in our HFT Maps section.  Hyper Fusion is committed to doing is part to make our local community a better, more friendly place to live by Fusing together everything that just makes sense. =)

f you see your listing in there, you can always claim it for free to update your information. Premium listings are available so you can add videos and more than 5 photos as well as other community interaction pieces

New Enterprise Fiber Subscribers & Williamson County Expansion

We have a brand new enterprise fiber subscriber now!! An industrial utility complex that serves several towns with their power needs.  There's a reason critical infrastructure utilities are coming to us for Fusion Fiber in the rural market folks.  It's because ours is the best, bar none.  We SMOKE the competition.   As you can see here, not only do we handle all residential circuits, but also heavy duty, high thru put, critical circuits as well.

This site boasts double for us because its our very first site in Williamson county.  Which means we now have a live Fusion Fiber DMARC in Williamson county just north of Liberty Hill and South of Briggs.  The Fusion Fiber Team we have put together is FAR superior to any other provider in our class, and compared to the older "providers" in Lampasas that started before us which are a joke, we actually know what we're doing.  We actually install our own circuits, we don't just call up AT & T and have them install it and call it ours.  Watch out Lampasas, there are more than 1 provider that lies like that.  Anyhow, just thought everyone might like to see the progress we're making.

This site marks the half way point we will be running in a brand new HEAVY chesty, 24 fiber line ( not 3,444 like the other guys historically claimed. )  We are planning on installing ALOT more fiber all over Burnet & Kempner Markets, and this will help us do that of course.  We are the premier provider for a reason, and the ONLY one in our class to have more than 1 upstream peer and are truly multi-honed.  Others claim to be, but a simple internet search of their network proves otherwise.  Don't be fooled by imitators, there is only ONE Hyper Fusion Technologies.