Archive: October 10, 2021

Fusion Fiber Expands Thru Burnet County

New Burnet Fiber Gateway Exchange Site

We are pleased to announce we have completed the construction phase of our new Burnet Market Gateway!!  As you can see, we have up to 12 lines we can activate, each one capable of running at speeds of 1,10,40, and 100 Gbps ( yes that's gigabytes per second ).  Now that we have landed deals with a high end existing local developed neighborhood and a brand new extremely large development going in, both places are having Fusion Fiber installed direct to the home and every home in the neighborhood.  This marks the beginning to our largest project to date.   We purchased this utility pole from the City of Burnet that they where getting rid of to use it to easily get both under ground, and up to the exiting City of Burnet and PEC utility pole systems to continue running our very own privately owned fiber network.

We are getting closer and closer to our planned Fusion Fiber roll out as we move along, but we of course will always come up with new and innovative ways of Fusing our Community together with a set of internet tools and access at a reasonable price to make for a much more enjoyable internet experience then anything else around.  Check out some of the photos from the build out below.  This links up our Marble Falls and Burnet fiber networks and makes everything hot and usable so sign up for Fusion Fiber today!!  We now have live DMARC's on both the north and south sides of burnet and will begin working on the east and west sides soon enough.  We also have fiber going in north of cassie and another large neighborhood project well under way and we're just tearing it up out here!

New Burnet PRIVATE Data Center

That's right folks, this is not some data center we're leasing space in.  This is a new site, in our primary office, we have a big old server room so we're gonna load it with a bunch of racks, and really expand our Business and Personal website, email, and cloud storage capabilities.  We will also be using our Burnet Main and Kempner Main sites as our first 2 NanoPod Edge sites, where replica copies of all our servers will be held to ensure that all our sites and our subscriber servers are highly available across multiple connections and multiple geographic destinations so that we maintain a true high availability status.

Over the next 2 months we will be working on finishing off our New Burnet Gateway site, our rebuild of our Kempner Gateway site, and the direct linking with a solid transit fiber that directly links both gateways with a solid  10/40/100 Gbps data rate to ensure that if one of our upstream peers goes down the other will kick in.  We've also beefed up the power situations and increased the battery back up time with more UPS units and beefier batteries to combat the poor power situation around these parts.  We are also offering Co-Location services if you want to house your privately owned server in one of our data centers or NanoPod Edge sites, we would love for you to sign up.  Just make sure to mark what you want in the additional comments box.

If your interested in web design or hosting services for your business, personal use, or side gig, please let us know.  One of our co-founders comes from working at a web hosting company and knows hosting inside and out as well as web design and programming.  Alot of folks do not know we offer a wide range of business services, almost every one of which are done in-house by our extremely talented engineers.