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Spring Cleaning Is Here!!


So, it’s been a crazy start to 2020 but the newly reformed Hyper Fusion team has the bull by the horns now!  Hyper Fusion has survived some craziness since we stared in June of 2017.  Now that our re-structuring is complete and official and we can move on and get to focusing on what truly matters, our customers.    With that in mind, there will be some changes moving forward in how Hyper Fusion is operated.  We are gearing up to get some more upgrades and licences from several places so that we can operate a more professional, stable, and robust network.  In order to get those licences however, we have to have all other parts of our machine in tip top shape.


As Hyper Fusion continues to grow and we’re breaking over our 20th repeater site and with Will’s drive to re-form Hyper fusion into a well oiled machine, we have restructured the way in which we do everything and established a clear separation of lanes to keep everything running well and everyone taken care of in a timely manner.

As many of our current customers may know Chris, our Technology Manager and Chief Scientist behind our network, Chris has helped fill in some of the customer support positions, helping schedule, processing service credits, and things of that nature.  As our network as grown he needs to have his focus solely on the network and its digital and physical security, as such, Chris will no longer be available to speak with customers, and will have extremely limited time to post in our slack work space, however, we have several other staff that will be and are able to help with ALL customer needs moving forward.   With that in mind, we are also switching to our new year round schedule for our live support hours are as follows:

Monday thru Friday: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Although our live support hours for customer support are limited to the above, onsite installations, repair calls, upgrade calls and other appointments although focused Monday thru Friday, but we are now taking certain appointments by schedule only and for an added fee on weekends, 7 days a week so we can get caught up with our extremely large waiting list.  The 3 listed staff between them have full authority to assist ALL customers with ANY request or need they may have, we need our Chief Scientist to do what he does best, create.

Accounting Manager
All question regarding your bill, credits, discounts, or any questions regarding how much something may cost can now be addressed directly by emailing , by logging into your Fusion portal and opening a new ticket, or by calling our live support phone number (512-790-2250) during our new live support hours mention above and selecting the billing option and you’ll be put in direct touch with our Accounting Manager Debra.  As a side note, moving forward like all other telecommunications companies, there will be no more yearly or multi month “billing plans”,  each month you will receive a monthly bill with your normal rate like any other utility bill, plus tax. There will also not be any cash payment discounts and would prefer checks or your banks bill payment system with your Account ID# on it,  being mailed to PO Box 1442, Burnet, Tx 78611.

Operations Manager
If you have a scheduled appointment and need to change it, have questions on engineering, your circuit not quite working right, now we have someone specifically to handle those questions and get you set so that appointments are kept and held on time and tight communication is kept between Hyper Fusion and our customers allowing for speedier more timely onsite appointments, whether new installations or repairs.

Field Manager
Will of course is going to remain our field manager.  There’s just no one better in the field, and clearly over the last 6 months as Will is brought our network up to Hyper Fusion’s strict code of standards.  There just is no one better.  However, if you have any questions for Will regarding your circuit, we ask that you email  and he will get to your tickets as soon as he can.  Quite clearly, he’s the busiest person here at Hyper Fusion and in super high demand.


As we move forward with the marriage of the north and south networks into 1 single network as it should be, we are going to be completely restructuring EVERY repeater site in our network.  Will is going to be personally visiting every single repeater site to replace lines, re-point and re-secure gear, replace “clog” gear, upgrade maxed out links, and other things of that nature, as well as installing special new routers programmed, configured, and setup by Chris, the Chief Scientist behind the HyperNET.  Although Will will be visiting each site and installing new equipment, the new configurations will not roll out until all tower site re-structures are complete.  So far, Council Creek, 7 Creeks, Lampasas South, and Adamsville South.  The new HyperNET network will boast the following upgrades over our current system:

  • True Routed Smart Mesh Network – We will be adding special routers to all of our repeater sites that will allow us to install additional links to other repeater sites instead of just a single one.  This will give almost all of our repeater sites a diverse path across our network to ensure connectivity is maintained.  What this will allow us to do is re-route repeater site traffic if the preferred tower to tower link is either down or over loaded to ensure everyone is always on and always getting package and won’t put so much pressure on Will to get out there immediately.
  • Multi-Homed Autonomous Network – Basically, just a fancy term for “we have 2 internet providers that provide us our internet access”.  We currently have two different providers, each that provide us with a 1 Gig Dedicated Fiber Circuit, 1 up north installed at the Kempner North Site, and 1 down south, installed at the Burnet Main Site.  The primary difference however, is we will not be “getting internet access” from these 2 providers, but instead what is called a peering agreement.  Basically, we’ll have a set of IP Subnets that are assigned to us by ARIN, the folks who control IP addresses directly, instead of getting them from another ISP.  Then, our equipment “broadcasts” our assigned IP Subnet to the rest of the entire internet thru all of our peers, and we will be adding a 3rd peering provider to our network in the east to ensure a very diverse network with many options out to the internet to provide unparalleled stability in the rural internet market.
  • Tier 3 Provider Designation – Once we complete our HyperNET roll out and our peering agreements are actively firing across our single unified network, by designation and certification of ARIN we will have an official tier 3 provider designation and will no longer be “just a reseller” like all the other rural WISPs.  You can not get this designation without having at least 2 varying provider peering agreements of 1 gig or better fiber connections and having ACTUAL documentation they check out to verify all peering agreements and technical ability of executive staff before you can get this designation.
  • IPv6 Roll Out – As some of you may know, IPv4 IP’s are exhausted world wide, meaning, there are simply not left for ARIN to hand out.  The fact that we only have a limited amount of IPv4 addresses made available to us by the companies we have peering agreements set with, its caused some problems amongst our X-Box One users.  this will resolve that issue, as everyone will be getting a free IPv6 /64 IP Address subnet assigned to EVERY customer.  Which litterally is well over a million IPv6 addresses per customer, more than you’ll ever use.  IPv6 is a 64 bit system for IP address so there are way more possible addresses than on the older 32bit IPv4 system.  We will however be maintaining a dual stack system and legacy IPv4 addresses for legacy customer requirements, but will be charging $30 per month for a dedicated IPv4 address, and $15 a month for a shared or “pooled” address.
  • 1st Generation “Nano Pod Caching Cluster” Deployment – We will be installing a set of highly specialized server clusters that we will be installing in the Kempner and Burnet Main gear houses with the specific purposes of storing a copy of the most watched Netflix videos.


We have completed a full audit of our entire customer list and identified each customer that’s waiting on an install, repair, or billing issue and over the next 30 days will be working super hard to rectify each and every account and bring each and every circuit up to current Hyper Fusion Code of Standards to ensure reliable and stable internet for our entire network.

Existing Customers:  We ask that you bear with us, we are going to focus on you first, and starting with our oldest requests first and working from there.  Next up with this schedule is the Equrina Big tower.  Our Operations Manager will make a post in our slack workspace as far as when this is going to happen.

New Customers Who Have Signed Up, but haven’t gotten a call from Hyper Fusion Yet:  You are on our radar, but we’re currently 6 weeks out on putting on new customers.  We’re focusing on completing our year end audit and re-visiting every single customer to ensure everyone is up to code.

New Customers Who Have Not Signed Up Yet:  Please understand, if you fill out the “Get Service” link, new installations are currently 6 to 8 weeks booked out due to our 100 Mbps + service in most areas we are extremely popular and have grown faster then Will and our 1 field team can handle on their own, but we are working on getting a 2nd field team up and going just as soon as we can.

Prior Customers Waiting On Un-Resolved Matters:  There are still 9 customers yet waiting on resolutions from the issues we had Summer of 2019, for those customers we will have your accounts resolved with in the next 60 days.  Now that Will has gotten things pretty much put back together with the help of our accounting manager and operations manager we will be focusing on closing out the rest of any trailing issues from 2019.  This includes the group of customers that lost their circuits due to the Arrowhead repeater being un-installed and the couple of customers left over yet from the Lampasas North tower being un-installed.


The NEW Hyper Fusion Management Team

Hyper Fusion Win’s Locals Love Us 2020!!

We can’t believe it.  I guess proof is in the pudding as they say.  But all our loyal subscribers voted us Best Internet Provider in Burnet for Locals Love Us 2020, Best of The Highland Lakes!  We are officially an award winning provider!  We have worked tirelessly over the past couple of years to ensure that not only do we have the fastest network in The Greater Highland Lakes area, but we also have the best prices around.  No one can top our Hometown Care model for customer support, and are technical expertise is unmatched compared to the other local providers in our class.

Over the next year we aim to improve out network by adding a 2nd tier and launching a true multi-honed and dual stacked IPv4 / IPv6 pure digital network.  We really want to leave out re-seller status behind and operate our own backbone internet network and participate in global internet routing.  On the link below, on the 101highlandlakes website, we are listed a little over half way down under “Home Services” / INTERNET PROVIDER