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Competing internet service coming to Lampasas area

As printed by KCEN news on Oct 9th, 20217 @ 12:16am

Some Lampasas residents are thrilled after seeing a new potential internet services recently. The company, Hyper Fusion Technologies, said the Lampasas area has been lacking in broadband services. So, the organization is setting up new towers to accommodate those residents. Locals told Channel 6 News the area needs more competition in a variety of other aspects as well.

However, they kinda got it wrong, at that time, we were already live with our first tower Kempner North as well as our Kempner South tower, but that’s okay.  We forgive them.


Pre-Registrations Open Again for Lampasas, Nix, and Kempner, Due to High Demand

Due to recent publicity, added with the extreme demand from residents of the Lampasas, Kempner, Nix, and Copperas Cove area, we have decided to open pre-registrations back up. However, please note, that if you sign up from here on out, installs for round 2 pre-registrations will most likely not be installed until after Jan. 1st, 2018, but you can certainly reserve your place in line. Thanks for everyone’s support, and as the news story says, we’re here to help!

The Team @ Hyper Fusion Tech

Check out the KCEN Channel 6 Waco (NBC) featured a story about us on the news a little while ago!  Check it out!  We are coming Lampasas, don’t worry.

Lampasas Internet Out Again, So HFT is Launching Lampasas!

When no internet in Lampasas has you feeling like this, you be like, “BAHHHHH!!!!! GRRRRRRR!!!!”

That’s right everyone, due to the latest outage in Lampasas and the consistent failures to find a viable solution, Hyper Fusion Technologies has pulled the trigger on one of our several back up plans since we are unable to get on the city water tower as promised as of yet.  We’ve certainly been calling them but as of yet, have not received an answer from them implicitly.  So, in response, we have located some dark fiber just 10 miles east of Lampasas that we will be tapping into and installing a 100 foot self standing steel tower and a few others around the outskirts of Lampasas.  We will be starting the first stages of construction on Friday 9/15/2017.  If you happen to be out on that day, you may just see one of our 2 company vehicles driving around town. We’re now starting surveys for our pre-registered customers and the pre-registeration list is filling up FAST!

As a result of us launching a new area, our phone systems and customer support staff are running at maximum capacity and we have a few customers here and there that are getting sent to our voicemail system.  We do apologize for this and are currently in the process of training new customer support agents and field engineers to help better serve our customers and get them installed at a faster rate.  Please do bear with us, as a result of the popularity in that area we are trying to kick it into high gear.  Our owners, as local Burnet County residents which to apologize on behalf or our industry competitors failure to provide a sound solution to our problems and 1 year ago, picked up their boots, threw together some money, and decided to do something about it.   And remember, everyone in Lampasas, please come visit Happy Scoops Icecream on the old historic Burnet Square and tell them Hyper Fusion sent you there to try out the internet and getting a cone!  They have amazing ice cream!  We invite as many people as possible to go visit them and all use the internet at once and run your speed tests!  =)

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Internet in Kempner, TX is almost here, for real!

Hey everyone, so Internet in Kempner, TX is almost here!  For real, we just last week completed our initial survey and will be heading out next week to start marking out trench lines to access the fiber in the Lampasas River Place area!  Get ready for high speed internet out there folks!  Make sure you pre-register now to get on the install list first!

Pre-Registration Opens in Lampasas

Lampasas AT & T internet and phone outage

In response to the Lampasas AT & T internet and phone outage, Hyper Fusion is offering a special promotion for all AT & T customers who either switch or add in Hyper Fusion internet service as a back-up connection to their primary connection will receive a $10 credit on their account every month they maintain their connection up to 12 months.

That’s right everyone, Hyper Fusion is FINALLY coming to Lampasas to provide RELIABLE high speed internet.  No need to worry either, as we DO NOT use AT & T as our backbone.  Hyper Fusion actually has 2 different sources for our WAN connectivity to provide reliable service to all of our customers.  We are now accepting pre-registrations for Lampasas and will begin installations on September 28th.  However, as of now, we are already booked out almost 3 weeks after that so you’ll want to get in and pre-register as soon as you can.  Friends referred from the date you pre-register until the date your installed, still qualify for the refer-a-friend bounty!

To get pre-registered, simply click the big yellow “YES! GIVE ME ACCESS!” button below and on the next page, you gotta click to agree to the terms of service, and then being the pre-registration process!

Refer-A-Friend Program for Bertram, TX Now Available!

Hyper Fusion is proud to announce our Refer-A-Friend program specially for Bertram, TX and surrounding areas.  In response to other providers in the area that are ALOT bigger then Hyper Fusion offering free installation.  So we are introducing our Refer-A-Friend program.  It works pretty simply as outlined below.

  • For every friend you refer, you'll get 1 month of free service
  • After you collect 12 months of free service, start earning CASH
  • Collect your commission as soon as your friend pays their 2nd month of service

In order for your friend to count as a qualified referred friend, your friend must have gotten their service installed and have been active for at least sixty (60) days before that friends referral bounty is issued.

Hyper Fusion Launches the Bertram Internet Service!

Bertram-TXThe future of Bertram internet is here!  If you order with in 90 days of this announcement, you’ll get to keep your special lower introductory rate for any and all services you may have registered for at sign up FOR LIFE!  With Hyper Fusion, your rates don’t go UP after a year, we just think that’s foul.  We are not some huge internet company. We are owned by a long time local Burnet County resident and aim to always stay that way.

Hyper Fusion also has a totally awesome Refer-A-Friend program.  For every friend you refer to get signed up, you’ll receive a month free on your service, and so will your friend! (Terms and restrictions apply of course.)  As this is a new service and our team is quite busy handling all the new connections and things, please be patient with us while we get everything going.  If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to call our main office at (512) 790-2252 Monday thru Friday from 10AM to 5PM CST.