Hyper Vision Is Coming

Sep 19, 2020 Featured, Video Posts

That’s right folks, as we prepare for our Hyper Vision launch, we will be posting more and more videos and neat things like the one below.  So please comment away and post your thoughts!  We love to here everything.  We have some amazing new things we plan on rolling out over the rest of this year.    We’re looking forward to Halloween that’s for sure!  Gotta love that candy, although, I wonder how that will work as we’re still mid-pandemic.  Just like rural internet thanks to Hyper Fusion, nothing will ever be the same again most likely, or maybe it will go back to normal, who knows.

We have nearly 50 alpha test users and they are loving the streaming service.  Once we complete the full release of our video service, and complete the nationwide testing of our 4G LTE / 5G partner, we’ll be fully releasing the entire HyperNET.  Home internet, mobile internet / phone / & texting, and live / on-demand streaming, on 1 simple bill.  No more fuss, or hassle.  Works everywhere in the US!

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