Special Update

9 Mar by Hyper Fusion

Special Update

Hey everyone, as y’all know we just recently put out a long overdue update and as I’m sure many of our very happy satisfied customers have noticed a drastic improvement in network stability, speed, and quality over the past 6 months.  Will has been working tirelessly to correct all the sloppy work conducted the first part of 2019 to make sure everything was set right.

Our new management team that we’ve formed is really starting to get in sync and get a solid routine and got all our work separated out and this beast running like a well oiled machine.  With that in mind, as we prepare for the rainy season this month, all our managers have studied the last 5 years of weather data, checked the  local weather stations as well as predictions from local weather agencies like KXAN and Weather Underground to be better prepared for weather events that can cause scheduling havoc due to backups and installation jobs we can’t complete because of weather.

With that in mind, its looking like starting this Friday until the last few days of the month are going to be constant rain, storms, and wind.  As such, we have suspended scheduling anymore brand new fresh installs.  Over the course of this coming week, we will ONLY be focusing on customer repairs, and then batten down a few of our repeater sites to ensure our towers stay strong.  Across the middle 2 weeks of the month we will make sure we get out and repair everything we can in between breaks in the storms.

However, construction of the Equrina Big tower , Briggs Tower site and expansion, Naruna tower re-structure, Kingsland North Re-structure, and the Chica Ranch fiber DMARC install have all been suspended, most likely for the month.  As the month develops we will of course update everyone on the out-come, and any changes in our field situation.  We ask that you bear with us and understand we only have a few weeks of weather and other administrative hoops we’re having to jump thru to close out last summers damage to our network, which is now 98% or so repaired and nearly every customer satisfied.   All hands will be on deck this week in the field so if you can’t get a hold of anyone in Slack or on the phone, that’s why.  We are checking things as we go along and doing our best to keep up, but this is part of the reason we’ve suspended new signups, is to spend March getting all caught up with work so folks don’t have to wait 3 months to get installed.

The Team @ Hyper Fusion


  1. Thanks for all the hard work and effort. I agree that suspending new sign-ups and getting everyone else up to speed is the right way to go. Gotta love Texas weather! 🙂

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With Texas now being under lock down, almost all businesses are now closed.  However, Hyper Fusion,  will be maintaining operations throughout the pandemic to ensure that everyone that needs internet at home has it. Please keep in mind, we are down to a single field team and  have recently implemented new policies and procedures to ensure the safety of our field team, customers, and community.  We appreciate your patience and support during these trying times. We can come through this together. Stay safe!