Archive: March 24, 2020

NEW: SOHO and Distance Learning Service Plan

In response to the COVID-19 shelter at home orders, we have come out with our new SOHO plan (Small Office Home Office). This plan is great for VOIP, video conferencing, as well as moving heavy files. If you are an existing customer please open a new support ticket through the portal to request an upgrade. It’s fast and easy to work from home with Hyper Fusion. Please note that new installs are extremely backed up right now,  therefore installation may not take place for several weeks. Please check our sign up page for updates on the timing of new installs.

Internet for Work and School

The SOHO plan increases capacity to both download and upload heavy files from multiple devices at the same time. That is why this plan is great for distance learning for your children so they can complete this years schoolwork, and working from home at

This speed test is done WIRELESS. 80 Mbps down x 57 Mbps up with 23ms Latency. We even out perform hardlined wired services like cable modem and DSL, we just smoke them with this new plan.

the same time.   A dedicated wireless link is also available, as well as a Dedicated Public IPv4 IP, just give us a call for more information.

I have a home space but not office equipment…

Hyper fusion is prepared to supply any type of equipment needed for the home office. This includes computers, VoIP/SIP desk phones, computers, gadgets, printers, and even office chairs. Just contact a Hyper Fusion team member and we will sterilize and provide no contact delivery on all items purchased.  There currently is no waiting list for delivery of office supplies. Watch the website for any updates. All electronics/office supply deliveries carry a flat $20 CASH ONLY fee, due at the time of delivery. If you subscribe to the SOHO Plan, then the delivery fee is $10 CASH ONLY fee, due at the time of delivery.

Hyper Fusion is committed to bringing our community through these difficult times however we can. Please contact our office or create a support ticket for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: This plan is not available in all service areas, call for availability.  This plan is most ideal for customers that currently have a stable internet service  but need more upload speeds and/or have children at home that require distance learning and the ability to reliably upload schoolwork.

Monthly Rate: $147.00 ( plus sales tax )

Download Speed: 35 Mbps  Upload Speed: 20 Mbps

Dedicated Wireless Link: $97 per month extra

Dedicated Public IPv4 IP: $47 per month extra

HyperNET WiFi Now 100% FREE!

As the onset of this global pandemic sets in and officials are ordering everyone to work from home, internet has become more essential then ever.  We realize however, with the lock-down happening so fast, it can be really hard to get at home internet right now.  With that in mind, we’ve uncapped our HyperNET WiFi system in downtown Burnet. Now EVERYONE can get 30 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up for FREE when connecting to our downtown mesh system.  Just drive to the downtown Burnet square, bring up your network settings on your device, and connect to “HyperNet”.  It works a lot like the way the guest wifi system works at the grocery store, just much faster.  More than enough speed for any device to accomplish any work from home requirements, such as video conferencing and uploading important documents.  We only ask that you kindly stay in your vehicles, and if you must get out then please follow the CDC guidelines and stay at least 6ft away from others. We appreciate the opportunity to help our community in this time of need.

Thanks So Much!

The Team @ Hyper Fusion

***These speeds are only FREE when connecting to our “HyperNet” network on the downtown Burnet square, and by using  the “HyperNet” you agree to our terms of service.

COVID-19 Onsite Appointment Information

Hyper Fusion is taking a very thought out approach  to continue helping our current and new customers with installation and repairs during the COVID-19 pandemic.  For people still requesting/requiring onsite appointments, there are several factors we must consider for the safety of our field engineers, as well as our customers.


For any onsite appointments, we ask that all customers take the following measures:

  • Bleach or Sanitize all door knobs and other areas our team may come in contact with.
  • Do not approach our team and maintain a 20 foot distance at all times
  • If you have a face mask, please use it.
  • We ask that all persons vacate the home except the responsible party, or a designee over the age of 18 to minimize transmission risks.  If this is not possible, then have them go to an area that our team will NOT be in.
  • Pre-open any closet doors or attic access doors that maybe required for inside wall drops or custom installations.
  • After the appointment is complete, we ask that ALL household members, wash their hands and wipe down all surfaces again.

We appreciate your understanding and want everyone to know that we are doing our best to keep the community connected while keeping everyone healthy.

Thank you,

The Team @Hyper Fusion

The Corona Virus Threat in Texas

As the Corona Virus spreads more thru out the U.S., the time for Hyper Fusion to act I’m afraid has come.  Since Hyper Fusion is an internet provider, our field staff are constantly going in and out of many different folks homes.  Many of these homes are vacation homes where folks come in from Austin, San Antonio and Dallas.  With the virus now more rapidly spreading and our #1 interest is the health and safety of our customers, we will be making the following adjustments in what we do in order to reduce the chances of transmission as much as possible.

President Trump as recommended that all people who travel self quarantine.  We know this may sound extreme but its alot better than the alternative.  As many of you know from our last post, where coming up on a major storm over the next 10 days.  Since we already have toned down work, we are going a little further with our procedures for the rest of March.  What does that mean for our existing Hyper Fusion customers and our future ones?

1. Our field team will NOT be entering any homes or any other structure.  Our field team goes in and out of many buildings and this just increases the chances of transmission of the virus.  Hyper Fusion is not equipped with level 5 bio-hazard gear in order to prevent moving the virus from 1 customer to another.

2. Any existing customers whose radios move, we will be conducting repairs and fine tunes, but we ask that you implicitly remain in your home while this service is conducted to minimize transmission risk.

3. New customers requesting service will NOT be able to be installed until sometime next month due to all the complications the weather and the virus have caused, although exceptions maybe made for critical business or government circuits.

4. If you had a pending appointment, install, un-install, service transfer, or any other request, it may now be delayed by weeks.  We ask that anyone with questions, comments, or concerns email  with a short subject in the subject line and then your request in the main part of the email.

As you can see, even our bank released a notice to all their customers regarding their efforts with this growing epidemic.  Hyper Fusion remains committed to its customers and will continue to do everything possible to keep our customers safe, informed, and we will do everything in our power not to let this epidemic effect continuity of our network connectivity and other services we may provide.

Customer support during this time may be delayed and we ask everyone to bear with us while we work thru it.  Additionally, we will be putting all jobs back in our queue, this is the opportune moment to “reset” our field jobs to make sure everyone gets helped appropriately.

We will keep everyone in our thoughts and still remain mindful of everything going on with the situation and our managers will be monitoring the situation daily.  For current customers, we will still pass on all information as we get it within our Slack workspace on our breaking news channel and keep our every growing network of customers, local business owners, and other local officials to keep everyone as informed as possible.

The Hyper Fusion Team

Special Update

Hey everyone, as y’all know we just recently put out a long overdue update and as I’m sure many of our very happy satisfied customers have noticed a drastic improvement in network stability, speed, and quality over the past 6 months.  Will has been working tirelessly to correct all the sloppy work conducted the first part of 2019 to make sure everything was set right.

Our new management team that we’ve formed is really starting to get in sync and get a solid routine and got all our work separated out and this beast running like a well oiled machine.  With that in mind, as we prepare for the rainy season this month, all our managers have studied the last 5 years of weather data, checked the  local weather stations as well as predictions from local weather agencies like KXAN and Weather Underground to be better prepared for weather events that can cause scheduling havoc due to backups and installation jobs we can’t complete because of weather.

With that in mind, its looking like starting this Friday until the last few days of the month are going to be constant rain, storms, and wind.  As such, we have suspended scheduling anymore brand new fresh installs.  Over the course of this coming week, we will ONLY be focusing on customer repairs, and then batten down a few of our repeater sites to ensure our towers stay strong.  Across the middle 2 weeks of the month we will make sure we get out and repair everything we can in between breaks in the storms.

However, construction of the Equrina Big tower , Briggs Tower site and expansion, Naruna tower re-structure, Kingsland North Re-structure, and the Chica Ranch fiber DMARC install have all been suspended, most likely for the month.  As the month develops we will of course update everyone on the out-come, and any changes in our field situation.  We ask that you bear with us and understand we only have a few weeks of weather and other administrative hoops we’re having to jump thru to close out last summers damage to our network, which is now 98% or so repaired and nearly every customer satisfied.   All hands will be on deck this week in the field so if you can’t get a hold of anyone in Slack or on the phone, that’s why.  We are checking things as we go along and doing our best to keep up, but this is part of the reason we’ve suspended new signups, is to spend March getting all caught up with work so folks don’t have to wait 3 months to get installed.

The Team @ Hyper Fusion