Archive: April 28, 2020

Hyper Fusion Achieves Tier 3 Provider Classification!

The HyperNET is born!


Hyper Fusion takes another leap forward with our official ARIN Tier 3 provider classifications.  No more reseller status like ALL the other WISP’s that service rural Burnet and Lampasas counties.  Not a single one of them is an actual internet provider, so don’t be fooled.  You can’t achieve this status unless you have 2 peering connections with 2 different upstream providers and qualify for an Autonomous System Number for ARIN ( American Registry for Internet Numbers ).  Hyper Fusion has now passed all qualifications and acquired the required licenses to be able to be classified as a Tier 3 provider.  All others are nothing more than simple internet resellers.   Don’t believe us, check your connections true ISP using the link below.

Because Hyper Fusion is a genuine ISP and NOT a simple reseller, we have direct IPv4 and IPv6 IP allocations from the government agency that controls IP networks for our area.  The ONLY way you are allowed to use ANY IP, is if you are getting service from another provider, ergo,  reseller.  As Hyper Fusion has a direct allocation, we DIRECTLY own these IP networks.  We do not lease them from “another provider” as some local rural providers have claimed.  This is simply not true.

We freely offer up our registration for our customers to review for themselves.

We continue to be the gold standard in rural internet service in Burnet and Lampasas Counties primarily and expanding ever faster into Williamson, Llano, & San Saba Counties, along with Marble Falls, a heavier focus on Kingsland is coming soon, including fiber to the home in Kingsland.  We also are looking at several locations for both a wireless repeater site and a fiber DMARC site so we can start offering fiber to the home in Horseshoe Bay and Granite Shoals.

New Network Features

With these upgrades Hyper Fusion will be completing our upgrades to put HyperNET ready routers at every repeater site along with bigger equipment boxes to convert most sites over to complete DC power with our new stable combination solar, wind, and fuel powered generators and several large batteries to remove our sites completely from line power making them 100% green on power production and consumption.

We are also doing away with our two internet connections on the south and north networks in favor of much more stable and professional grade network Peering Agreements that we’ve established with other network providers.  At the official launch of the HyperNET, we will have two peering points, Burnet and Lometa.  Each site will have two physical different upstream provider’s fibers plugged in with peering agreements established, which each upstream provider being capable of providing us up to twelve 10 gig / 100 gig fibers and Hyper Fusion will be able to provide enough bandwidth to supply every city in the counties we serve with direct fiber to the home and business.  We are the ONLY rural provider to have this capability and stability!

New Repeater Sites

Due to demand we have completed our initial build of the Adamsville South repeater location which lies about 15 miles north of Lampasas.  Due to security reasons and protection of the site, we will not be revealing its exact location.  This makes our 20th site we have completed in our 3rd year of operation.  We have now surpassed all other fixed point wireless providers in the Central Texas market and we’re the ONLY one that has a valid AS # with ARIN and a valid ARIN designation.

We will be working hard over the next two weeks to complete our Equrina Fields big tower, 183 Midway, and Briggs repeater sites in the month of May.  The month of May is almost booked solid. We have less then 10 appointments left for the month of May so be sure to sign up today.  Near the end of May we will be putting a heavy focus on the Lampasas area.

New Competitor Offer

Do you have an existing fixed point wireless internet service AND own your equipment?  Hyper Fusion will purchase your receiver station from you ( the thing they installed on your roof that brings you internet ) for $300 which completely covers your activation fee.  This purchase price is FAR more then the retail cost of your receiver station.  We can offer this because we are 100% confident in our repeater site network.  In most cases, we can reset your receiver back to factory defaults, re-point the receiver to our tower network, and with in about 30 minutes you are up and running with more speed, and a worry free circuit.  Should anything happen from the receiver station all the way inside to your wall plate, we will come out and replace it at no charge.

Hyper Fusion Is Officially an Award Winning Internet Service Provider

That’s right folks Hyper Fusion is now an award winning internet service provider!!  The 101 Locals love us has been awarded to Hyper Fusion for Best Internet Provider 2020!

Check it out for yourselves!!


Next year we aim to win all 3 areas and Lampasas.  We have a strict goal for 2020 to achieve the top level in customer service, support, and have the fastest, most reliable, most reasonably priced services for our customers!

April Updates

Upcoming Weather

As we move into the 3rd week of the pandemic and deep into the Shelter in place order, Hyper Fusion remains committed to ensuring that our subscribers have the best internet possible.  As much as it stinks for everyone, mother nature is just not going to cooperate with our agenda either.  April 2nd through April 12th there will be extremely limited appointments due to heavy rains and lightning.  During this time we will be focusing on existing customer repairs, strengthening our tower system, as well as piling through our support tickets to make sure everyone’s requests get handled as quick as possible.

COVID-19 Update

Hyper Fusion has confirmed Texas has ordered all schools closed at least until May 4th.  We must prepare for the fact that school may not return until next fall.  If you’re having issues uploading or slower VPN while transferring files to work, check into our SOHO / Distance Learning Plan.  As we now know that we’re gonna be stuck like this for the spring, we’re asking everyone to remain patient as we work through the pandemic like every other american.  We are no different, we are humans to so lets all work hard to help each other.

Staffing Update

During the pandemic everyone has had to make adjustments with everything from people working from home, to distance learning, and even home medical appointments. For the next 2 weeks we will be down to just 1 installation team and our accounting manager answering phones. For the fastest help please login to your Fusion Portal and open a new support ticket. If you are not a current customer and have a request, please email  Additionally, Chris will not be available for the next 2 weeks to assist with any customer issues but will be keeping an eyes on our network to make sure it stays in supreme operating order.

Known Issues

At this time we are aware of the issues below and over the next 2 weeks will be doing everything we can to get them addressed as soon as possible.

  • Equrina Big Tower – As soon as weather clears up we are going to be chipping away 2 to 4 hours every day.  Once we get this guy up it will drastically beef up signal to Naruna, give us a 2nd link to the north network and just all around beef up performance.
  • Chica Ranch Peak Time Clog – We have a funny radio on the omni that causes clogs during heavy network usage.
  • Kempner Main – The backbone radio that feeds Chica Ranch has a messed up ethernet port and is scheduled for replacement, this adds heavily to the clog issue
  • Kempner Main East AP – For some reason this access point is just super spastic and we will be swapping this one out soon.
  • Kempner North South AP Slowdowns – The South Access point on Kempner North. As soon as we can climb, this will be one of the next ones replaced. This will help with the clog.
  • Our Friends 1 & 2 Mesh WiFi Status – We still have some work to do in our friends 1 and will be adding 1 more beefy access point and upgrading the baby one up by the office to a beefy one.  Our Friends 2, as soon as we can, we’ll be putting in a short utility pole for the 2nd access point to get signal everywhere.
  • Kingsland North – We need to do some work at Eagles Nest to change out the backbone radio as its being a little funny and still causing a slight clog on the south network.