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Need a Math Tutor?

So, its part of our mission, not only to provide the best and most reasonably cost internet, but we also promote local freelancers and have a BIG dedication to education.  It is our mission to “fuse” our community together as well thru things just like this.

One of our subscribers, Angie Price is a mathematics tutor with over 34 years experience she says and she is now helping students grade 6 – 12 with their math.  We have her listed in our freelancers sections of our website, but you can call or text her at 512-920-2824 if your interested in hiring her.


We Won Locals Love Us Again For 2022!!

Award Winning Service & Subscriber Care

We are so happy to announce that we have won the Locals Love Us - Burnet for Best Internet Provider now 3 years running!!  Clearly Burnet has spoken and Hyper Fusion is the new leader around these parts for

Click to visit The Picayune site and read the story on page 16!

in-town and rural internet.  We're making it our goal thru the 2022 year to make sure that we cover EVERY square inch of every city in Burnet County with Fusion Fiber and every square inch we can't get a fiber line to for what ever reason we cover with 100 Mbps + capable internet with 95% or better uptime.  We are currently in the process of re-building both our Burnet Gateway and Kempner Gateway sites and interlinking them together.  Our Burnet Gateway rebuild is 100% complete and we're about 1/2 done with our rebuild of our Kempner Gateway.

We have also started the process to put a 3rd gateway in service located directly in downtown Georgetown, TX.  We will be of course interlinking our Georgetown Gateway with our existing Burnet and Kempner Gateways.  All 3 sites will have a completely different upstream provider to get access to the internet and have the ability to pass traffic to either of our other 2 gateway sites should 1 go off line.  We are also currently the ONLY incumbent rural provider in any of our active markets with this capability.  If their "head end" goes down, ALL their subscribers go down.  This has been proven time and time again with a lot of Lampasas and Marble Falls providers, just google the news paper stories about internet going out in Lampasas between 2017 - 2022.

That's the whole reason Hyper Fusion did what it did, and no matter how many people want to say otherwise, WE brought better internet to the Greater Highland Lakes area.  WE forced incumbent providers to step up their game. WE forced new providers to come in, new federal dollars to go around, and increased our local economy.  Hyper Fusion did that.  NONE of it happened until we started building towers and providing this amazing 100 Mbps internet capability.  We also don't require agreements on our fixed point wireless service at all, where as almost all others do.  Why?  Because they are scared of Hyper Fusion and they think a contract is their only way to stay alive and not go out of business and fold like Roll Call did.  We have NEVER paid for a dime of advertising, and don't have any plans to spend any time soon either.  We firmly believe, if you actually have good service and support, you don't need advertising.  We're FAR to busy as it is, helping and installing folks who got told about us by their neighbors.

How are we able to out perform every other provider with the same equipment?

This is quite simple, all of these other providers, especially the ones coming in from the outside, are not FROM Burnet.  Our field engineers are from here and we drive around Burnet County almost EVERY day on weird obscure back roads, unknown private roads, and every day we are always recording, and updating our engineering maps with new constructions, obstructions, and other factors that can impact fixed point wireless, 4G / 5G LTE services, and also fiber.  Where you have to rock drill, where there's dirt, what's in the right of way.  Simply put, our knowledge of our "home turf" is UNMATCHED by any other provider.  Our Technology Manager was a network engineering AND web designer / programmer who worked at a website hosting company before starting Hyper Fusion.  As a result, Hyper Fusion's capability to store, recall, and glean usable information from all this data results in Hyper Fusion having BY FAR the best network out of any other incumbent local provider.  They also have all really old gear that can't do more than 20 Mbps either.

We officially have brand new privately owned by Hyper Fusion fiber in the ground in the right of way on 281 and an ever growing amount of privately owned and installed utility pole network.

Another reason we have unseated the internet providers around here.....   Kinda gotta answer the phones, lol.  None of them do.  Google their numbers, try and call them.  90% of the time you get straight to voicemail, and no one ever calls you back.  Ask ANY Hyper Fusion subscriber.  We have a real time chat / voice / SMS communications platform that allows all our subscribers and staff to chat in the same chat room and get help in real time.  Our Communications platform and our strict "Home-Town Care" Subscriber Care model that we have pioneered reigns supreme among all others.  This keeps what ever Hyper Fusion staff your talking to, you KNOW 100% they LIVE in the same market you do, and understand what your going thru, can speak English and most likely, relies on their Hyper Fusion internet as much as you do.  We are so far ahead with our Subscriber Care than any other provider, that they just have no chance of being able to keep pace.  These are "business only" guys simply doing nothing but sucking a VASTLY over priced service out of its subscribers and not doing a thing to improve or help their subscribers.  Hyper Fusion was founded by 3 engineers.  And that's what makes the difference.  We want to make sure FIRST our network is supreme.  We understand with that in place, that the dollars will come.

Our next mission....

Wipe out all other incumbent rural providers in Marble Falls / Kingsland / Horseshoe Bay Area, specifically, EVERY fixed point wireless provider and "4G LTE reseller" and the one going around selling VASTLY over priced "akron" routers or what ever that garbage is ripping people off is what's going on there.  No longer will we let these shaddy so called "internet companies" that are actually just re-selling 4g service and saying they "do security" when they are just buying 3rd party gear and installing it.  They are not even providers, they are sales re-sellers and installers.  NONE of them, including the 2 bigger fixed point wireless providers operate or engineer their own networks.  They simply do not have the staff with the skills or talent and they can not afford to pay those that do.

Hyper Fusion is moving into these areas to put a stop to all this over charging, price gouging, horrible service, and horrible subscriber care.  Just like we up-ended internet in our Kempner Market, and Burnet Markets, now its time for Marble Falls / Kingsland / Horseshoe Bay areas.

Fusion Fiber Launched In Marble Falls

Fusion Fiber, The Dawn of a New Age of Internet

We are very excited to announce that we are now accepting new signups for Fusion Fiber to the Home as well a Small Business Fusion Fiber and Enterprise Class fiber.  Wether your looking for just residential service, or your looking to link multiple locations across Burnet, Kempner, or Williamson County, we have recently completed upgrading our entire network with 1/10/40/100 Gbps capable Cisco ASR920 BEAST routers along with 10 Gbps EdgeRouter Infinity Routers at most of our repeater sites.  Spectrum and Vye ( Formerly Northland Cable ) are NOT your only choices for fiber to the home or business any longer.  Our Fusion Fiber network is second to none.

Our Engineering Co-Founder Will hard at work bringing up new Fusion Fiber for Marble Falls!

The little map on the left you can click on to enlarge it.  It's the site we chose for our primary Marble Falls DMARC site.  It provides the most direct access to the zones we are establishing as primary Fusion Fiber zones.  We are tapping into some long haul fiber we had ran more then a year ago, very quietly of course, on purpose to prepare.  We have access to more than twice the thru put required to serve ALL of Marble Falls so we have plenty of capacity at this site.

Check out the two links below for more information.

Fusion Fiber Network - CLICK HERE

Marble Falls Fusion Fiber - CLICK HERE

Rural Fixed Point Wireless

In addition to our Marble Falls central Fusion Fiber DMARC site, we are in the process of building 6 new fixed point wireless repeater towers that will provide rural service all across southern Burnet County.  These sites will serve the following areas;  Marble Falls, Granite Shoals, Park Road 4, Fairland Road, South / Main Kingsland, Sunrise Beach Village, Horseshoe Bay, Round Mountain, Spicewood, and Bee Caves.  We are in the process of getting our Spicewood and Bee Caves Fusion Fiber DMARCS ready to tap and hope to install the gear and get it hot before the summer of 2022 is out, but we'll see how it goes.  But, right now, just simply due to supply delays, its looking like late November, just before Christmas before we can get out there due to the extremely high demand for our Fusion Fiber service in the "Pandemic Times".  To learn more about our fixed point wireless service and its costs, click the link below;

Fixed Point Wireless Details - CLICK HERE


For too long incumbent rural fixed point wireless providers in the area have been using ancient archaic gear, know nothing about high level BGP networking and proper wireless spectrum management,  making false claims, not answering subscriber contacts, and just a whole laundry list of issues.  Before Hyper Fusion they enjoyed the ability to charge extremely high rates for next to NO internet speed.  Then Hyper Fusion came along.  We choose to spend ALOT more money up front to invest in latest generation equipment that allows us to clear 300 Mbps speeds at distances of up to 15km away from any one of our almost 30 repeater sites now.  We have worked very hard to gain our FCC licensees, and maintaining reporting and inspection requirements from the FCC, City jurisdictions, and power company utility pole access agreements to ensure that we are 100% legal across the board to be able to come into South Burnet county properly, quickly, and ensure the price gouging for sub-standard internet no longer occurs.  Over the course of the 2021 year, Hyper Fusion managed to put its primary competitor that started BEFORE Hyper Fusion did in the Lampasas County market completely out of business.  We've wiped out one incumbent provider in the north of our market area, and now we're going to move into South Burnet county and win out over three more.  Our superior network and subscriber care speaks for itself, and the residents of Burnet, Lampasas, lake Victor, Tow, Lake Buchanan, Andice, Bertrum, Liberty Hill, Georgetown, have all spoken, for 3 years running in a row, we were voted Best Internet Provider in Burnet by the Locals Love Us!

We are running a special offer until the 1st day of spring, Sunday March 20th, ANY existing qualifying fixed point wireless subscriber that lives in or around Marble Falls, Granite Shoals, Horseshoe Bay, Round Mountain, Sunrise Beach Village, South Kingsland, Fairland Road, we are offering 100% FREE activation.  No catches, no gimmicks, no stipulations, no contracts, no funny business.  Just rural internet how it should be.  We will come out and install and show you we can clear 100 Mbps down and up on your circuit and then you only pay a pro-rated monthly rate from your day of install until the last day of what ever month you get installed upfront.  ( the next months bill would be due on the 1st ) and away you go.

2nd Annual Hyper Fusion Technology Scholarship

It's that time of year again folks.  Hyper Fusion has completed the close of its 2021 Fiscal Year and adopted our 2022 budget.  With that in mind we are pleased to announce we are are giving a MUCH larger scholarship away this year and this will be the second year in a row we are doing a scholarship available for all Burnet CISD High School Students.  We really want to encourage ALL 2022 seniors who are focused on a career in technology.  And with the way of the pandemic, rural internet technologies is going to become the job of the future.  So if the student also wishes to accept a PAID summer internship, we will also DOUBLE their scholarship to $5,000.  We want to build our Annual Technology Scholarship into a full fledged program in the future, but for now, we'll start with this simple donation and see where it goes.

Please everyone, if you have a Senior or know someone with a senior, please share this post with them and have them contact the person at the Burnet High School where the students apply for scholarships to pick up an application today!

Hyper Fusion remains committed to not only building our community but also giving back to it.  We are a major supporter of new students following the path of rural internet delivery as its going to become the job of the future and schooling is the foundation of achieving a solid position in that field.

Fusion Fiber Expands Thru Burnet County

New Burnet Fiber Gateway Exchange Site

We are pleased to announce we have completed the construction phase of our new Burnet Market Gateway!!  As you can see, we have up to 12 lines we can activate, each one capable of running at speeds of 1,10,40, and 100 Gbps ( yes that's gigabytes per second ).  Now that we have landed deals with a high end existing local developed neighborhood and a brand new extremely large development going in, both places are having Fusion Fiber installed direct to the home and every home in the neighborhood.  This marks the beginning to our largest project to date.   We purchased this utility pole from the City of Burnet that they where getting rid of to use it to easily get both under ground, and up to the exiting City of Burnet and PEC utility pole systems to continue running our very own privately owned fiber network.

We are getting closer and closer to our planned Fusion Fiber roll out as we move along, but we of course will always come up with new and innovative ways of Fusing our Community together with a set of internet tools and access at a reasonable price to make for a much more enjoyable internet experience then anything else around.  Check out some of the photos from the build out below.  This links up our Marble Falls and Burnet fiber networks and makes everything hot and usable so sign up for Fusion Fiber today!!  We now have live DMARC's on both the north and south sides of burnet and will begin working on the east and west sides soon enough.  We also have fiber going in north of cassie and another large neighborhood project well under way and we're just tearing it up out here!

New Burnet PRIVATE Data Center

That's right folks, this is not some data center we're leasing space in.  This is a new site, in our primary office, we have a big old server room so we're gonna load it with a bunch of racks, and really expand our Business and Personal website, email, and cloud storage capabilities.  We will also be using our Burnet Main and Kempner Main sites as our first 2 NanoPod Edge sites, where replica copies of all our servers will be held to ensure that all our sites and our subscriber servers are highly available across multiple connections and multiple geographic destinations so that we maintain a true high availability status.

Over the next 2 months we will be working on finishing off our New Burnet Gateway site, our rebuild of our Kempner Gateway site, and the direct linking with a solid transit fiber that directly links both gateways with a solid  10/40/100 Gbps data rate to ensure that if one of our upstream peers goes down the other will kick in.  We've also beefed up the power situations and increased the battery back up time with more UPS units and beefier batteries to combat the poor power situation around these parts.  We are also offering Co-Location services if you want to house your privately owned server in one of our data centers or NanoPod Edge sites, we would love for you to sign up.  Just make sure to mark what you want in the additional comments box.

If your interested in web design or hosting services for your business, personal use, or side gig, please let us know.  One of our co-founders comes from working at a web hosting company and knows hosting inside and out as well as web design and programming.  Alot of folks do not know we offer a wide range of business services, almost every one of which are done in-house by our extremely talented engineers.

HFT Comes To South Burnet County

So we have been working tirelessly to build a MUCH bigger, and broader Fusion Fiber Delivery Network.  Thru the course of de-bugging a new line we installed out in Williamson County north of Liberty Hill, our Marble Falls fiber tap point FINALLY officially lit up and we got a full 10 gig speed test off our fiber between Burnet and Marble Falls!!  Fusion Fiber and Hyper Fusion have FINALLY arrived in South Burnet County.  It was a tough build, but well worth it.

With this new fiber tap point located at the 71 and 281 intersection opposite corner from the hospital we will be splitting off a fiber, 1 each for Marble Falls, Horseshoe Bay, Granite Shoals, Spicewood, Round Mountain, and Johnson City.  We have all of our Right of Way, Utility, Electric, and all FCC permits FINALLY in order, up to date and all licenses paid.  We have also secured several repeater sites thru out Southern Burnet County, including smack in the middle of Horseshoe Bay, Granite Shoals, and Spicewood.  We'll be working our way over to Bee Caves with our Fusion Fiber product.  Everyone seems to love that fiber.  We've got more and more Fusion Fiber subscribers coming online and our 2nd all Fusion Fiber exclusive neighborhoods well under way, and just finishing up so we can make a HEAVY focus on fully expanding all over Southern Burnet County.

As you can see from the photo on the left ( click it to blow it up ), Hyper Fusion purchases and installs its OWN privately owned utility poles and various Fiber Runs.  We have our tap point all live, tested out, and ready to go.  We just have to install a few equipment enclosures to spin off fiber and she's good to go.   This tap point will feed a total of 11 fixed point wireless repeater sites, 9 of which we have secured and will be starting construction on over the next 5 months thru the rest of 2021.  During that time certain areas will slowly come online so we're putting out the word everywhere.  With the addition of these sites there will not be a SINGLE area of Burnet County that we can not provide solid 100 Mbps + service to thru our fixed point wireless service, up to 1 Gbps on our Fusion Fiber for Residential service and up to 5 Gbps on our Enterprise Fiber service.  We have invested heavily in our upstream peering contracts and are the ONLY rural provider in our class to offer IPv4 AND IPv6 addressing ( over 8,000 IPv's in our ARIN owned pool ).  We are also the only one to actively engage in BGP and internet routing.  We host many subscriber domains ( websites & mail servers ) and our nano-pod Edge data centers continue to grow with new local business tenants looking to sure up their IT infrastructure.

It costs ABSOLUTELY nothing to get on our waiting list.  The more people you get around you to sign up, the better chance we'll have of installing to your neighborhood first, so check out our internet page at ( ) review our plans, and then visit our signup page at ( ).  For too long the incumbent rural providers in that area have enjoyed over charging for service that can rarely even exceed 10 Mbps in service.  Our plans START at 20 Mbps for $47 with NO CONTRACTS.  Remember, if your service requires a contract, its because they have an inferior service and are worried about losing you with in that time frame.  Just the way it is. Hyper Fusion IS the new Gold Standard in rural internet in the Greater Highland Lakes area.


Waiting For Starlink?

Are you holding out for Starlink?  So sorry to burst your bubble folks, but you really gotta do your fine research.  They are locked up in some heavy investigations now over their $150 pre-orders.  Hundreds of folks are complaining about not getting them after years.  They have multiple complaints filed against them for violating their orbital paths in addition to botched satellite launches.  Multiple other companies and agencies are lodging complaints against them, not to mention that's just the ADMINISTRATIVE issues they have been having.  Their technical limitations are much worse.  For starters, due to the way the orbits work, IT DOES NOT WORK SOUTH OF NEBRASKA!  lol.  That means NO ONE IN TEXAS WILL EVER GET STAR LINK.  Not to mention thousands of people are reporting that if the dish hits any higher than 98 degrees it over heats and shuts down because inside the entire span of that dish are circuit boards.  Messages boards are a great resource to get real information and videos of people attempting to use the 100 or so units that are actually out.  All these posts that are put out and speed tests are FROM STARLINK STAFF, and that's what they are getting in trouble for.  Falsely misleading people.  It also comes with a FIXED 100 foot cable, so if you put it on your roof, your router has to be with in 100 feet.  And lets face it you people with big rich houses in Horse Shoe bay, your routers are ALL more than 100 feet from the top of your roof.  Plus, there's no one to install it for you, they are 100% self install only.  So you yourself gotta figure it out with little to no help from anyone.  Not so with Hyper Fusion, we do all the work for you.  Just that simple.  Not to mention, ITS STILL SATELLITE which means latency will NEVER be as good as even fixed point wireless or just about any hardlined service.

The Hyper Fusion Fixed Point Wireless Difference

What makes Hyper Fusion so much better than the other local fixed point wireless providers?  Simple, we have Gen6 SUBSCRIBER end point stations that operate outside the 2.4GHz or 5GHz spectrum, which is where all other fixed point wireless providers in this area as well as home wifi routers operate in for 100% guaranteed interference free and 300 Mbps + real wireless transmission speeds up to 5km without  dropping out during the rain?  How?  Because Hyper Fusion was founded by radio frequency engineering experts, unlike all the other local providers, founded, and operated by business people who use outside contractors to set up their network and wireless networks, where as Hyper Fusion does it ALL in house using our expert engineering team.

HFT Maps Well Underway

Hey everyone, finally finished the coding for the new HFT Maps!! It has listings for all our locally owned businesses and local "work for themselves" type of folks. Hyper Fusion has an every growing number of subscribers and we send them all to HFT Maps when ever they are looking to start shopping somewhere new!

We are asking everyone to share this post, and please, comment on local businesses or local work for themselves folks you think we should list in our HFT Maps section.  Hyper Fusion is committed to doing is part to make our local community a better, more friendly place to live by Fusing together everything that just makes sense. =)

f you see your listing in there, you can always claim it for free to update your information. Premium listings are available so you can add videos and more than 5 photos as well as other community interaction pieces

New Enterprise Fiber Subscribers & Williamson County Expansion

We have a brand new enterprise fiber subscriber now!! An industrial utility complex that serves several towns with their power needs.  There's a reason critical infrastructure utilities are coming to us for Fusion Fiber in the rural market folks.  It's because ours is the best, bar none.  We SMOKE the competition.   As you can see here, not only do we handle all residential circuits, but also heavy duty, high thru put, critical circuits as well.

This site boasts double for us because its our very first site in Williamson county.  Which means we now have a live Fusion Fiber DMARC in Williamson county just north of Liberty Hill and South of Briggs.  The Fusion Fiber Team we have put together is FAR superior to any other provider in our class, and compared to the older "providers" in Lampasas that started before us which are a joke, we actually know what we're doing.  We actually install our own circuits, we don't just call up AT & T and have them install it and call it ours.  Watch out Lampasas, there are more than 1 provider that lies like that.  Anyhow, just thought everyone might like to see the progress we're making.

This site marks the half way point we will be running in a brand new HEAVY chesty, 24 fiber line ( not 3,444 like the other guys historically claimed. )  We are planning on installing ALOT more fiber all over Burnet & Kempner Markets, and this will help us do that of course.  We are the premier provider for a reason, and the ONLY one in our class to have more than 1 upstream peer and are truly multi-honed.  Others claim to be, but a simple internet search of their network proves otherwise.  Don't be fooled by imitators, there is only ONE Hyper Fusion Technologies.

New Repeater Site Launched!

We are pleased to announce the completion of our newest repeater site, Equrina Fields. It is a 160 foot Rohn Guyed tower located just west of Lake Victor. This tower is instrumental in linking our Burnet and Kempner Markets gateway sites. It will also massively upgrade our overall available capacity. We have deployed 2 pairs of FCC licensed, full duplex gigabit point to point wireless transceivers for unmatched speed and reliability. This marks for the 4th spectrum purchase that Hyper Fusion has made over the last year. We are the ONLY provider in our class to own a licensed spectrum.

Equrina Fields, Lake Victor, TX

Unlike any other provider, we are multi-honed, and have a truly diverse network uplink. We are a truly autonomous network and our own provider. Hyper Fusion does not resell an overused fiberline like most competitors in our area.

4 years ago Hyper Fusion made a promise ( check it out the news link by CLICKING HERE ) to bring modern broadband to the Greater Highland Lakes area.  We wanted to force the incumbent big box providers to improve their networks. Our promise resulted in the overall community having more internet options to choose from. Despite the competition in the area, Hyper Fusion is the only company who continues to bring true broadband speeds to the Hill Country. Nobody does it like us. We are the one, the only, the original Hyper Fusion.

Click on the pictures below to enlarge them.  It's a really sharp looking tower.  The strongest and truest to date.  We're getting REALLY good at getting these tower up.  But, as it where, as we go thru updates and time moves on, new standards are adopted.   We are switching to a strict 30 meter steel mono pole design which are all around just a lot more sturdy and more inline with Hyper Fusion's deployment methods.

Coldest weather in years…

Hello all!

I wanted to share a few thoughts for this cold weather. This is the coldest weather central Texas has seen in years. We are experiencing sleet, snow, and sheets of ice. School has been cancelled and everyone is hopefully staying warm.


 Remember your pets and elderly neighbors!! 

dogs, pets, cold, weather, central texasJust like we’re not used to this weather, our pets aren’t either. Please remember to bring your pets inside and/or provide some sort of shelter for them if they have to stay outside. Also, if you know someone who needs to be checked on, please do so. There are others less fortunate and may not have heat or be able to acquire heat. This cold weather is supposed to last for a few days so make sure everyone has plenty of food and water.


 Backup supplies & Saftey

cold, central texas, winter, weather

When it gets icy like this it can weigh down the electrical lines causing power outages. Make sure you and your family have plenty of flashlights, batteries, blankets, food and water. Also remember to keep your phones and other electronics charged just in case the power goes out. Having a bag with games, paper, markers, crayons, and other things also come in handy for when the little ones get bored. Don’t forget to watch your step!



It is best to stay inside when weather like this hits but if you absolutely need to get out here are some tricks to clean your windshield:

*Old gift card/credit card- you do not want to use your every day cards but if you have an old Walmart gift card you forgot to throw away go grab it. It is small but will help in a pinch!

*Spatula- Using a spatula works a little better than the card because it is bigger. Especially if you have a bigger one used on the grill. This scrapes off the ice and allows a longer reach to get the entire windshield.

*Kayak paddle- This comes in handy as it is bigger and longer  to reach the windshield and is easier to find in most Texans homes.

And finally…

If your internet goes out, please check the network status channel in Slack. If nothing has been reported as down or being worked on then please send a ticket with the subject “Storm outage” to so that our engineers can check it out for you.

We hope you stay safe and warm!


HFT Staff



Hyper Fusion Is Removing It’s Social Networking Presense

As some of you or a lot of you may have realized our facebook page is gone along with out Twitter and other social networking sites.  Many have been confused by this.  We chose to wait until we had our business alot more put together and things going in a good positive motion, which they are now.   The Co-Founders of Hyper Fusion believe there are much better avenues of subscriber acquisition and want to forge our own path moving forward.  Our choice has nothing to do with the current social climates that our nation is experiencing and has been part of our long term plans for some time now.  We just feel like now is the proper time to move forward in the next stage of our Company’s development.

We will no longer be making posts of any kind anywhere on any social networking site.  We will not make official announcements any place but on our own website in a post just like this one.  Thank you to everyone who supported our social networking profiles when they where up, but not we’re asking all our loyal followers to follow us on our own website. =)

The TV Wars Are On!

The Problem

A typical “cable box” from the 1970’s, as you can see, we’ve come along way.

Before the internet was invented, TV was easy.  You break out those bunny ears, slap them on your TV, and away you went.  No calling the cable man, no downloading an app, no trying to figure out what’s going on.   TV received its first “upgrade” in 1948 when the first cable services delivered broadcast TV channels in Oregon, Arkansas, and Pennsylvania.  In the 60’s, these “cable lines” started to expand into metro areas, and by the 1970’s, the very first television networks started to form.  Including HBO, C-SPAN, ESPN and a few more.  By the 90’s, cable was running strong with a 57% market density in subscriptions and nearly 80 networks running strong as well.

Then, in 1996, the dawn of the “cable modem” and broadband internet was introduced to the masses.  This new technology was poised to take over as the primary medium through which news, entertainment, and education would be delivered to consumers.  By 1998 consumers in the US had access to more than 170 networks and fiber became even more prevalent.    The National cable & television association ( NCTA ) claims more than 93% of Americans had access to cable TV at that time. However, as fellow rural Texans know not a single cable company will run lines to more than 60 million people who live in these rural areas.

Then, in 2007 everything changed.  A little known DVD rental company called Netflix started putting their movie catalogue online and came out with the very first streaming service.  This would be the begining of what would remake the television, entertainment, movie, and music industries forever. By this time more and more rural consumers were also getting mobile phones which made it possible to consume media on the go.  Something that had never happened before.

The War Begins

With media now consumable on the go, of course the US government started to get involved and this caused a huge increase in regulation.  As a result, a good chunk of the media, TV, and movie world fell apart.  Most may not be aware, but TV and radio FCC renewals are always processed in a staggered format. Cable companies have a license agreement with networks (like ABC, ESPN, Fox…etc)in order to create a channel line up.  As streaming became more prevalent, these distributors like, Spectrum, Cox, and Netflix decided with the new streaming media for delivery, traditional transmission methods were no longer needed.

Once streaming became the primary medium of delivery for media, other companies realized they no longer needed cable TV companies to distribute their productions.  Then came the introduction of Disney + and Disney pulled all of its content that it owned from Netflix.  Many other companies soon followed suit.  Now streaming companies had to get inventive to keep from losing lots of subscribers.  The primary means of doing this it seems, went to producing original content.  As a result, American’s started subscribing to multiple streaming services.  Now when you add all the different streaming services at an average of $20/service for 5 different ones to ensure you see watch what you want too, the total is as much as cable was!  $100 a month between streaming services and add-ons is what most people pay today, that’s more than most average cable modems.  It seems, TV, movies, and music, are doomed to be in disarray for many years to come.

Isn’t it ironic?