Archive: October 27, 2017

Lampasas Customer Installs Begin!

That’s right everyone, with our repeater nearing construction completion we are finally ready to start scheduling customer installs and get you folks some better internet! Those very first few folks who pre-registered with us its now time to get you installed. Once we finish the Lampasas area installs we will be moving on to River Place, and then working our way out in a spiral from there! So, if you havn’t had your survey conducted yet, please contact us and let us know!

Ground Officially Breaks for Internet in Lampasas and Kempner

That’s right folks, we’ve officially broke ground on our Kempner North repeater that will server Kempner, Lampasas, and parts of Copperas Cove! Some of our very early pre-registers will be happily enjoying purely unlimited TRUE broadband internet in no time at all! Make sure you visit the link below, link, subscribe, and leave a comment and check out this super adorable video of a little boy showing the progress and ends up getting super excited! Help us make the video go viral and get Internet In Lampasas sooner!

Competing internet service coming to Lampasas area

As printed by KCEN news on Oct 9th, 20217 @ 12:16am

Some Lampasas residents are thrilled after seeing a new potential internet services recently. The company, Hyper Fusion Technologies, said the Lampasas area has been lacking in broadband services. So, the organization is setting up new towers to accommodate those residents. Locals told Channel 6 News the area needs more competition in a variety of other aspects as well.

However, they kinda got it wrong, at that time, we were already live with our first tower Kempner North as well as our Kempner South tower, but that’s okay.  We forgive them.


More Internet Options Come to Lampasas

We’re really getting popular now folks, we were featured on KCEN Channel 6 – Waco (NBC) news today. It was really awesome to see something we built on the news!  Hyper Fusion is going to become the dominant rural provider in the Greater Highland Lakes area for sure!  This video is an extended one of the one posted on the 5 o’clock news.  It would seem that the news story featured early has caused our new subscriber signups to sky rocket, so please be mindful folks, new installs maybe delayed now as a result.


Pre-Registrations Open Again for Lampasas, Nix, and Kempner, Due to High Demand

Due to recent publicity, added with the extreme demand from residents of the Lampasas, Kempner, Nix, and Copperas Cove area, we have decided to open pre-registrations back up. However, please note, that if you sign up from here on out, installs for round 2 pre-registrations will most likely not be installed until after Jan. 1st, 2018, but you can certainly reserve your place in line. Thanks for everyone’s support, and as the news story says, we’re here to help!

The Team @ Hyper Fusion Tech

Check out the KCEN Channel 6 Waco (NBC) featured a story about us on the news a little while ago!  Check it out!  We are coming Lampasas, don’t worry.

More Internet Options Come to Lampasas

Holy crap, we’re all in a bit of shock the news called us up to do a news story on Hyper Fusion!  The Co-Founders have been working rural internet in the Greater Highland Lakes area and we’ve never seen any other rural provider featured on the news before!  This is totally awesome.  I wonder what this is going to do for our new subscriber signups?  Hopefully it won’t get to crazy.  Click the link below to watch the news story as it was broadcast on the 5 o’clock news!


Pre-Registration Now Closed for Kempner, Lampasas, and Nix

SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the extreme explosion in popularity with our new service for Lampasas/Kempner/Nix area’s, we are now closing pre-regisration for those areas. We have slightly exceeded our goal  for customers for those 3 areas so at this time we will not be taking any more pre-regisrations for those areas. This DOES NOT mean you can’t get service, just that it will be a few months before we can get back in the area to conduct more installs. With the pre-regisrations we have no, we must close pre-registeration to make sure we can get all those folks install on the time schedule that we have laid out. We will open back up registrations in those areas after the 1st of the year. Construction on the repeaters to serve those area’s is beginning next week and expect to have them complete in roughly 7 to 10 business days and will be starting customer installs shortly there after. If you are in one of these few areas and you have not have your survey completed yet, please contact us by emailing We are pretty sure we have most of them done, but we just want to double check to make sure. We would like to thank everyone that pre-registered and look forward to serving anyone and everyone in the area moving forward.

The Team @ Hyper Fusion Technologies