What is the HyperNET?

Fiber Backbone Network

The HyperNET is Hyper Fusion's next evolution in telecommunications networks.  We understand that, in today's fast pace world, and everything else being able to travel with you, it's time your internet, home TV, and phone travel right along with you.  Hyper Fusion using a combination of privately owned and self installed fiber, partner fiber networks, our privately owned and operated genuine 5G network, an array of 18 live towers for distribution of fixed point wireless access points for rural homes, and a partner 4G LTE nationwide network for taking your internet with you.  With our special SIM card, you can connect your devices and have them stay seamlessly connected no matter where you are.

The HyperNET, although what makes it tick is closely guarded, is a mix of 5g, 4g lte, Mesh WiFi, smart phone / tablet app, all working together to give your device a smooth seamless transition from your home internet to out and about in the great wide open spaces of our great nation.  You can freely use the HyperNET at any of our 5G wireless locations only.  If you wish to access our partner nationwide network you MUST subscribe to home internet service and subscribe to the HyperNET add-on service.

If you are a loyal Hyper Fusion internet customer, you receive FREE access to our HyperNET 5G Wireless network at an amazing 200/Mbps download speeds, as long as you have a newer device included with your home internet service!

If I'm not a Hyper Fusion internet customer can I still access the HyperNET?  Yes, we currently allow daily, weekly, and monthly access plans to be purchased to access our privately owned 5G Network.  VERY soon we will be putting up our SIM cards to enable nationwide network access.

Wireless Network Maps & Coverage

5G Wireless

HFT 5G Coverage

Fixed Point Wireless

Fixed Point Wireless Coverage

Nationwide 4G LTE

Nationwide 4G LTE Network

Plans & Pricing

5G Plans
Daily Access: $2 /day ( 100 mbps down x 10 mbps up* )
Weekly Access: $10 /week( 100 mbps down x 10 mbps up* )
Monthly Access: $25 /month( 150 mbps down x 10 mbps up* )
HFT Customer Access: FREE (250 mbps down x 10 mbps up* )

HyperNET Mobile Plans ( 4G LTE )
5GB Plan - TBD / Monthly
10GB Plan - TBD / Monthly
25GB Plan - TBD / Monthly
50GB Plan - TBD / Monthly

We will be releasing 4G LTE access to non Hyper Fusion customers that reside in the state of Texas only on 1/1/2019. We are still working out the plan structures for non Hyper Fusion internet customers.  This service is designed to completely replace your traditional mobile / cell phone service, however, when your device is connected to any of our 5G access points, you will NOT consume any of your monthly allotted data, Hyper Fusion is giving 5G access away completely free as long as your a HyperNET subscriber.

5G Wireless Sites

We currently have a handful of 5G Wireless sites which include but are not limited to:



  • Downtown Lampasas
  • Inks Lake Dam Park
  • Downtown Kempner
  • Stillhouse Hallow Lake
  • Colorado Bend State Park
  • Downtown Kingsland
  • Downtown Marble Falls

How do I access the HyperNET 5G system?

Wireless Network List
Wireless Network List

Very simple, just pull up your devices wireless network selector screen and look for the HyperNET in the list as shown in the image at the right.  Sort of like HEB's public wifi system, it should bring up a login screen, if your device doesn't, simply open a web page and try to surf to a web page while connected to the HyperNET wireless network and it will forward you to the login screen.  If you just want the free 10 meg daily access, you can freely connect to it with no SIM card, and without entering any information.  Just scroll down to the bottom.  If your a Hyper Fusion internet customer, you'll use the Guest Access login with the same username and password as your Fusion Portal.  If your not a Hyper Fusion internet customer already, you can purchase an ala cart 5G wireless access plan and entering your credit card details which are securely processed thru Authorize.NET, the nations leading online credit card payment processor.  All customers may contact them to verify our good standing merchant status.

The HyperNET poral login page will look super similar to this one at the left side here.  If your a vendor for the Bluebonnet festival or Christmas on the square or any other public event held in Burnet, Lampasas, Marble Falls, Kingsland, Llano, San Saba, Lometa, or Kempner, you can enter your voucher code here to gain access.

Current HFT Customers
qualify for a 5GB Beta Plan, AVAILABLE NOW if the current customer has any unlocked 4g capable device with a dual band wireless AC card in it for only $50 / Month.

If you need help with accessing the HyperNET, please call or text 512-790-2252 or email support@hyperfusiontech.com and we will get someone to help you as soon as possible!