Emili 1.0.1 Update Released

1 Sep by Hyper Fusion

Emili 1.0.1 Update Released

So, there’s been some updates and changes to the way in which Emili works and what we’re integrating her with.  As we make changes to her core software, we will always post the updates and fixes and other things.  Below is a list of the new features we’ve added.  This should GREATLY increase our level of Customer Support and result in less downtime for everyone.

  • Multi-Channel Integration
    We’ve added several ways in which you can interact with Emili, our 24 / 7 around the clock virtual agent.  Our SMS notifications come from the phone number 512-645-1135, except now you can text back or call in and speak directly with Emili.  Additionally, if you use Facebook Messenger, you can visit our new re-created Hyper Fusion Facebook page and turned on the “Send Message” option so you can interact with the EMILI system, which has basic access to our portal data.
  • Phase 1 Standard PBX Phase Out
    From now on, outside of our normal live Customer Support phone / webchat support hours, all calls will begin routing to Emili for her to handle after hours for basic questions.
  • Radio Status Checking
    Emili can now check-in and ping our tower devices directly and let you know what our live status is with our network, so no longer having to wait and not get a hold of anyone for basic radio checking.
  • Automatic Account Detection
    If you call from the phone number listed in your account (we highly recommend using a mobile phone number to take advantage of all the non-internet related ways of getting account & outage notifications.) Emili can look up your phone number in our Fusion Portal to determine your account and your current circuit status.


  • Alexa and Google Home / Google Assistant Support – Have the Google home speakers or Alexa speakers or other home devices?  After the next update, you’ll be able to use them to talk to Emili and get help with your account (of course assuming those devices have a data connection, which both devices do have mobile phone apps that work over 4g LTE
  • Basic Tier 1 Interactive Tech Support – Emili will be able to do things like login to your radio and reboot it (if its connected), login to your radio and check for local interference and make a recommendation based on the knowledge database on how to correct it.
  • What’s App Channel – Use What’s App?  We’re adding this as just another way like Facebook Messenger that you can interact with Emili to get quick Customer Support
  • Customer To Staff Interactions – We will be adding things to the system that allow Emili to take input from our customers such as, “I need to speak with Will, I’m a repeater customer and my tower is out” and if the system can’t automatically get the link back up, calls’s Will’s phone, and passes the customer’s call through to him (of course inside working hours and when he’s available).  Additionally, our systems will detect the amount of traffic or “chatter” regarding reporting outages, slow speed, or other issues, and automatically text and call the staff required to repair that item, and tell them right where to go based on real time reporting.
  • Basic Fusion Portal Integration – Emili will be able to check your Fusion Portal account for new replies on any open tickets and let the customer know the reply.  Additionally, customers will be able to automatically send themselves a password reset email using the phone verification system.
  • We hope that these and future improvements are useful to you, enjoy!

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