Archive: June 18, 2023

New Repeater Site Launched We Call Aries

We are so very pleased to announce the acquisition of our newest repeater site we have named Aries.  This site boasts TWO repeater towers.  Tower A rises to a height of 230 meters and is a guyed radio tower, fully registered with the FCC.  Currently houses KHSB-FM radio station only.  We have acquired exclusive use of this tower for our equipment.  Tower B is a 60 meter self supporting "SSV" style tower and we have also acquired exclusive use of this tower.  Tower B will house our local to that area access points and Tower A will serve all our beefy gigabit over wireless p2p / site to site beefy radios since we can put them up higher.

In addition the building has ALOT more square footage than our other one this property has a VERY large 2000 square foot broadcasting studio with VERY high 25 foot ceilings to house all kinds of professional lighting and video equipment.  With this new addition it will no doubt help us produce alot better video content for our YouTube channel and other streaming platform.

The biggest advantage however is all the new areas of southern Burnet County these towers will provide service to.

Service Levels

We offer 3 different services for residents or businesses alike.  All depends on how far from the site that your home or business is located.  This sight holds a multi-path 10 Gbps fiber uplink and subscriber DMARC for Fusion Fiber subscribers with in 2500 meters of the site.

  • 2500 Meters or Less ( As the right of way paths go / utility pole paths ) and you qualify for Fusion Fiber to the home or business.
  • Under 5km or Less Wireless Line of Site and you qualify for Hyper Speed Wireless Plans
  • 5km to 15km out and you'll need to get our Basic Value Wireless Service

Services over 15km up to 100km at speeds of 750 Mbps REAL download speeds from this site are available with a special radio pair and incurs an extra setup fee only and may require a mini radio tower or utility pole.

New Areas Now Live!

  • Marble Falls
  • Oatmeal
  • Park Road 4
  • Fairland Road
  • Granite Shoals
  • Cottonwood Shoals
  • Spicewood
  • Ridge Harbor
  • Muleshoe Bend
  • Harrison Creek
  • Smithwick
  • Big Bend
  • Highland Haven
  • Horseshoe Bay
  • Sunrise Beach Village
  • Round Mountain
  • Click
  • Cypress Mill
  • Hamilton Pool
  • Bee Cave

NO MONTHLY Cost Streaming OTA TV

We are selling really awesome STREAMING OTA TV packages for $447 installed with a 12 month warranty. This includes everything pictured in the antenna kit, which includes a motorized mount and a special box we've put together for this kit that you screw the antenna co-ax kit into allowing you to stream the TV across all your devices in your house. Co-ax goes in 1 port, ethernet into your router on the other and BOOM, live streaming TV. Add any USB storage device to enable the DVR functions.
This kit is capable of 40 - 60 channels depending on weather conditions and of course, if the stations are having issues or not. But for the most part these are really solid systems. And its a 1 time fee, and that's it, No monthly costs what so ever, unless you want to sign up for a maintenance plan to keep the antenna covered against weather damage as well with free swap outs in case of getting hit by lightning.


If your interested, just text into our main number any time at 512-790-2250 or email with streaming live TV offer in the subject line and we'll get on on the install calendar right away!  If your ready to purchase right away and want to install it yourself just click the Buy Now button and fill out the form and will get it delivered to you.