Month: August 2019

30 Aug by Hyper Fusion

South Slow Speed Issues & Upgrade Update

Hey everyone, as I’m sure most of your know our south network is super slow right now because we have everyone on our back up connection from the Spectrum Co-Ax.  As you can see from the photo above we have completed splicing our Burnet South fiber.  Over the holiday weekend our loyal team will be […]
27 Aug by Hyper Fusion

Emili The Virtual Assistant is Here!

Who is Emili? Emili is Hyper Fusion’s AI.  She is akin to Siri, Amazon, Google Assistant and the like.  Chris started programming her all the way back in 1993, at the tender age of 12, same year Jurassic Park came out.  Which Chris has drawn a lot of inspiration from with the design of our […]
24 Aug by Hyper Fusion

August End of Month Update

PUBLIC OFFICE IS COMING SOON! Happy Labor Day weekend Hyper Fusion customers!  As August draws to a close I decided to put out our August update a little early.  Lots of changes coming to Hyper Fusion in September folks.  This weekend we begin our move out of the little duplex we were using as our […]
15 Aug by Hyper Fusion

Hyper Fusion Officially Gets More Traffic Than Rise Broadband

I know alot of folks seemed to be perplexed by new installs taking almost 3 weeks to do and don’t really understand why.  We thought we’d make this post today which should help shed some light as to the reason why.  Well, as of August 14th, 2019, according to Amazon, a world leader in measuring […]
9 Aug by Hyper Fusion

Hyper Fusion Customer Only Message Boards

Hey folks, so we’ve realized, in just about every neighborhood, we have 1 person who is a bit more aware of what’s going on with Hyper Fusion and how to operate their Hyper Fusion circuit.  We’ve made contact with these folks and we are going to be making them moderators of their specific neighborhood.  These […]