Archive: July 27, 2018

World Wide Wi-Fi is Now Available for Live HFT Customers

What is World Wide Wide Wi-Fi?

HFT’s new World Wide Wi-Fi system allows you to take the pocket sized teleport device which you plug into ANY power socket on the planet and it’s a Wi-Fi hotspot that allows your mobile devices to connect to it, tunnel thru the internet and make your devices think they are on your home Wi-Fi network.

You can access your home DVR, home CCTV cameras, print documents, access connected network drives, and any other resources, you have connected in your home with no setup, no config, no mess, no fuss, and no muss.  AmpliFi Teleport is the new way to travel with your home WiFi.  We fully manage this solution for you for only an extra $10 a month.  How can you go wrong?  (Customer must purchase the AmpliFi Router and teleport device and you’ll own this gear. ) Satellite Units to extend Wi-Fi coverage throughout your house are available.

What is AmpliFi?

AmpliFi is our next generation whole home Wi-Fi system.  Built on the same technology as our public mesh Wi-Fi system, except built for the home to run all your high bandwidth intensive applications and devices.

With the purchase of an AmpliFi system, Hyper Fusion Technologies happily manages and monitors your home Wi-Fi network for health and security threats around the clock 100%, included in the cost of the system as long as you maintain your home internet connection with us, extra fee’s or anything other then the cost of the system purchased through Hyper Fusion.  Just tell our brand new office manager thru a support ticket or online web chat, “Give me AmpliFi!” and we’ll get you connected, both at home, and anywhere you travel.  Finally, internet that can travel with you!

New Lower Setup Costs!

Due to our quick growth over the past year Hyper Fusion is happy to announce we are now lowering our setup cost to $250 for a standard satellite mount installation!  As we continue on Hyper Fusion Technologies is committed to constantly upgrading our network and ensuring the best possible service for our customers.  The more customers we obtain, the lower the setup costs will get for everyone.  Although the setup fee will remain at $250 for a standard installation after September 1st, 2018, we will be adjusting our rates, so be sure to get signed up today to lock in our beta launch rates.  We’re almost finished up with our beta phase of our network and getting ready to move into release phase and have our official grand opening!

Although some folks who have not been so kind with their online posting activities, we remain committed to making right each and every preregister in the Lampasas area.  With that in mind, we want to thank all our super happy and live Burnet area customers who stuck by us and remained loyal.  Over the month of June every week we have gotten several folks online and refunded a few of those who just didn’t want to wait.  Please bear in mind, unlike other providers, we have built all of our repeaters aside from the 1st one and building brand new infrastructure takes time, and ALOT of money.

As we continue forward we just ask those who have not been taken care of yet to be a little bit more patient and ALL the rest should be taken care of thru the month of July, either with live service, or by getting their account satisfied by other means.  We now have live customers both in Chica Ranch and near Cheyenne Mountain (we call it Kempner South) now, so it won’t be long before the rest of those in that area are hot and live.  Our fiber provider has FINALLY completed the installation of their DMARC equipment just north of Kempner and next week will be lighting it up hot so our Kempner North will have an insane gigabit of capable throughput.  Once this happens, all the rest of our River Place and Mid-Cities customers (the area between Lampasas & Kempner including Our Friends 1 and Our Friends 2) will be going live in short order after that.  With our new office person starting tomorrow and a new installation engineer also starting we have been able to drastically pick up our customer support and speed of service.

Thanks everyone for sticking with us!

Mobile App’s Are Almost Here!

HFT Mobile AppHey everyone, we know everyone has been waiting for our television service to spin up, but before we can fully get there we first have to complete the mobile app that will run all this awesome stuff!!  That’s why we’re excited to announce we’ve completed getting our systems set up so that our customers can download our first app, the Smart Fusion Master App.

With the Smart Fusion mobile app, our customers will be able to access and pay bills, edit profiles, change your internet WiFi network name, update the WiFi password, and edit and control all other settings and options that our internet has to offer.  Long gone are the days of completed setup wizards or instillation configuration files.  Hyper Fusion Technologies has completely simplified the set up process and made it as simple as swiping right.

We will also not be releasing a different app for every service we have.  The Smart Fusion mobile app will automatically load the services you subscribe to or have active on your account.  Which will be Internet, Hyper Vision TV, and Smart Fusion/Smart Power.  One single app to control your homes internet, security, and automation from one single simple unified app.

In preparation for our upcoming app release, we have created a private GitLab server for enthusiasts to preview the app before we get it up on the Google Play store.  The prerelease version will be all read only until the official Google Play version is released.  This is also where we will be tracking bugs, errors, and update releases as we update the Smart Fusion master app.  You can access our public GitLab at:

We’ve hired someone new!

That’s right everyone, we’ve finally hired a new office staff and she’s really awesome with helping people and super nice!  The best part is, she’s right from our local area right there in Kempner and can contest to the quality and speed of Hyper Fusion’s internet.  Below she has written a little bio about herself so be sure to logon to our website during normal business hours to have a website chat with her if you need help!

Hello, there!  My name is Laurenda Kurosz and I am a new Hyper Fusion Technologies Customer Support Agent, I will be assisting the handling of messages, calls, and other basic office duties starting Tuesday, July 11th.  Please do be patient with me as I am learning Hyper Fusion Technologies’ procedures and I am looking forward to improving customer support communications.  Also, I am a Hyper Fusion Technologies’ customer, my husband and I live in an older subdivision in Kempner, TX that Hyper Fusion Technologies serves.  Hyper Fusion Technologies’ internet greatly outperforms our previous ISP!

Refer-A-Friend Ends

Hey folks, just a post to give everyone an update about our summer schedule.  We plan on moving our network out of beta phase into full live release phase September 1st.  Along with our beta phase closing, there will be several changes with regards to discount programs and company policy changes.  In an effort to bring our customers the lowest possible price, we strive hard to make every part of our system as efficient as possible.  With that in mind, when we move to full live status on September 1st, 2018, we will be officially classifying Hyper Fusion Technologies as a prepaid service company.  As such, this will come along with certain policy changes.  The biggest one being, is once an invoice is paid, that activates services for 30 days, if the next service invoice is not paid before it expires, services will automatically suspend without question.  We now offer full auto-pay services so there shouldn’t be a reason for your service invoice to be paid before its due.   We do not have re-activation fees, late fees, or any other type of fees, so this is how we balance that out.

In preparation for this, we have now closed the Refer-A-Friend program.  All those customers who are already customers as of July 4th, 2018, will still be able to qualify for the Refer-A-Friend program as an added benefit of being a beta customer.  Also, with the exception of the military discount, we will be discontinuing all discounts for new customers unless there is an advertised special running.  Our services are already pre-discounted for you and we give reasonable prices without hassle or a bunch of fine prints.