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Fusion Fiber Launched In Marble Falls

Fusion Fiber, The Dawn of a New Age of Internet

We are very excited to announce that we are now accepting new signups for Fusion Fiber to the Home as well a Small Business Fusion Fiber and Enterprise Class fiber.  Wether your looking for just residential service, or your looking to link multiple locations across Burnet, Kempner, or Williamson County, we have recently completed upgrading our entire network with 1/10/40/100 Gbps capable Cisco ASR920 BEAST routers along with 10 Gbps EdgeRouter Infinity Routers at most of our repeater sites.  Spectrum and Vye ( Formerly Northland Cable ) are NOT your only choices for fiber to the home or business any longer.  Our Fusion Fiber network is second to none.

Our Engineering Co-Founder Will hard at work bringing up new Fusion Fiber for Marble Falls!

The little map on the left you can click on to enlarge it.  It's the site we chose for our primary Marble Falls DMARC site.  It provides the most direct access to the zones we are establishing as primary Fusion Fiber zones.  We are tapping into some long haul fiber we had ran more then a year ago, very quietly of course, on purpose to prepare.  We have access to more than twice the thru put required to serve ALL of Marble Falls so we have plenty of capacity at this site.

Check out the two links below for more information.

Fusion Fiber Network - CLICK HERE

Marble Falls Fusion Fiber - CLICK HERE

Rural Fixed Point Wireless

In addition to our Marble Falls central Fusion Fiber DMARC site, we are in the process of building 6 new fixed point wireless repeater towers that will provide rural service all across southern Burnet County.  These sites will serve the following areas;  Marble Falls, Granite Shoals, Park Road 4, Fairland Road, South / Main Kingsland, Sunrise Beach Village, Horseshoe Bay, Round Mountain, Spicewood, and Bee Caves.  We are in the process of getting our Spicewood and Bee Caves Fusion Fiber DMARCS ready to tap and hope to install the gear and get it hot before the summer of 2022 is out, but we'll see how it goes.  But, right now, just simply due to supply delays, its looking like late November, just before Christmas before we can get out there due to the extremely high demand for our Fusion Fiber service in the "Pandemic Times".  To learn more about our fixed point wireless service and its costs, click the link below;

Fixed Point Wireless Details - CLICK HERE


For too long incumbent rural fixed point wireless providers in the area have been using ancient archaic gear, know nothing about high level BGP networking and proper wireless spectrum management,  making false claims, not answering subscriber contacts, and just a whole laundry list of issues.  Before Hyper Fusion they enjoyed the ability to charge extremely high rates for next to NO internet speed.  Then Hyper Fusion came along.  We choose to spend ALOT more money up front to invest in latest generation equipment that allows us to clear 300 Mbps speeds at distances of up to 15km away from any one of our almost 30 repeater sites now.  We have worked very hard to gain our FCC licensees, and maintaining reporting and inspection requirements from the FCC, City jurisdictions, and power company utility pole access agreements to ensure that we are 100% legal across the board to be able to come into South Burnet county properly, quickly, and ensure the price gouging for sub-standard internet no longer occurs.  Over the course of the 2021 year, Hyper Fusion managed to put its primary competitor that started BEFORE Hyper Fusion did in the Lampasas County market completely out of business.  We've wiped out one incumbent provider in the north of our market area, and now we're going to move into South Burnet county and win out over three more.  Our superior network and subscriber care speaks for itself, and the residents of Burnet, Lampasas, lake Victor, Tow, Lake Buchanan, Andice, Bertrum, Liberty Hill, Georgetown, have all spoken, for 3 years running in a row, we were voted Best Internet Provider in Burnet by the Locals Love Us!

We are running a special offer until the 1st day of spring, Sunday March 20th, ANY existing qualifying fixed point wireless subscriber that lives in or around Marble Falls, Granite Shoals, Horseshoe Bay, Round Mountain, Sunrise Beach Village, South Kingsland, Fairland Road, we are offering 100% FREE activation.  No catches, no gimmicks, no stipulations, no contracts, no funny business.  Just rural internet how it should be.  We will come out and install and show you we can clear 100 Mbps down and up on your circuit and then you only pay a pro-rated monthly rate from your day of install until the last day of what ever month you get installed upfront.  ( the next months bill would be due on the 1st ) and away you go.

New Speedtest Server Launched

Hyper Fusion has officially launched a brand new speed test server!!  Chris, our awesome Technology Manager has configured and installed a shiny new speed test server on our website!  Make sure you check back next week as we'll be making a BIG announcement!  Click the big giant red test button or your can visit After that, just select which server your closest too and away you go!

In addition, Hyper Fusion HIGHLY recommends you install the Ubiquiti Wifi Man App. You can download it for either Apple or Android.

Andice Repeater Site Fully Live!

New 10 Gbps Direct Fiber Linked Repeater Site Launched

Hyper Fusion is pleased to announce the completion of our Andice repeater site.  Located just a couple km outside of town to the west.  This site is directly linked with a 10 Gbps fiber line from that site ALLL the

Andice Coverage Map

way back to our brand new Burnet Gateway site where we've installed an all 10 Gbps router which is a massive upgrade, capable of delivering up to 40 Gbps of throughput out to the internet if we need it!  Below is a coverage map of our new Andice site and if we use our long range power dishes ( approx 400mm in radius and weight about 2 pounds ) we can pull 100 Mbps down and upload as far away as 25km from the site in most cases.  In a few cases even further.  Just click on the map below to view a high res version.

We also complete upgraded our Burnet Gateway site and constructed it right off the right of way south of Burnet, TX.  This new site boasts all brand new heavy duty high thru put enterprise gear and is also independent but directly connected to the new Hyper Fusion DataCenter.  We lease the office space but we have an enterprise grade server room, power wiring, data cabling, and fiber, all to notch for an insane amount of reliability.

Additionally, we were simultaneously working with one of our upstream peer providers to run a direct fiber link between our Burnet and Kempner gateway router sites so we have direct 10 / 40 / 100 Gbps link between our 2 networks allowing all subscribers to use either gateway should one or the other be down, and next time we go to screw with one of our gateway sites, we can first shift the traffic to the other fiber and then shut down the gateway site we're working on so no one loses service!

With us drilling more fiber and for longer and longer distances, Hyper Fusion now provides live service to 5 central Texas Counties ( Burnet, Lampasas, Llano, Bell, and now with this new site, Williamson County ) and we have 22 repeater sites, some direct fiber linked, some linked with high end gigabit licensed by the FCC wireless links, and others linked in ways I can't really discuss as they are trade secret and what sets us apart.  We really are THE BEST internet provider in the area with the most diverse stable network. =)


Check out some of the pictures in the gallery below of the Hyper Fusion team working on the upgrade!

The below photos are mostly of the construction of our Burnet Gateway site that feeds the Andice site.