We Are Officially BBB Accreddited!

Dec 9, 2022 General

That’s right folks, today we earned our BBB Accredidation and A rating.  We also hold 4.5 stars out of 5 review rating on the BBB.  Clearly, a marked improvement considering we started at an F rating due to the massive influx of new subscribers and only having limited staff to attend to them.  Most folks don’t realize but the new sign up rate really has not yielded at all since we started.  We’ve just gotten much better at processing and handling a large amount of subscribers.  Where others are now out of business completely and some getting their BBB accreditation revoked, we are getting ours, getting stronger, better, obtaining more and more subscribers from incumbant WISP’s and getting folks on the new pure digital rural internet we call Hyper Fusion. =)

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