Service Updates and Outage Repair

Jun 15, 2018 Featured

Hey everyone, just a quick post to announce our schedule for repairing last week’s lightning storm damage.  The new gear finally came in today and is being configured and prepared to be placed on our Burnet Main Repeater.  There is only temporary backup radios in place at the moment and we need to put the more powerful permanent gear back in place.  If you are a live customer, pre-installed customer or per-registered customer, there are extended specific details for you contained in an email we send out just a little bit ago.

We are aware that our office staff are lacking at the moment and answering phone calls but we are now in the process of interviewing for a call center person to start working next week to be in the office during all normal office hours to help improve our customer service.  Now that things are flowing better, Hyper Fusion Technologies is beginning the process to building two solid install teams that are highly trained, professional, and execute Hyper Fusions Technologies expected level of customer service without issues.

Below is the planned schedule for the next week or so so that everyone can know exactly what is going on and when we will get to each and every customer to make sure they are up, live, and happy.

Planned Schedule
Friday, June 16th:  Primary Radio link. This will effect all customers and service may go down between 6PM and 8PM.

Monday, June 18th:  Burnet Main Tower: This well effect all customer in town of Burnet, Eagles Nest, and customer that are North and South of town Service may go up and down between 10am and 4PM.

Tuesday June 19th:  Kempner South Tower: Service will be restored on this tower fully and will activate service in the Chica Ranch area

Wednesday June 20:  Chica Ranch repeater will have gear loaded and go live able to provide service for the rest of Chica Ranch customers. We will also be repairing River Place customers on this day as well.

Thursday, June 21:  We will be in Burnet Country repairing customers that live Near Lake Victor and Spider Mountain area as well.

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