South Network Upgrade On The Horizon

3 Jul by Hyper Fusion

South Network Upgrade On The Horizon

Hey folks, so after spending 2 different days with the onsite Spectrum guy and him checking out both our modems, he said that since both modems checked out for speed and the lines where good they couldn’t trade out gear?!?! Can you believe that?  They told us nothing they could do, even though our Technology manager sat there and showed him it clearly wasn’t working even when plugged directly into their modem.  Crazy.  With that in mind, we’ve elected to cancel our Spectrum uplink service all together and upgrade and switch over to big boy whole sale heavy duty fiber.  We believe this to be in the best interest of our customers.  We have already contacted them and the new fiber will be going live over the next couple weeks.  We will also be fiber connecting 2 other repeater sites as well as firing up our Granite Shoals Fiber to the home and business DMARC.  So spread the word far and wide, fiber is coming!  If you live in town Burnet, chances are, we’ll be able to get you direct fiber much sooner then the Kingsland or Granite Shoals folks so make sure you email  to ask about our Fiber to the Home and business products if you live in Burnet or Granite Shoals.

In the mean time, we have a fix we’ve devised that helps more people, just follow the link below to get the info.

The Team & Hyper Fusion, LLC

One Comments “South Network Upgrade On The Horizon

  1. Road Runner strikes again!
    Fast says 1.2 Mbps down and 490 Kbps up. Some times faster, often times slower. Slow enough that Thunderbird can’t connect to the server. The other speed test? It’s a lie. No way do I have a 10.5 Mbps down speed. The constant point 14 Mbps up seems sketchy.

    “and the new fiber will be going live over the next couple weeks” So, hopefully by the 17th? Or more like the end of the month?

    Facebook is un-usable. Other sites work but need a lot of “right-click and reload image”. I’m not even going to try using the Roku.

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