Month: February 2019

28 Feb by Hyper Fusion

Naruna AP’s are all back to normal!

Hey everyone, we have been having so many issues with the Naruna AP’s we just took the old ones out and put up brand new, slightly more powerful AP’s and ran completely brand new lines and had our expert point crew team dispatched out there just after lunch which did the trick.  Everyone connected to […]
23 Feb by Hyper Fusion

Kempner North to Kempner South Backbone Down

Around 1PM today the Kempner North to Kempner South backbone went down.  We are aware of what’s wrong and should have it back up shortly.  This outage puts Kempner South and Chica Ranch customers out of service until we bring it back up.  We will post again once it is fixed.  Thank you for your […]
22 Feb by Hyper Fusion

Updates for Feb 22

Hey everyone, just posting this to let every one know what’s on the schedule for weekend maintenance.  Unlike the other guys, who have a 3rd party operating their radios and network gear, at Hyper Fusion, we have in-house wireless and network administrators.  That’s also why we do our updates at night and not during the […]
20 Feb by Hyper Fusion

Customer Support Annoucement

Hey everyone, just a quick post to help inform everyone of our customer support process to make getting help much faster and more effective.   First and foremost, we did some massive updating to our phone system over the weekend and somehow it wiped out all our new voicemails.  So if you’ve left a voicemail in […]
19 Feb by Hyper Fusion

Weather Day

Hey everyone, its raining and really cold today, so all appointments for today will have to be rescheduled.   We apologize for any issues this may have caused.