Storm Outage Update & Upcoming Schedule

2 Jan by chief

Storm Outage Update & Upcoming Schedule


We have been getting lots of calls, please bear in mind the following when we have weather or outages:

  1. Our engineers always know about the outage, as we use central monitoring software to monitor every radio on our network.
  2. We post about all real time network status updates on our Twitter feed, our facebook page, and at the footer of our website.
  3. When coming back online from an outage, please refrain from running any speed tests until the next day. When everyone runs them at once, some people still think they are offline cause all the traffic floods the network.
  4. Since the Christmas storm, there have been days off for the holidays, and every day in between almost has been super windy or stormy, so please bear with us with this longer than usual delay.

With the above in mind, we kindly ask that our customers bear with us.  Most are back online, but there are still a few who are out and as soon as the weather clears, we’ll get back on it right away.  Below is a rough schedule of work so that everyone knows the schedule.

Burnet Main West Facing AP:  This AP is back online, however, needs a slight adjustment to get it back pointed the right direction.

Kepmner North South Facing AP:  This AP is still down, we’re hoping to replace it Friday.

Kempner North Tower Re-condition:  Friday, Jan. 4th, we will be taking the Kempner North tower offline most of the day.  We are going to be stripping all the wires and most of the radios off the tower as well as the old smaller gear box and replacing that smaller box with a large outdoor enterprise class enclosure.  We will also be adding backup power solutions and power cleaning so that the Kempner North tower as a primary transmission tower never goes down again.

Burnet Main Tower Re-condition: Monday, Jan 7th.  Same thing as Kempner North, we will be stripping everything off the tower and replacing it.

Our Friends 1 Gear Load: Our Friends 1 repeater now that its up will have its gear loaded on Tuesday. Jan. 8th.

Arrowhead Ranch: Same thing as our friends 1, just need gear loaded, will happen on Thursday Jan 10th.

Our Friends 2 & Blackbuck Ridge: Friday, Jan. 11th, we will be putting these 2 repeaters up.

Burnet East & Equrina ( Lake Victor ): These 2 towers will finish being built during the 2nd and 3rd weeks of January.

The above work MUST be conducted in order for us to have a stronger better network.  Thanks to everyone for being patient and understanding.  All our staff is committed to delivering the best service possible.

The Team @ Hyper Fusion

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