Phone Support Update

11 Sep by Hyper Fusion

Phone Support Update

Just a quick post to let everyone know, tomorrow morning I will be forwarding our primary new number to our Office Managers phone directly here at some point today so direct phone dialing will work.  Our phone company has informed us that the port over from our old provider to our new provider will be completed in 48 hours from this post, so after that phones will return to normal and EMILI will only act as a helper outside of normal office hours.  As I teach her more and more, she will get more and more useful.

We have created a survey.  We ask that everyone who has called, texted, or Facebook Messenger’d with EMILI to fill out our survey so we can improve her neural logic and tune her more to our needs.  Please bear in mind, this is a brand new type of technology that we JUST released, and like anything else on launch, its a bit buggy until I can work out the kinks.

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