Hyper Fusion offers several different types of phone services.  From virtual service (program or app), physical service (delivered via ATA hardware) for use with your existing home or business telephones, or business VoIPBx phone system service, we have all your standard voice services and products.

Basic Home or Personal Phone

Service Setup Cost: $20 (One Time)

Monthly Rate: $15
Quarterly Rate: $45
Bi-Yearly Rate: $70
Yearly Rate: $100

* 5 - 10 Mbps download broadband internet required for extensions, and 20 - 25 Mbps download and 10Mbps upload required for servers.

VoIPbx Install Types: Local Server | Dedicated Cloud Server | Shared Cloud Server

Setup Price: $100 (plus Hardware) 

Monthly Rate: $40 (1 Call at a time)
                           $75 (2 Calls at a Time)
                           $100 (3 Calls at a Time)
                            $ 140 (4 or more calls at a time)