Archive: May 13, 2020

Hyper Fusion Fully Launches Kempner

CLICK THE MAP TO ENLARGE – Green lines are live and in use active lines, orange lines are actively under construction, and yellow lines are planned lines. This makes up the entirety of the Kempner Fusion Fiber network. It is fed by 2 completely independent upstream peers over 1 gig / 10 gig delivery ports with access of up to 12 fiber pairs for future expansion. More than enough to feed all of Kempner 3 times over.

Hyper Fusion Reaches Agreement For Kempner Fusion Fiber

As posted by the Kempner Family Community Development Corporation on May 12th, on their Facebook page Hyper Fusion has worked an agreement between KFCDC and Hyper Fusion to drastically increase our deployment of our Fusion Fiber, Fixed Point Wireless, and Live Streaming TV services to Kempner area residents.  (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE).  Everything inside the 2 loops pictured in the map is live and eligible for Fusion Fiber service and most areas have excellent wireless coverage.

The project core of this build out will be completing our Equrina Fields primary distribution tower located in Lake Victor before we kick this off to ensure multiple paths across the Kempner network, of which, once we hang the required super duty 2 gig per second backbone devices, will form a solid backbone that connects both our North and South upstream providers directly as well as joining both of our networks into one large enterprise class WAN Fiber and Wireless network across four active counties, twenty total wireless repeater sites, and three Fiber DMARC subdivisions.

Hyper Fusion Achieves Tier 3 Provider Status

As of April 10th, 2020 Hyper Fusion, LLC has left it’s reseller status behind and become the ONLY provider in our class to obtain an authentic ARIN issued AS Number.

What is an AS number?  Autonomous Systems are networks typically governed by large ISPs that participate in global Internet routing. Each network is assigned a unique identification number known as the AS number or ASN by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.  You can view information on both Hyper Fusion’s IPv4 Network and IPv6 Network by CLICKING HERE.

With this upgrade to our network and deployment of new services we have been able to move away from using the old IPv4 addressing system and into IPv6 addressing system.  With a modem free system, and no analog technologies in between like big box cable and phone companies use, we boast a PURELY digital network from upstream borders all the way to customer end points allowing for an extremely low < 20ms ping times across your average residential circuit, whether it is fixed point wireless or Fusion Fiber.

We grow ever closer to our Hyper Vision Cloud TV full streaming live TV service.  We’re getting close to wrapping up our alpha testing and the lengthy alpha testing is starting to yield some fantastic results.  Our Hyper Vision live TV service will become Hyper Fusion’s flagship service.  Boasting true pick one channel at a time from our entire library (Premium channels excluded) from twenty five channels for 25 dollars.  (More channels are of course available, either with bundles, or ala cart 1 channel at a time).  New features will be forthcoming from some never before used by traditional provider interfaces for TV guides, DVR recordings, watching previews, and many more features.  Our Nintendo Switch app alpha testing is rock solid now and we are getting close to submitting it to Nintendo for testing and verification certification and inclusion in the Nintendo e-Store.  Obviously, the app will be included free with Hyper Vision subscription, as well as our Android, iOS, and Windows 10 / Mobile apps.  No other rural provider delivers their own live TV and our Hyper Vision service, which is due for public beta coming this summer, will set Hyper Fusion apart.

As a genuine provider Hyper Fusion aims to be the gold standard in rural internet.  The reason you do not see a lot of Facebook posts online on our facebook page is because we are busy installing.  We built our backbone network first, got it up and running, and then went after it.  We’re already live, in Kempner, no need to wait.  We’re here to truly provide GOOD internet at a good price.

ISP Classifications

In a world full of ever changing internet providers, how do you know if your using a reseller, or getting service directly from a legit government recognized provider?  The best way is to simply visit  it will tell you your true provider.  Some providers claim they

Speed test from a 6.2km Fixed Point Wireless Circuit on our Standard 25 package that goes for $87 a month plus taxes. As you can see, our speed tests truly show Level 3.

“Lease” IP’s from AT & T and get service from Level 3.  Firstly, AT & T 100% will not give / lease or let any person or business use any of their IP’s without active internet service, we know, we called and asked.  Secondly, one of our upstream peers, is actually Level 3, and as you can see when you do a provider check on our IP’s, they in fact come back as Level 3, as one would expect if you actually have Level 3 service.  Clearly being dishonest about how they obtain their upstream services and how they distribute them.  As you can see from our Standard 25 wireless circuit speed tests from our south Burnet Network, we are an actual peer with Level 3, not just reselling for them, and it connects to the speed test server in Austin, hosted by AT & T.  Clearly two different providers and as you can see, they certainly don’t intermingle their IP’s and let the other lease them from them.

Another factor that sets resellers apart from genuine providers, is that they do not carry an AS number as explained above.  this is the biggest important defining factor between a reseller, who only provides internet, and an ISP, or Tier 3 Provider, is that actual ISP’s actively participate in global internet routing, where as resellers do not.

Resellers typically very rarely even operate their own equipment and often sell service “under another brand” which further complicates getting support and getting your service fixed.  They will also stick you with purchasing the equipment so if anything happens to it, your stuck with buying everything all over again.  Providers like Spectrum for example, if your equipment fails, they just give you new equipment, your not forced to purchase new equipment.  Hyper Fusion never charges customers for failed radio, as we are a genuine ISP and Tier 3 provider.

Genuine Hyper Fusion pure network speed test from our Kempner North network 6 miles from a wireless repeater. As you can see, faster than 82% of ALL providers, and the ISP is Hyper Fusion, LLC, our OWN privately owned network. Not resold, not AT & T Fibers, privately purchased, installed by Hyper Fusion staff Fusion Fiber. The one and only GOLD standard in rural internet.

Tier 3 Providers
Tier 3 providers all have genuine AS Numbers as issued by ARIN, the government agency in the US that controls such designations based purely on quality and amount of network assets owned by the provider in question.  Hyper Fusion has theirs, easily publicly searchable.  NO other competitor in our class as well as WISP’s have this, ergo, are resellers or VISP’s ( Virtual ISP’s ).  They simply resell direct internet access and control no routes and do not participate in the global internet routing.  Typically tier 3 providers , as with us, only deal with the end user, or customer directly.

Tier 2 Providers
Tier 2 Providers, such as AT & T, Level 3, Verizon, and others deal both directly with end users / customers and engage in downstream peering agreements with others.  Most of these bigger providers, although we may not agree with their practices, are required to make things with the internet just work a bit better and often will sell the smaller capacity lines such as 10 gig and 1 gig lines.

Tier 1 Providers
Genuine Tier 1 providers, have almost NO upstream peers, and ONLY provide downstream access to Tier 2 providers and do not engage with end users.  These are the core networks of the internet and as soon as Hyper Fusion can afford to peer directly with them, we will of course be doing so.  In addition, Hyper Fusion is working feverishly to establish as many downstream peers as we can.  We have several coming online soon and are continuing our growth into a solid Tier 2 provider.


New Hyper Fusion Headquarters and Primary Office

Here is the Hyper Fusion team running our OWN privately owned fiber just outside of Kempner, TX. No resold and installed by AT & T for us!

That’s right folks, Hyper Fusion is proud to announce the soft opening of our new commercial office just south of town located at the address below.  We will be opening our doors to the public for a soft opening on June 1st, 2020 with a full grand opening celebration and customer appreciation day with many exciting things happening which will be announced in just a few weeks.  We will be observing all the precautions as recommended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This new office space is right on the Burnet Airport and we’re on the south side of Burnet, right off 281, so we will be easy to get in and out of for our subscribers.  The new office space boasts a large meeting room with a capacity for 14 people, a small front sales floor area, large dedicated equipment and gear room, offices for every department, accounting, operations, IT, and a Network Operations Center.  Additionally we have a large dedicated server room with the capacity to handle eight server racks.