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Thanksgiving 2018 Schedule

Hey everyone, with Thanksgiving time here and school off for the week, most of our staff are with kids so we’re running a skeleton crew all week.  Although we may not answer, we have a couple folks in and out of the call center.  It’s certainly best this week if you submit a support ticket to get your issue resolved as quick as possible.  We will be closing the call center AND the field department starting at 6PM Wednesday, November 21st, and re-opening Monday, November 26th, at 1PM.  During this time, we will have a Network Operations Center administrator on-call to remote in and handle any outage support tickets our customers may submit.  All other requests will be address once we re-open our offices.  Enjoy the thanksgiving holiday.  All the staff here at Hyper Fusion is certainly thankful for all our wonderful customers.  It’s been an interesting year and a half, but we’re now completely stable and have solid communication with all our customers now and have pretty much all kinks worked out of our system.  We look forward to handling many more customers.  And Hyper Fusion has proved beyond a reasonable doubt, we can deliver what we say and we can handle explosive growth while at the same time, maintaining 95% or more of our customers connections speeds all the time!  Stay tuned as well, because we have a BIG announcement coming soon.  It will completely change the face of internet forever. =)

Principle Filming Starts in November!

Hey everyone, exciting news here at Hyper Fusion.  Next month we are starting a new and fun project.  We are beginning principle filming on a new pilot episode for a Discovery Channel styled reality show, based on a wireless internet start up company in the Hill Country of Texas!

Over the next few months you’ll be seeing film crews following around our install crews, in our office, and at local events, like the Blue Bonnet Festival, Spring Ho, and more.  Please do not bother the crew or our staff as they go about their business.  We also ask that the general public give all of our tower and work sites plenty of space to allow the team to get done what they need to in order to make this a success and be safe.  This is one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet and safety is paramount.

We will be releasing the title for our new show along with a 3 to 5 minute preview trailer later this winter.  Subscribe to our YouTube Channel by clicking HERE where we will be posting the trailer and announcing the official release date of the pilot episode.

With awe inspiring views of the gorgeous hill country area that is our home, to the colorful residents of our home, this should make for some really great entertainment and a way for us to bring some attention to the under served rural populations that don’t have broadband internet and the impact getting it for the first time makes on rural american families.  We believe that we can make this show a success and bring to light the need for rural broadband.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to catch the trailer when we release it!


Kingsland Internet is Here!

Kingsland Internet

That’s right everyone, Hyper Fusion Technologies has finally arrived in Kingsland, TX. We have our repeater fired up and ready to serve all the fine folks of Kingsland, TX with highspeed TRUE broadband internet.  We already have a few customers in Kingsland Trails and are also ready to start installing our pre-registered and pre-installed customers first.   We officially have 2 repeater towers and a direct fiber to the home / business fiber DMARC access point for linking into our fiber network.  Fusion Fiber IS available for the Kingsland area.  Be careful not to get fooled by the other guys using fiber in their product name but it being a wireless connection.  Hyper Fusion would never use sneaky tactics like this just to catch a sale.  We are here to help our community, not hurt it.  This is a direct hardline fiber directly to your home or business NOT wireless.

Beware of Imitators

It’s really sad we even have to post this, but we would be doing the residents of not only Kingsland, TX, but Burnet County as a whole.  As we’re sure many are you are now aware, the original staff Hyper Fusion hired came to us under false pretenses in an poor attempt to hi-jack and steal our company from the founders who worked so hard to bring the Hill Country area TRUE highspeed broadband at reasonable prices.  Needless to say, this didn’t make some rather influential residents of Burnet County too happy to have the highspeed internet they so desperately needed to be stolen out from under them.  Against all odds, Hyper Fusion survived and we’ve come back stronger then ever with brand new HIGHLY qualified and trained staff.  We know many of our pre-installed customers have had horrible installs done by our original staff and our now completely trained TWO new install crews are ready to make it right!

We do ask all residents and current pre-registered companies to be careful of these folks, as we are actively aware of their attempts to take stolen proprietary information in an attempt to provide internet services.  We were not the first almost victims of their attempts to mess with businesses and as we’ve learned, they are back at it with another company since us.  These are very bad people folks so don’t be fooled.  Hyper Fusion continues to make advances in strides to protect our proprietary data and technologies out of the hands of nefarious characters like these.  We also ask that you do not have any contact with the original staff, they no longer represent us and are under heavy investigation.  If you have any questions regarding this, our management team would be happy to speak with you about it in greater detail.

Enough of all that doom and gloom, Hyper Fusion has lived, and that which doesn’t kill us, only makes us stronger as they say.  With that in mind, we have completely made over our office as well.  We have several new office staff to answer phones and

HFT Speed Test
This is a REAL customer speed test that a customer posted on facebook!

manage the online web chat support during ALL normal office hours.  We’ve also lowered our setup fees to $250.  With the extreme explosion of live customers and our Kempner Fiber Gateway as well as the brand new Burnet Fiber Gateway going live ( after getting it back from the original staff destroying it ), we now have a fully redundant network and also have completed about 1/2 of our Kempner / Lampasas area pre-installs to full live status.  Customers are now getting as high as 200 Mbps downloads and 11ms ping time!!  Nothing short of breath-taking.

Kempner Fiber is LIVE!!

SERVICE NOTE: Our Kempner fiber is officially live.  We will be spending the rest of this week linking in to the north network that covers the Kempner North, Kempner South, Our Friends 1 & 2, and Chica Ranch repeaters.  During the course of the week, speeds may vary and connections may go up and down as we integrate a 2nd primary connection into our network.  This is advanced time consuming work and will take a few days to get all the bugs out as with any upgrade.   We ask for your continued patience will we complete the final step to unleashing our fully brand new trained 3 install crews to get all our waiting customers online over the course of the next few weeks.

That’s right everyone!  Kempner fiber is now a reality!!  Hyper Fusions crazy awesome field crews have completed trenching and splicing our fiber into our providers dark fiber network!  The land owner we are working with is a private person and wishes to remain that way.  So, at the land owners request, we ask that no one pull to the site of the road to look at things, we’ve posted some photos here for those of you that are curious.  And just a side note, as with all our repeater sites, they are all under 24/7 monitored video surveillance, so we ask that you respect our land owners privacy.  We also have LOTS of battery back up and are keeping an eye on this property for the Lampasas Precinct commissioner who has jurisdiction over that area of Lampasas County.

We now have access to a full 10 gigabit per second download and upload fibers, over 2 separate fibers for redundancy available to us at our DMARC location that connects directly to Kempner North repeater.  This means that ALL those who have signed up or paid money can now come online.  This includes all our pre-installed customers across the Lampasas & Kempner Areas.  With this major hurdle behind us, the next 3 repeater locations we will be focusing on are the Blackbuck Ridge dedicated repeater, Our Friends 1 & 2, and Lampasas West.  We appreciate all those who stuck it out with us to get to this point and the wait is finally over!!

We ask that if you live in the Lampasas or Kempner area to please login to your Fusion portal account and create a new ticket letting us know that you need to be installed if we havn’t already contacted you.  Our new office people are top notch and super responsive.  And just remember folks, unlike the other competitors, we truly lay our own fiber, we fully operate our entire wireless network in house, we boast 2 competing connections out to the internet that ARE NOT AT & T ( remember folks, ALL the current providers in Lampasas are still running on AT & T’s network, so when it goes out, so does everyone else, this is why we took the time to ensure we were NOT using AT & T’s lines don’t believe us, just visit  from your providers connection and look to see who the provider is, it will say AT & T, and after tomorrow, Hyper Fusion’s will come back as neither AT & T OR Spectrum ) ,  we also operate our own IP network as well as 100% proprietary security protocols and firewall software.   We also certainly don’t leave our primary router exposed to the open internet on default ports either.  Super bad that several of the other wireless ISP’s still have their primary routers openly exposed to the internet and leaving all their customers exposed to all that internet nastiness.

Often imitated, but never duplicated, Hyper Fusion takes the time to make sure our network is rock solid before fully deploying it to ensure our high quality standards.  With that in mind, we now have 2 official office staff, 3 fully trained and highly effective install crews, a dedicated repeater / tower crew, and an outstandingly over qualified field supervisor managing all the chaos with extreme ease.  Jord’n is the type of operations manager Hyper Fusion was looking for all along.  We know we’ve had many complaints about our old “interim Chief Operations Officer” whom we had to fire due to him conducting some highly illegal and morally reprehensible activities and being all around bad for Hyper Fusion. Not the type of individual we want representing our company.  We have since learned they have attempted the same thing they did with Hyper Fusion with another company before us, and we’ve learned they are back at it again with another company.  None of the workers we have had prior to February 1st of this year work here anymore and our new staff comes to us with EXTREMELY well conducted background checks and making sure that we are hiring solid folks, both with their background and qualification.

The Team @ Hyper Fusion

Expanded Office Hours

That’s right everyone, with school now back in session, Hyper Fusion is now expanding its hours.  Thankfully, we, also, have GOOD staff to cover them.  Unlike our original staff who didn’t know their hand from a jar of pickles in the mud!  Our new office hours are as follows:

Mondays-Thursdays – 9 am to 6 pm
Fridays – 10 am to 3 pm
Saturdays – Noon to 3 pm

Holidays:  We do close on certain holidays like Labor Day, coming up on September 3, 2018.

Remember, September 1st, we move out of our beta release status to our full live status.  As such there will be some updates and changes to our terms of service, privacy policy, rates, as well as a full online shopping cart and ability to get all those smart fusion sensors and devices for your home on demand when you want.  We are also, in the process of opening up a public store where you can come shop for those same sensors right off the shelf and get them right away!

Any existing customers as promised will hold their current service rate for the life if their account as long as they maintain and continue their service, are not ever late on their bill, and subscribe to Auto Pay using our new Authorize.NET merchant account using your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card.  If at any time you cancel your auto pay, and your service goes into suspension, you will be subject to the new rates.


Basic Install Fee – $250:  Includes basic satellite arm or fascia mounted radio, wire run outside of the home through an exterior wall with a wall plate installed right on the other side.  We will no longer be providing Wi-Fi routers.  You must either purchase your own from the store or subscribe to our Managed Router service.

Custom Install Fee – $100:  This includes running the radio cable into the attics in most cases,  hiding the wire and feeding it down through an interior wall in the home and/or getting underneath a mobile home to run/hide the cable.

Service Call Fee – $65:  If your circuit has any issue after installation that is NOT due to adverse weather conditions or the direct fault of Hyper Fusion.  Your circuit is broke by for example attempting to adjust or move the radio in any manner and/or cables being damaged during home remodels, etc, this fee will be assessed.

Discounts:  We are cancelling all future discounts except for the $5 off for being on auto-pay and going paperless, and a $10 month off your service rate for active or retired military.  We are already a prepaid discount service; therefore, we wrap up all those discounts into our incredible reasonable rates already.

Our Basic Tier Internet plan rates will be:


Plan Download Upload Price per Month
Basic 25 / Mbps 5 / Mbps $65.00
Plus 50 / Mbps 10 / Mbps $105.00
Super 75 / Mbps 15 / Mbps $155.00
Mega * 100 / Mbps 20 / Mbps $185.00
Hyper * 200 / Mbps 25 / Mbps $265.00
Dedicated Wireless Link —- —– $100.00
Synchronous Upload ** —- —- $100.00
Public Static IPv4 *** —- —- $10.00

* These plans are not available in all areas and generally are only achievable if you are less than 3 miles from one of our repeaters.
** Adding the synchronous option to your services makes your upload speed the same as your download speed.
*** Public static IPv4’s in most cases are required if you own or will be using an X-Box One or PS4 with our services.

World Wide Wi-Fi is Now Available for Live HFT Customers

What is World Wide Wide Wi-Fi?

HFT’s new World Wide Wi-Fi system allows you to take the pocket sized teleport device which you plug into ANY power socket on the planet and it’s a Wi-Fi hotspot that allows your mobile devices to connect to it, tunnel thru the internet and make your devices think they are on your home Wi-Fi network.

You can access your home DVR, home CCTV cameras, print documents, access connected network drives, and any other resources, you have connected in your home with no setup, no config, no mess, no fuss, and no muss.  AmpliFi Teleport is the new way to travel with your home WiFi.  We fully manage this solution for you for only an extra $10 a month.  How can you go wrong?  (Customer must purchase the AmpliFi Router and teleport device and you’ll own this gear. ) Satellite Units to extend Wi-Fi coverage throughout your house are available.

What is AmpliFi?

AmpliFi is our next generation whole home Wi-Fi system.  Built on the same technology as our public mesh Wi-Fi system, except built for the home to run all your high bandwidth intensive applications and devices.

With the purchase of an AmpliFi system, Hyper Fusion Technologies happily manages and monitors your home Wi-Fi network for health and security threats around the clock 100%, included in the cost of the system as long as you maintain your home internet connection with us, extra fee’s or anything other then the cost of the system purchased through Hyper Fusion.  Just tell our brand new office manager thru a support ticket or online web chat, “Give me AmpliFi!” and we’ll get you connected, both at home, and anywhere you travel.  Finally, internet that can travel with you!

We’ve hired someone new!

That’s right everyone, we’ve finally hired a new office staff and she’s really awesome with helping people and super nice!  The best part is, she’s right from our local area right there in Kempner and can contest to the quality and speed of Hyper Fusion’s internet.  Below she has written a little bio about herself so be sure to logon to our website during normal business hours to have a website chat with her if you need help!

Hello, there!  My name is Laurenda Kurosz and I am a new Hyper Fusion Technologies Customer Support Agent, I will be assisting the handling of messages, calls, and other basic office duties starting Tuesday, July 11th.  Please do be patient with me as I am learning Hyper Fusion Technologies’ procedures and I am looking forward to improving customer support communications.  Also, I am a Hyper Fusion Technologies’ customer, my husband and I live in an older subdivision in Kempner, TX that Hyper Fusion Technologies serves.  Hyper Fusion Technologies’ internet greatly outperforms our previous ISP!

Refer-A-Friend Ends

Hey folks, just a post to give everyone an update about our summer schedule.  We plan on moving our network out of beta phase into full live release phase September 1st.  Along with our beta phase closing, there will be several changes with regards to discount programs and company policy changes.  In an effort to bring our customers the lowest possible price, we strive hard to make every part of our system as efficient as possible.  With that in mind, when we move to full live status on September 1st, 2018, we will be officially classifying Hyper Fusion Technologies as a prepaid service company.  As such, this will come along with certain policy changes.  The biggest one being, is once an invoice is paid, that activates services for 30 days, if the next service invoice is not paid before it expires, services will automatically suspend without question.  We now offer full auto-pay services so there shouldn’t be a reason for your service invoice to be paid before its due.   We do not have re-activation fees, late fees, or any other type of fees, so this is how we balance that out.

In preparation for this, we have now closed the Refer-A-Friend program.  All those customers who are already customers as of July 4th, 2018, will still be able to qualify for the Refer-A-Friend program as an added benefit of being a beta customer.  Also, with the exception of the military discount, we will be discontinuing all discounts for new customers unless there is an advertised special running.  Our services are already pre-discounted for you and we give reasonable prices without hassle or a bunch of fine prints.

Kempner South is Live!

That’s right, we have finally completed Kempner South!  This tower will serve pretty much within a 5 mile radius of Kempner.  If you are within this service area, please make sure you call up to get in contact so we can get you installed and be happy with true broadband service.  We are approximately halfway complete with the Chica Ranch repeater and it will be completed later this week.  We really appreciate everyone’s patience as we work to get fully back on our feet.  We are growing at an extremely fast rate and have started interviewing more installers and another office person so the call center can be open every day.

Broadband Internet in Kempner, TX is now live and here!  If you live within 5 miles of Kempner, we can get you service!  So be sure to give us a call!

Service Updates and Outage Repair

Hey everyone, just a quick post to announce our schedule for repairing last week’s lightning storm damage.  The new gear finally came in today and is being configured and prepared to be placed on our Burnet Main Repeater.  There is only temporary backup radios in place at the moment and we need to put the more powerful permanent gear back in place.  If you are a live customer, pre-installed customer or per-registered customer, there are extended specific details for you contained in an email we send out just a little bit ago.

We are aware that our office staff are lacking at the moment and answering phone calls but we are now in the process of interviewing for a call center person to start working next week to be in the office during all normal office hours to help improve our customer service.  Now that things are flowing better, Hyper Fusion Technologies is beginning the process to building two solid install teams that are highly trained, professional, and execute Hyper Fusions Technologies expected level of customer service without issues.

Below is the planned schedule for the next week or so so that everyone can know exactly what is going on and when we will get to each and every customer to make sure they are up, live, and happy.

Planned Schedule
Friday, June 16th:  Primary Radio link. This will effect all customers and service may go down between 6PM and 8PM.

Monday, June 18th:  Burnet Main Tower: This well effect all customer in town of Burnet, Eagles Nest, and customer that are North and South of town Service may go up and down between 10am and 4PM.

Tuesday June 19th:  Kempner South Tower: Service will be restored on this tower fully and will activate service in the Chica Ranch area

Wednesday June 20:  Chica Ranch repeater will have gear loaded and go live able to provide service for the rest of Chica Ranch customers. We will also be repairing River Place customers on this day as well.

Thursday, June 21:  We will be in Burnet Country repairing customers that live Near Lake Victor and Spider Mountain area as well.

Ground Officially Breaks for Internet in Lampasas and Kempner

That’s right folks, we’ve officially broke ground on our Kempner North repeater that will server Kempner, Lampasas, and parts of Copperas Cove! Some of our very early pre-registers will be happily enjoying purely unlimited TRUE broadband internet in no time at all! Make sure you visit the link below, link, subscribe, and leave a comment and check out this super adorable video of a little boy showing the progress and ends up getting super excited! Help us make the video go viral and get Internet In Lampasas sooner!