12 Feb by chief

Current Tower Outages

Please note: After an outage, unplug your POE and router’s power cables, wait 2 minutes, then power up your POE, wait 2 minutes, then power up your router, and then reboot your devices.  You ONLY need to do this once. If you do, and still do not have internet, please open a new support ticket, either by logging into your Fusion Portal, or by emailing support@hyperfusiontech.com

Known Issues
Burnet Main – West AP and North AP are down Estimated to be back online 2/12/2010 by 6:00PM. ( IN PROGRESS )
Naruna – East AP is down, Estimated to be back online 2/12/2019 by 6:00PM.
Kempner North – West AP 1 & 2, some interference, will be attended to 2/12/2019 from Midnight to 2AM

Fusion Portal – Online
Website – Online
Email Server – Online
Kempner Gateway – Online
Burnet Gateway – Online
Phone System – Online
HyperNET 4g / 5g Network – Online