12 Feb by chief

Burnet Main West AP Back Online

Hey everyone!  We got the Burnet Main WAP back online.  Not sure why it went offline, but we switched it out for a bigger, slightly more powerful AP.  If your still out of service we had a few customers not come back online.

Known Issues
Burnet Main – West AP and North AP are down Estimated to be back online 2/12/2010 by 6:00PM. ( IN PROGRESS )
Naruna – East AP is down, Estimated to be back online 2/12/2019 by 6:00PM.
Kempner North – West AP 1 & 2, some interference, will be attended to 2/12/2019 from Midnight to 2AM

Fusion Portal – Online
Website – Online
Email Server – Online
Kempner Gateway – Online
Burnet Gateway – Online
Phone System – Online
HyperNET 4g / 5g Network – Online