Coldest weather in years…

Feb 11, 2021 Featured

Hello all!

I wanted to share a few thoughts for this cold weather. This is the coldest weather central Texas has seen in years. We are experiencing sleet, snow, and sheets of ice. School has been cancelled and everyone is hopefully staying warm.


 Remember your pets and elderly neighbors!! 

dogs, pets, cold, weather, central texasJust like we’re not used to this weather, our pets aren’t either. Please remember to bring your pets inside and/or provide some sort of shelter for them if they have to stay outside. Also, if you know someone who needs to be checked on, please do so. There are others less fortunate and may not have heat or be able to acquire heat. This cold weather is supposed to last for a few days so make sure everyone has plenty of food and water.


 Backup supplies & Saftey

cold, central texas, winter, weather

When it gets icy like this it can weigh down the electrical lines causing power outages. Make sure you and your family have plenty of flashlights, batteries, blankets, food and water. Also remember to keep your phones and other electronics charged just in case the power goes out. Having a bag with games, paper, markers, crayons, and other things also come in handy for when the little ones get bored. Don’t forget to watch your step!



It is best to stay inside when weather like this hits but if you absolutely need to get out here are some tricks to clean your windshield:

*Old gift card/credit card- you do not want to use your every day cards but if you have an old Walmart gift card you forgot to throw away go grab it. It is small but will help in a pinch!

*Spatula- Using a spatula works a little better than the card because it is bigger. Especially if you have a bigger one used on the grill. This scrapes off the ice and allows a longer reach to get the entire windshield.

*Kayak paddle- This comes in handy as it is bigger and longer  to reach the windshield and is easier to find in most Texans homes.

And finally…

If your internet goes out, please check the network status channel in Slack. If nothing has been reported as down or being worked on then please send a ticket with the subject “Storm outage” to so that our engineers can check it out for you.

We hope you stay safe and warm!


HFT Staff



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