Slow Speed Help

20 Jul by Hyper Fusion

Slow Speed Help

Help, I have slow speed, what do I do?

If your having slow speeds, that means you have a tiny bit of internet, pages sort of load, streaming applications may load but the videos won’t play, that sort of thing.  We handle this issues much different than NO SERVICE.  With that in mind, please hardline in a laptop to your circuit as pictured at the right and then follow the following steps:

  1. The ethernet cable that goes from your receiver to your POE ( typically a patch cable will be plugged into the black wall plate we installed with the red ethernet port in it.) unplug that from the port labeled POE on your POE adapter that powers your receiver AND passes your internet from us to you.
  2. Make sure your router and all 4G Mobile hotspots are turned off, including your laptop and wait 5 minutes.
  3. Plug the ethernet cable from your receiver ( the patch cable coming out of your wall plate ) back into the port labeled POE on your POE adapter and wait 2 minutes.
  4. Power up your laptop and wait for it to fully boot then open Chrome or Firefox.
  5. Visit  and test your speed.
  6. After you have tested your speed at Fast ( powered by Netflix ) then visit  Still not getting the speed your expecting, continue on thru the help steps.
  7. Then try testing your speed at If your speed test still isn’t working, time to contact Hyper Fusion Customer Support.  If you are getting 5 Mbps or higher, please continue thru the steps below.
  8. Visit  , if all the video thumbnails load in less than 5 seconds, changes are your circuit is fine and the issue your experiencing is related to our upstream provider having routing issues.  This we are aware of and in the process of changing one of our upstream providers and will post again once the upgrade is complete.  However, most of your streaming sites should still work.

We do apologize about your slow speed issue.  But if your YouTube is working, your Hyper fusion circuit is fine.  The issue your experiencing is related to the fact that most speed test website “live” inside a data company called Cloud Flare, which was recently hit with a massive outage due to their networking issues.  You can easily google “Cloud Flare Outage” and there are hundreds of stories out there how this broke 1/2 the internet for 75% of the United States.  In the hopes of your routing updating and this issue working itself out, we ask that every night before you go to bed, and when you wake up, to reboot your router ONLY and the device your using to surf the internet with.  About 1/2 customers report that after 2 or 3 days of doing this process, the issue works itself out.

The Technology Department @ Hyper Fusion, LLC

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