Major Internet Outage Affects Discord, Verizon, And Even Down Detector

3 Jul by Hyper Fusion

Major Internet Outage Affects Discord, Verizon, And Even Down Detector

Hey folks, just a new update.  So, here at Hyper Fusion, not only do we provide you with the best internet you can get in the greater Highland Lakes area, but we also keep an eye out on the internet for problems and other nefarious things going on.  As I’m sure alot of the folks on the south network can tell you, there have been some aggravating issues since the storm regarding slow speeds.  These major issues we can assure you are NOT within our wireless or fiber distribution networks.  The issue was caused by Cloud Flares global outage that dang near broke the internet.   Important lesson for all ISP’s there.  You DON’T put your entire control infrastructure in one place or with a 3rd party company, because when they tank so do you.  That’s why our north network didn’t go down because our north upstream provider runs their own network, just like Hyper Fusion.  Also why “the other guys” are still down and having heavy problems in Lampasas and we are not having ANY of those issues on the north network.

We have found an article from  that pretty much wraps it up.

To read the full story, CLICK HERE

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