8 Mar by chief

The Weekend Update

Hey everyone thought I’d make a post about everything that’s happened this week, and moving thru weekend.  There’s lots of stuff to go thru so we’ll take it it one item at a time! lol.  First and foremost, we are aware of the Facebook chatter today regarding a customer not getting his refund.  Right off, as we always do, we took care of that and refuse to make a spectacle online and stoop to the nay-sayers level.  We have made a STRICT commitment to instead, accept the criticisms, learn, and improve our game instead.  And yes, because someone posted on Facebook, it did happen a little faster.  One way or another Hyper Fusion will ALWAYS make every account of ours right, it’s what we do.  We however can not control the other folks who haven’t had good experiences with us, but we refuse to stoop to their level.  We have made every account right and are improving our process better and better every day.  We’re always upgrading, we’re always working, some of us, 7 days a week, to provide the best possible internet to the Hill Country.  That’s the Hyper Fusion difference.  We are out there putting in BRAND NEW non-AT & T already existing infrastructure.  With that in mind……

Burnet Gateway Change Over

On wednesday we began the first phase of our upgrade to get our entire network meshed into 1 fluid seamless network with our 5G system and with our nationwide 4G partners.  Along with this change, we’ve had a complete change and restructuring of our IP scheme, IPv6 is on the horizon folks!  The IPv6 upgrade will be complete by the time the month as out, and as we know about all the Lampasas competitors only having 1 fiber line AND both Marble Falls competitors being only on a single OLD ancient fiber line that was put in by the LCRA, it’s not even their own private fiber.  What does this mean for Hyper Fusion?  We can PROUDLY say that we are the ONLY multi-honed redundant provider outside of the big cable companies ( ie Spectrum, Century Link, and AT & T ) that are redundant in this fashion.  BOTH of our redundant fiber lines are capable of running up to 100 gigs if we need it, so PLENTY of bandwidth.  This month we will be working non-stop to complete this upgrade and interlink our entire north and south networks into 1 network with multiple gateways to provide awesome redundant and reliable service.  Remember, we have picture proof and post it proudly when we drill our own private fiber.  Don’t be fooled by the other guys who are just “reselling” AT & T’s already over exhausted network.

What does the change over mean for our customers?

While we go thru the network upgrades, connectivity on the south network may slow as the slower connection was in Burnet.  The Fusion Portal will not be available unless you access it from your home internet that you have thru us already live.  Additionally, the phone system will be down as well.  All our servers got IP address changes to get ready for the IPv6 change over, with that we had to change our IPv4 address.  Once this process completes we will have QUADRILLIONS of free public static address for everyone.  It will also eliminate the need for several outdated networking services servers that will no longer be needed like the other guys are still running.  We boast a 100% pure digital network and will be making the upgrade required to get our IP’s into the digital age as well.

HyperNET Mobile Public Beta Release

Along with these upgrades we are now releasing our public beta release of our HyperNET Mobile.  You can use any unlocked android device ( experience may vary with newer iPhones ) $25 for a pre-activated plug and go SIM card.  Our public beta release will be a pay as you go data plan with multi-gig and unlimited plans in the works for the Full Release planned for this summer.  Contact sales@hyperfusiontech.com  if your interested.  the HyperNET Mobile service is meant to replace your traditional mobile cellular provider.  Voice and SMS are provided 100% free as a courtesy.   1 Bill, Home internet, mobile internet, mobile phone, and sms, all on 1 bill.  The HyperNET is what sets Hyper Fusion apart.  We’re the only provider in the area that offers this type of service.  Our special HyperNET SIM cards work not just with 1 nationwide partner, but FOUR of them!  So, service all over is almost guaranteed.  Of course the speeds aren’t guaranteed, but at least you’ll always get something!  We have worked some unique partnerships with several major nationwide existing well established nationwide 4g LTE providers to bring you this awesome service.

Over the spring we will be working on upgrades to mesh our home and business internet service seamlessly with our partner 4g LTE networks in line with ours to allow all our customers to move where ever they want in the US, still stay connected with highspeed internet, have 1 single bill for it, and not get charged an arm and a leg like the other guys.  Just another way Hyper Fusion is changing up the game, shaking things up, and breaking thru the status quo.

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