Expanded Office Hours

24 Aug by chief

Expanded Office Hours

That’s right everyone, with school now back in session, Hyper Fusion is now expanding its hours.  Thankfully, we, also, have GOOD staff to cover them.  Unlike our original staff who didn’t know their hand from a jar of pickles in the mud!  Our new office hours are as follows:

Mondays-Thursdays – 9 am to 6 pm
Fridays – 10 am to 3 pm
Saturdays – Noon to 3 pm

Holidays:  We do close on certain holidays like Labor Day, coming up on September 3, 2018.

Remember, September 1st, we move out of our beta release status to our full live status.  As such there will be some updates and changes to our terms of service, privacy policy, rates, as well as a full online shopping cart and ability to get all those smart fusion sensors and devices for your home on demand when you want.  We are also, in the process of opening up a public store where you can come shop for those same sensors right off the shelf and get them right away!

Any existing customers as promised will hold their current service rate for the life if their account as long as they maintain and continue their service, are not ever late on their bill, and subscribe to Auto Pay using our new Authorize.NET merchant account using your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card.  If at any time you cancel your auto pay, and your service goes into suspension, you will be subject to the new rates.


Basic Install Fee – $250:  Includes basic satellite arm or fascia mounted radio, wire run outside of the home through an exterior wall with a wall plate installed right on the other side.  We will no longer be providing Wi-Fi routers.  You must either purchase your own from the store or subscribe to our Managed Router service.

Custom Install Fee – $100:  This includes running the radio cable into the attics in most cases,  hiding the wire and feeding it down through an interior wall in the home and/or getting underneath a mobile home to run/hide the cable.

Service Call Fee – $65:  If your circuit has any issue after installation that is NOT due to adverse weather conditions or the direct fault of Hyper Fusion.  Your circuit is broke by for example attempting to adjust or move the radio in any manner and/or cables being damaged during home remodels, etc, this fee will be assessed.

Discounts:  We are cancelling all future discounts except for the $5 off for being on auto-pay and going paperless, and a $10 month off your service rate for active or retired military.  We are already a prepaid discount service; therefore, we wrap up all those discounts into our incredible reasonable rates already.

Our Basic Tier Internet plan rates will be:


Plan Download Upload Price per Month
Basic 25 / Mbps 5 / Mbps $65.00
Plus 50 / Mbps 10 / Mbps $105.00
Super 75 / Mbps 15 / Mbps $155.00
Mega * 100 / Mbps 20 / Mbps $185.00
Hyper * 200 / Mbps 25 / Mbps $265.00
Dedicated Wireless Link —- —– $100.00
Synchronous Upload ** —- —- $100.00
Public Static IPv4 *** —- —- $10.00

* These plans are not available in all areas and generally are only achievable if you are less than 3 miles from one of our repeaters.
** Adding the synchronous option to your services makes your upload speed the same as your download speed.
*** Public static IPv4’s in most cases are required if you own or will be using an X-Box One or PS4 with our services.