Phone Changes 100% Complete

13 Sep by Hyper Fusion

Phone Changes 100% Complete

Hey everyone, just a quick post to let everyone know of the way we set our phone system.  It’s pretty much back to normal and just like it was, however, please note the following changes:

  1. Live Customer Phone & Webchat Support hours are changed to  Monday thru Friday, 9am to 4PM ( except our live customer support will be closed Monday, September 16, every other monday we will be available though.
  2. Chris’s incoming SMS Texting is fully disabled, and he is unable to receive any more texts or phone calls on his mobile phone and all calls and messages moving forward will simply be dropped.  Everyone he was privately talking to, needs to contact Customer Support directly moving forward.
  3. Our primary number changed from 512-790-2252  to  512-790-2250 please make a note of this.
  4. Our phone system, when you call in, if its under normal business hours you’ll get the option to either press 1 or say “live agent” to speak with a live person, or you can press 2 or say “Hey Emily” and Emily will try and help you out.  If its outside of normal live customer support hours, your call will automatically be routed directly to Emily.
  5. Emily now has her linkage software built that in a few days will allow our customers to call up after hours and have her reboot gear and do other troubleshooting procedures by actually logging into equipment, not just talking you thru some complex procedure you have to do and getting frustrated with it and getting lost.

These changes, updates, and simplifications of our communication system should ensure a much better customer experience with Hyper Fusion and will make sure our staff doesn’t over look any details, no matter how small or seemingly unimportant.

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