Archive: March 22, 2020

HyperNET WiFi Now 100% FREE!

As the onset of this global pandemic sets in and officials are ordering everyone to work from home, internet has become more essential then ever.  We realize however, with the lock-down happening so fast, it can be really hard to get at home internet right now.  With that in mind, we’ve uncapped our HyperNET WiFi system in downtown Burnet. Now EVERYONE can get 30 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up for FREE when connecting to our downtown mesh system.  Just drive to the downtown Burnet square, bring up your network settings on your device, and connect to “HyperNet”.  It works a lot like the way the guest wifi system works at the grocery store, just much faster.  More than enough speed for any device to accomplish any work from home requirements, such as video conferencing and uploading important documents.  We only ask that you kindly stay in your vehicles, and if you must get out then please follow the CDC guidelines and stay at least 6ft away from others. We appreciate the opportunity to help our community in this time of need.

Thanks So Much!

The Team @ Hyper Fusion

***These speeds are only FREE when connecting to our “HyperNet” network on the downtown Burnet square, and by using  the “HyperNet” you agree to our terms of service.