Archive: February 24, 2023

We’re Officially a WISPA Member

What is WISPA?  The short answer, it stands for Wireless Internet Service Providers Association.   All first responders and industries for the most part have associations that they belong to in order to improve what ever it is they are doing.  In our case, internet service providing.  According to the website, they list this under their "About" section;

WISPA - Broadband Without Boundaries represents the interests of the evolving wireless Internet service provider (WISP) ecosystem: small innovative entrepreneurs who provide fixed wireless, fiber and other connectivity solutions to consumers, businesses, first responders and community anchor institutions. WISPs bring critical Internet access to millions of Americans in unserved and underserved rural, suburban, urban and Tribal areas of the country, offering reliable, cost-effective and innovative service options where they did not previously exist.

Joining WISPA will keep all Hyper Fusion Co-Founders, Managers, and Staff aware of all the latest technology, processes, and regulatory changes going on in the wireless world in order to solidify our position as one of the best internet providers in The Greater Highland Lakes area.  We are constantly looking for new ways to make our service and support nothing short of THE TOP INTERNET PROVIDER ACROSS THE ENTIRE STATE OF TEXAS!

Moving forward Hyper Fusion is taking a STRONG stance in supporting the communities we serve thru our FUSE THE COMMUNITY INITIATIVE ( click here for more information ) and our mission to bring HIGHSPEED broadband data service to under served communities, groups, and geographic locations all over The Great State of Texas.  We are in the process of finishing off what's needed to complete our fancy "booth" setup for events like the ones listed below.  We are going to take a strong commitment to attending as many public/commissioners court meetings as we can in the communities we serve in order to support residents in getting local municipalities to help out in their drive for better, more reasonably priced internet/data services.  Some of the types of events will be attending with our "booth" in the 2023 year are;

  • WISPAMERICA 2023 ( Louisville, KY ) ( March 6-9 )
  • The Blue Bonnet Festival ( Burnet, TX )  ( April 7-9 )
  • Mayfest Carnival 2023 ( Marble Falls, TX ( May 4-7 )
  • Burnet County Fair 2023 ( Burnet, TX ) ( June 9-10 )
  • WISPApaloza 2023 ( Location TBA ) ( 1st week of Oct )

More events will be announced later on!