Summer Update Post and Policy Changes

7 Jul by Hyper Fusion

Summer Update Post and Policy Changes

Hey everyone, once per season we’re gonna try and get in a habbit of making our policy changes and major updates  at those 4 times thru out the year.  So, this is our Summer 2019 announcement.  I had expected this to go out on June 21st, the first day of summer, but, well, obviously with everything going on from the June 9th tornado and the other events that took place has made it difficult for us to get some of these smaller things like announcements out on time as all our staff has been out in the field making repairs from the storm.  With that in mind, moving forward, it will only be on these special 4 times per year update announcements where we will make policy and procedure changes effective.  So, this is our summer update.  Our next one will be what we’re calling our Holiday Winter Update, which we will post with in the week before Thanksgiving each year.  This update will have our holiday hours in it as well as any special promotions we may be running.  We will also announce any official policy changes due to laws changing that will occur on the 1st of the new year so everyone is well aware ahead of time. Then after the year is over, the 1st week of January, we will make our New Years Update about all the exciting things coming in the Spring.  Finally our Spring update we will always release on the spring equinox and the summer update on summer solstice.

What is service to the plate?

As with traditional cable modem or DSL service when you have it installed, the provider will ask you to unplug all of your home devices including router and plug a laptop directly into your modem to get a speed test and determine any issues.  However, with Hyper Fusion’s network, being 100% all digital and providing IP service to the plate we install in your home directly, we have no modem in our system.  This is why we have coined the term, “Service to the Plate”.  What this means, is if you plug a hard-line from a laptop or desktop computer directly into the LAN port of your POE, that’s the only place we guarantee speed at.

What am I actually paying for with Hyper Fusion?

Our standard $250 activation fee covers the SETUP only ( we maintain ownership of the entire circuit ) of the circuit.  A basic circuit includes the receiver ( or wireless radio ) a satellite arm mounted on a chimney or on the eve of a structure, sometimes on a utility pole in some cases. ( The power companies all have different rules about how we can attach our satellite arms to their poles and it varies by company and county. ) With the cable run on the OUTSIDE of the home, tucked down under the over hang where its ran over to the outside facing room the subscriber wants the plate installed with a hole drilled from the outside in, and a plate placed right on the inside of the structure.   This basic circuit is 100% owned by Hyper Fusion.  It DOES NOT belong to any subscriber.  As such, we guarantee the circuit.  If any part of this basic circuit fails due to improper installation, weather or weather damage, or due to failed software updates, Hyper Fusion will replace any or all parts of the circuit required to restore normal stable service and then we allow you to plug ONE single device into that wall plate, your POE, with en empty LAN port, which you are allowed to plug any ONE device of your choosing with a hard-line.  Our portion and scope of support ends right at the POE.  NO part of the circuit is charged to you monthly what so ever to rent any gear, although we do maintain ownership at all times throughout the length of time you maintain service with Hyper Fusion.  The ONLY other fee you pay is your monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or yearly subscription fee.  However, if you have large tree’s on the property, or sit lower than our repeater, a telescoping radio mast maybe required to get your receiver higher in order to catch the signal and does carry setup fee’s for these masts.  Again, we maintain ownership of these masts and if they do topple for what ever reason due to improper installation or a storm knocking it over, we come back and setup back up at no cost to the customer.  No other provider that we’ve found does this, they always charge you every time for setting it back up again.

How do Hyper Fusion Subscription Fee’s work?

Our services bill and work exactly identical to Boost Mobile or Cricket Wireless.  Our 25 Mbps plan costs $65 per month.  So the day we turn you live, you pay $65 and you get 30 days of service.  The following day, your NEXT months invoice is generated and you have 30 days to pay it.  If you do NOT pay it it by the end of the 30 day period on your due date, 24 hours later your service is suspended.  You should be able to access the Fusion Portal on your home internet to pay your bill if your account is suspended regardless of circuit status. ( unless your receiver is not linked to the tower ).  With this in mind, and our company believes late fees and re-connection fees are bull crap made up fee’s by cable companies, we DO NOT charge late fee’s or re-connection fee’s of any kind.  We also include ALL fee’s in our final prices.  These fee’s include, state sales tax, FCC regulatory fee’s, county by county franchise fees, rental fees, late fees, all kinds of fees from big cable and big wireless.  Just review your Hyper Fusion bill to all their bills.  We have a single page.  Almost EVERY other provider has multi page bills full of fees.  We operate on the prepaid bill model because it allows us to remove a lot of these baloney fee’s making our subscription fee’s much more modest and bringing our customers better rates.  Furthermore, unless you change plans or billing period lengths, the price you pay will remain that way FOR LIFE.  Hyper Fusion is committed to NEVER raising rates.

What method of payments do you accept?

We are also committed to being as much of a nature friendly and green company as possible right off the bat.  With that in mind, Hyper Fusion is making a MAJOR payment policy change effective July 1st, 2019.  Moving forward, when signing up for a new circuit ( whether existing customer or new customer ) your activation charge and ALL setup charges as determined by your on-site survey conducted by one of our CPE Supervisors must be paid by check or money order only.  Once the circuit is installed and live, the subscription fee’s MUST be paid by credit or debit card ONLY.  We will no longer be accepting checks, money orders, or your banks online bill pay feature as a valid method of paying subscription fee’s.   We will be moving forward ONLY accepting subscription fee’s with a debit or credit card.  If you do not have one, you can take cash down to Walgreen’s or HEB to purchase a Visa Debit gift card for paying your bill.  This allows us to save A LOT of money on our labor expenses and keep our rates where they are.  As all the other service providers are currently raising their rates, we don’t want to, so this is the creative way we figured out to cut our overhead enough to capture that extra income we need instead of raising customer subscription rates.  We do understand that some of you where told you “prepaid for service” by some of the staff that where recently terminated.  That is simply not the case, as we do not allow customers to prepay for anything.  Our services are work like Cricket Wireless and like car insurance, in that, you pay $325 for a 25 Mbps plan and your circuit stays live for a 6 month period. ( A savings of an entire month of free service, so pay 6 months for the price of 5).  So, moving to quarterly, semi-annual, or annual billing plans saves you money.  But you don’t “prepay” for it.  Once its paid, it’s paid, the service is on and away you go.  With that in mind, and the service at speed and live, there will be no refunds issued after that point, as just like Cricket Wireless, there are no refunds.  If there is an outage, a credit is applied to your account for the days you where out at a pro-rated daily rate.  If your out of service for more than 1 hour in a calendar day, you can request a credit to have that credited back to your account.

My WiFi is slow, what do I do about it?

80% of consumer wireless devices ONLY have a 2.4GHz wireless card in them.  Why does this matter?  Well, the 2.4GHz spectrum only has 3 non-overlapping channels. In addition, it can travel thru most modern home walls up to a range of 1,000 feet.  Well, the problem with that is, if there are more than 3 people living with in a 1,000 feet of each other, someone is gonna get screwed out of Wi-Fi every time.  Hyper Fusion CAN NOT and will NEVER guarantee wireless signal quality.  No provider can.  If they do tell you that, they are full of it.  The primary suggested resolution for low wireless quality, is to purchase an AmpliFi brand Mesh system.  Either the cheaper Instant model that comes with 1 mesh point to point on the other side of your house ( For $200 installed by Hyper Fusion, 100% yours to keep and owned by you. ), or the HD model that comes with 2 to 5 mesh units for large homes ( For $450 installed by Hyper Fusion, 100% yours to keep and owned by you. ).  The reason we highly recommend this mesh line is because it communicates with the receiver on your roof to avoid the problem interference and their wireless chips and software are FAR superior to any other companionable mesh system.

We NEVER recommend extenders of any kind, make or model.  In point of fact, since they are easily scanned for, if any circuit is found to have an operating extender NO service credits for slow speed will be issued, nor will we provide any support for your circuit until it is removed from service entirely.  If you have low wifi signal somewhere with in your home, you go with a mesh system.  Extenders, simply because of the way they work are garbage.

I need help, what’s the best way to get a hold of Hyper Fusion?

We know there has been a lot of frustration and confusion, so to eliminate that, we’re making another post here to clearly explain it and post it so everyone knows and can get the help they need in as fast and a professional way as possible.  When the founders started Hyper Fusion and up until last year early spring only had 100 customers and 4 repeater sites.  When it was little and just starting, they had no problems speaking with everyone and maintaining that pass.  Since then however, Hyper Fusion has grown and has MUCH larger amount of customers now, as well as a total of 18 repeater sites to maintain which means they are out in the field ALOT more than they where before.  With that in mind, that’s why we’ve hired a dedicated Office Manager, her name is Michelle.  I’m sure many of you have spoken with her already.  Moving forward our Office Manager will be the end all be all for our customers.  We have authorized Michelle to make all final calls on all customer issues moving forward.  If you have a concern or issue directly for another staff, we kindly ask that you either reply to your open support ticket or login to your Fusion Portal to create a new one.  If you have been texting Chris or any other staff of Hyper Fusion, we kindly ask that you direct all your support concerns either by support ticket or by calling during call center normal open hours as they are super busy and hence forth will both be out working heavily in the field.   You can make replys or open new support tickets provided you do so from the email account attached to your account.  All of our other staff are far to busy out in the field to be working in the office anymore.   As our new Office Manager grows busier she will be bringing on several more call center folks over the summer to help and specialize, one person for billing issues, 1 person for in install appointment help, and 1 person for technical support issues.  With the above in mind….

If you prefer talking on the phone Call Center Phone Support Hours are:

Monday: 12:00 Noon to 4PM
Tue – Thur:  10am to 4PM
Friday: 10am to 3PM

If you prefer realtime messing, simply visit our website, and look for the Chat Support tab in the bottom of our website.  Our Webchat support is also done by our Office Manager right now, under the same Call Center hours above, and is also part of the Call Center department.

Please be aware, that weather you call in or web support chat with our call center EVERY issue you have will still have a support ticket created for it and is our ONLY official form of documentation and communication for your account.  To obtain the fastest service, we ask that you login to your Fusion Portal and make a reply on your support ticket.  As this way, ALL our staff see the ticket and are able to help resolve your issue faster.  Generally speaking most of our staff are constantly logged in working support tickets Monday thru Friday and you will reply back to you as fast as possible.   Our field staff generally work from 9am until 6PM but will usually take a bit longer to finish up their last job of the day and sometimes stay out until just after dark.

Finally, our newest apprentice is officially setting out on his own with his own Junior Customer Premise Engineer.  With that in mind we are searching for a new apprentice for our dedicated founder and owner to personally train.  This will be his last staff that he trains as over the summer he’s going to be teaching and guiding one of our Senior Customer Premise Engineers to be our first Master CPE and start taking on apprentices of their own and getting them fully trained up.

I heard Hyper Fusion is getting rid of Facebook & Twitter, is this true?

Fortunately, yes, this is true.  Hyper Fusion has done a heavy amount of investigation into the privacy, security, and business practices of these 2 companies and we can no longer support them with the large amounts of traffic that we tend to generate.  They both engage in system practices that we believe are adversely affecting how humans interact and engage with one another and can no longer support such destructive practices. We have created an place however, for our customers and even non-customer community members to get help and post questions and things like that.  Our message board forums will be the ONLY place we post daily updates from now on.  Our real time network status page will remain located at    You can access our message board site at   signing up for an account is 100% free and used only for getting access to the message board site.  On Friday, July 12th, 2019 at 11:59PM, we will be deleting our twitter account, facebook, and YouTube account.  Additionally, ANY posts or information you may come across are NOT official Hyper Fusion information and are not to be considered as such and we ask that our customers or other interested parties visit our company news feed or message board site for authentic Hyper Fusion information.  Moving forward we will no longer be accepting, checking, or reviewing ANY social media networking sites.  So, if your having issues, please submit a new support ticket response.

We appreciate everyone’s support!

The Team @ Hyper Fusion, LLC

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