Hyper Fusion Celebrates 3 Years In Business

Jul 8, 2020 Featured

Hyper Fusion Celebrates 3 Years In Business

Well everyone, it’s been a crazy 3 years, but Hyper Fusion has prevailed.  We are quickly becoming the most dominant rural provider within our area.  We offer outstanding coverage and unparalleled speed and reliability over any other rural providers and fully live in almost all areas of Burnet County and Lampasas County.  We also serve parts of Llano county, Bell County, Blanco County, Hays County, Travis County, Williamson County, and Coryell County.

We boast 20 repeater sites in our network, and we are the ONLY rural provider to have a true multi-homed dual stacked IPv4 / IPv6 pure digital network and are a genuine US recognized ISP and NOT a reseller as is common with most WISPS ( Wireless ISP’s / Rural ISP’s ).  We do NOT get IP’s from any upstream provider as part of our service, we own our own IPv4 and IPv6 network spaces and we operate every part of our own network and have more than 50 years of engineering experience specifically in wide area network data delivery between our management team. We are not focused on profits; we’re focused on our subscribers, as it should be.  We are the ONLY provider within our service zone who understands what it truly takes to operate a modern digital hybrid fiber and fixed point wireless network with in our area.  We do not out-source our network administration, we have on-staff experts that are able to address issues in real time instead of having to wait for a 3rd party network operator to address such issues.

With us celebrating our 3rd birthday June 1st of this year, we aim to take a full steam approach to our customer service process and upgrading our delivery network to handle the ever growing popularity of our services.  We will continue to honor our commitment to being completely transparent about our network, how we get our internet, what infrastructure is ours, and which are partner services, we will never claim for co-located data center spaces as our own when they are not.  We have always taken pride in the fact that our network sources have been transparent and all our customers know.  We actively engage our subscriber base each and every day in a meaningful manner where we not only fix, but also guide and teach, so that our entire subscriber base grows stronger and we will be taking a focused approach on these areas as we migrate out of the startup phase and into a full fledged mature and stable provider for the communities we serve.

We Are Pleased To Announce Our Brand New Hyper Fusion Resource Center!


Now that Hyper Fusion has a well operating and clearly established management team we have decided its time to gain us a public presence.  With that in mind, we are introducing the very first Hyper Fusion Resource Center.  As we are mid-pandemic still, we are taking certain measures until the HFT Management Team deems it safe to return to a normal state of business operation.  That means, although our new resource center is open to the public, we ask that you call ahead and schedule an appointment as we are limiting the number of people into the building at one time until our the HFT Management Team is satisfied that it is safe to do so. This is for everyone’s general protection.

Located at 3400 South Water Street Burnet, TX 78611

Below is just a small list of things we plan on rolling out completely over the summer (pending the pandemic is stemmed and not impacting home installations) and hope to be in full operation before the next school season begins.  You’ll be able to get lots of things done at our new HFT Resource Center, including but not limited to;

      • Signing up for new services or adding services to existing accounts.  Whether your just wanting information or you need help with adjusting your account as an existing subscriber, you can accomplish everything now in our new Resource Center
      • We will be setting up several display cases and shelving units and will begin offering product sales of gear specifically recommend by HFT as solid gear and guaranteed to work with our services. Each product that we will be selling has been tested over a great deal of time by our Management Team.  Items we will be selling and carrying in stock, include, but are not limited to; Consumer Home and Business networking equipment, Home Mesh Wi-Fi systems, mobile phones and tablets, mobile device charging cables, netbooks, laptops, Software, printers, CCTV cameras, Smart Devices, televisions, home theater systems. But if it’s a bit of tech, plugs in, or takes batteries, if we don’t have it in stock, we’ll be able to get a hold of it for you.
      • With the ever changing things going on all over the internet it can be difficult to keep up.  Most consumer home routers, with a bit of a 1 to 2 hour seminar, can be easily taught to our clients and then they will be able to configure and administer their router and avoid having to pay costly onsite charges. This saves our customers money and allows us to carry such fantastic rates.  With that in mind, we’re going to start offering several classes each month, which we will broadcast out a training seminar a few times a month on the current times basic modern consumer home wi-fi router basic administration.  In most cases, 95% of people pick up just enough to be able to avoid those costly onsite visits for something that’s easily fixed with a few mouse clicks or taps / swipes on a mobile device.  Once the pandemic ease up, we will also start offering 1 on 1 training in our large meeting room in our new Resource Center.  This will a central part of what our HFT Resource Centers will be;  A community space for learning, education, growth, and learning how to safely operate your home and business in an every changing online world.
      • A lot of our small business owners and trades-people who work for themselves have been begging and requesting for affordable and reliable (even more so then our residential network)  business class services so we’ve answered your requests and will begin rolling out and taking co-location customers, VPS server rentals with WHM / cPanel licensing included, along with softtaculous, linux, or Windows capability, plus much much more, check out our business page by CLICKING HERE. Our online hosting services will boast a data center with many racks (eventually, just a few to start).  This location will serve as the primary location for our physical data center servers that operate the web hosting servers and services so that all our local Burnet County and Lampasas County web designers can work for themselves, online media producers can house their VPS server and other cloud services in order to provide reseller web hosting services to their web design clients.  Our hosting platform will be built from the ground up specifically to cater to these types of online web customers, in addition to larger firms.  All of our hosting services listed on our business page will be launching with full production status before the end of this summer.
      • We’re growing ever closer to a full Texas state wide public beta launch of our Hyper Vision Cloud TV service.  We have been building and testing with our alpha testing consumer base group and reports are that our TV streams are of much higher quality then DirecTV or Cable TV.  Best part will be, if your a Hyper Fusion customer, the bandwidth your TV service consumes will not effect the threshold of your plan, so if all your doing is watching TV in perfect 4k quality at a 20 – 25 Mbps sustained data rate and you run a speed test on your internet, you’ll get 100% of the speed you pay for, not less the amount your HVCTV service consumes.  Our data thru puts for 4k are actually much lower than that, and promise to be extremely efficient at compressing and decompressing streams for insane video quality and compression at the same time allowing multiple streams, across multiple devices, in multiple locations without choke, buffer, or interruption (of course we can’t prevent all outages).  In addition to that, HFT has made all the necessary requirements to apply to the FCC for our very own TV Broadcasting Licence and Channel, just like Spectrum did with their channel.  We’re hoping to get 22.2 KHFT  as our call sign, and we are getting just about complete our application. Over the summer we will be heavily developing our Hyper Vision Cloud TV service.

The HyperNET Full Roll Out Production Release

We have completed the last few things we need to get both of our gateways set, and our full upstream peering agreements setup so that both our networks will become one.  The North and the South shall unite and we shall become stronger than ever.  This will give all our circuits the capability of using 1 or the other or both of the gateways to ensure an unparalleled level of stability.  In addition to spending a heavy focus through the course of the summer to upgrade and standardize all our existing repeater sites we will be making a heavy focus on increasing the repeater site density with in our home market to inter-connect in as many ways possible our existing sites and have begun rolling out our Generation 6 Wireless Access Points.  Hyper Fusion is rolling out our new 6GHz spectrum access points and stations as well as some licensed spectrums to guarantee service.  No longer will we have to battle the pains of interference from the home wifi router.  All our existing customers will be excited about this roll out for sure.

Our new network uses proprietary hardware, we are also coding our own software for our web hosting platform, control server platform, and the software that runs and controls our network using a fuzzy logic system built right in house, as we get each phase of this rolled out, our network just becomes faster and faster, more fused with multiple technologies over multiple partnerships formed directly with upstream and now downstream peers as well and before the year is out, we are going to work extremely hard to make sure all 20 of our sites are completely standardized and will have at least 2 other hi-grade gigabit or better inter-links to every other wireless repeater or Fusion Fiber DMARC site to ensure a highly robust delivery network, fail-over and work resiliency.

Our chief architects last year had one of their pilot friends testing the SIM card in an EXISTING phone the alpha tester had, since he was a pilot it was the perfect chance to truly test out the world wide capabilities of our new SIM cards.  That’s right, WORLD WIDE.  Our tester reported, that after landing, and de-boarding, turned their phone on in the terminal, let the phone boot, and could place phone calls, text, and had full data with no fuss, no muss, no flipping of SIM cards, same US local home area code on the phone number and local calling, just happen to be in London.  Also verified to work in Ireland, Italy, and France.

We would like to thank each and everyone of our subscribers for making us the Top Internet Provider with the Locals Love us 2020 awards in Burnet County.  We couldn’t be more thrilled being an award winning provider.  Next year we aim to be voted best internet in every county we currently service!   Head to head, there is no competition in the rural areas of Burnet County and Lampasas County because we stand alone with the speeds we are able to obtain and the reliability we maintain thru having several upstream peering providers, not just one.

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