Week Ending Sep 28th

28 Sep by Hyper Fusion

Week Ending Sep 28th

Upcoming Weeks Schedule

Monday – Tuesday – Now that we have our permit for our south fiber we will be working on the pieces to finish this off to light up all of our south networks with ALOT more internet and light up our Briggs site and we will be climbing to replace the 7 Creeks backbone.

Tuesday – Wednesday – We will be working on Kempner Main and getting the last of the Kempner customer repairs and waiting installs completed.

Wednesday – Thursday – We had to order mounts and things for Lampasas, those items should be in so that we can get the Lampasas repairs  and installs finished.

The Saturday Night Live season premier is on tonight folks! Be sure and check it out! Season 45!!!

Friday – We will be fine tuning Equrina and activating the new power uplink with the new fiber to Eagles Nest repeater, thusly feeding Kingsland and Council Creek with ALOT more internet.

Weekend Maintenance Completed

  • Updated our front end websites core software and plugin updates
  • Ran some massive updates on our portal server and added in 6 more CPU cores so the portal is fire fast again.
  • Installed new uplink radios on Lampasas East and Lampasas south doubling internet capacity at those sites.
  • Added some more help questions to Emili’s memory systems.  CLICK HERE FOR A FULL LIST OF TRIGGERS.
  • Completed configuring Burnet Fiber DMARC gear ready for deployment next week

Upgrades Completed

  • We have now completed upgrading our phone system so that it will process outage reports thru Emili’s Virtual Agent interface as well as voicemail support ticket creation when a caller calls during normal live customer support agent hours but no one happens to be available.
  • Redesigned customer invoices so they now include customers “customer since” date, Customer ID#, and other useful information for getting better customer support.
  • Added a new emergency notification bar to the top of our website.  When there’s a major issue effecting out network we will post it there.  When the issue is resolved it will disappear.  There’s a sample posted below.  We highly suggest, if you have no internet, but you have a phone with a 4g LTE data connection, to check our website.  If you don’t have enough data to accomplish that, then simply text our primary number 512-790-2250 with the following trigger phrase: “Hey Emili, is there an outage” and you should get the same information.  Very soon, both of these sources will read their data from the same place which is our backend issue tracking system so the data will always be propagated in real time so that no staff has to update either Emili’s messages or the website trigger, it will all be done programmatically and in a real-time automated fashion to get the latest in precise information.

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