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18 Mar by chief

The Weekend Update

Hey everyone, so I thought I’d get in the habit of posting a bit more to keep everyone in the know.  As the south network experienced over the past week we’ve been having some slow downs and no connectivity issues which where due to some updated routing tables.  It’s for the most part complete.  However, […]
8 Mar by chief

The Weekend Update

Hey everyone thought I’d make a post about everything that’s happened this week, and moving thru weekend.  There’s lots of stuff to go thru so we’ll take it it one item at a time! lol.  First and foremost, we are aware of the Facebook chatter today regarding a customer not getting his refund.  Right off, […]
8 Mar by chief

Network Upgrades Completed

We have completed an upgrade on our Burnet Gateway.  This should improve overall network health.  During the next 48 hours the Fusion Portal will NOT be available from outside your Hyper Fusion internet while the IP changes propagate thru out the internet.  If you do not have connectivity, please power cycle your circuit.  All connectivity […]
3 Mar by chief

Burnet Network Experiencing Intermittent Speed Loss & Outage

Hey everyone, we are current having some issues with our south Burnet network.  Our guys know what’s wrong, and are already in route to fix it.  Shouldn’t take more than an hour or 2 to fix.  It’s super cold so make sure and give the field peeps some love!  Our die hard co-founder Will is […]
28 Feb by chief

Naruna AP’s are all back to normal!

Hey everyone, we have been having so many issues with the Naruna AP’s we just took the old ones out and put up brand new, slightly more powerful AP’s and ran completely brand new lines and had our expert point crew team dispatched out there just after lunch which did the trick.  Everyone connected to […]

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