Payment And Policy Updates

18 Jul by Hyper Fusion

Payment And Policy Updates

We will be dropping our 100 Mbps plan from our service list.  Additionally, we will no longer be offering annual or semi-annual billing plans.  We are offering  monthly or quarterly  billing plans moving forward.  We will still generate invoices 30 days ahead of your due date to give you a grace period to pay your next months service.  There are NO late fees or re-connection fees, however,  24 hours after your invoice remains unpaid you will be suspended.

Please note,  beta customers rates will remain unaffected,  per our terms of service and promise to all of our beta customers. If you are on a semi-annual or yearly plan you will be automatically reverted to the monthly rate.

As a reminder, our Auto Pay is now working and we recommend you set your auto pay.  Additionally, our Office Manager now has full authority to be able to help our customers with any change or issue that may arise, which includes adjusting your bill if required.  Chris will no longer be available to speak with customers moving forward as he is going full time in our technology department in order to keep our network and your internet firing at peak performance possible.  By continuing to use our services and / or pay monthly subscription fees, and by simply surfing on our website, you agree to the following:


Thank you,

The Team @ Hyper Fusion

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