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Hyper Vision Is Coming

That’s right folks, as we prepare for our Hyper Vision launch, we will be posting more and more videos and neat things like the one below.  So please comment away and post your thoughts!  We love to here everything.  We have some amazing new things we plan on rolling out over the rest of this year.    We’re looking forward to Halloween that’s for sure!  Gotta love that candy, although, I wonder how that will work as we’re still mid-pandemic.  Just like rural internet thanks to Hyper Fusion, nothing will ever be the same again most likely, or maybe it will go back to normal, who knows.

We have nearly 50 alpha test users and they are loving the streaming service.  Once we complete the full release of our video service, and complete the nationwide testing of our 4G LTE / 5G partner, we’ll be fully releasing the entire HyperNET.  Home internet, mobile internet / phone / & texting, and live / on-demand streaming, on 1 simple bill.  No more fuss, or hassle.  Works everywhere in the US!

Hyper Fusion Celebrates 3 Years In Business

Hyper Fusion Celebrates 3 Years In Business

Well everyone, it’s been a crazy 3 years, but Hyper Fusion has prevailed.  We are quickly becoming the most dominant rural provider within our area.  We offer outstanding coverage and unparalleled speed and reliability over any other rural providers and fully live in almost all areas of Burnet County and Lampasas County.  We also serve parts of Llano county, Bell County, Blanco County, Hays County, Travis County, Williamson County, and Coryell County.

We boast 20 repeater sites in our network, and we are the ONLY rural provider to have a true multi-homed dual stacked IPv4 / IPv6 pure digital network and are a genuine US recognized ISP and NOT a reseller as is common with most WISPS ( Wireless ISP’s / Rural ISP’s ).  We do NOT get IP’s from any upstream provider as part of our service, we own our own IPv4 and IPv6 network spaces and we operate every part of our own network and have more than 50 years of engineering experience specifically in wide area network data delivery between our management team. We are not focused on profits; we’re focused on our subscribers, as it should be.  We are the ONLY provider within our service zone who understands what it truly takes to operate a modern digital hybrid fiber and fixed point wireless network with in our area.  We do not out-source our network administration, we have on-staff experts that are able to address issues in real time instead of having to wait for a 3rd party network operator to address such issues.

With us celebrating our 3rd birthday June 1st of this year, we aim to take a full steam approach to our customer service process and upgrading our delivery network to handle the ever growing popularity of our services.  We will continue to honor our commitment to being completely transparent about our network, how we get our internet, what infrastructure is ours, and which are partner services, we will never claim for co-located data center spaces as our own when they are not.  We have always taken pride in the fact that our network sources have been transparent and all our customers know.  We actively engage our subscriber base each and every day in a meaningful manner where we not only fix, but also guide and teach, so that our entire subscriber base grows stronger and we will be taking a focused approach on these areas as we migrate out of the startup phase and into a full fledged mature and stable provider for the communities we serve.

We Are Pleased To Announce Our Brand New Hyper Fusion Resource Center!


Now that Hyper Fusion has a well operating and clearly established management team we have decided its time to gain us a public presence.  With that in mind, we are introducing the very first Hyper Fusion Resource Center.  As we are mid-pandemic still, we are taking certain measures until the HFT Management Team deems it safe to return to a normal state of business operation.  That means, although our new resource center is open to the public, we ask that you call ahead and schedule an appointment as we are limiting the number of people into the building at one time until our the HFT Management Team is satisfied that it is safe to do so. This is for everyone’s general protection.

Located at 3400 South Water Street Burnet, TX 78611

Below is just a small list of things we plan on rolling out completely over the summer (pending the pandemic is stemmed and not impacting home installations) and hope to be in full operation before the next school season begins.  You’ll be able to get lots of things done at our new HFT Resource Center, including but not limited to;

      • Signing up for new services or adding services to existing accounts.  Whether your just wanting information or you need help with adjusting your account as an existing subscriber, you can accomplish everything now in our new Resource Center
      • We will be setting up several display cases and shelving units and will begin offering product sales of gear specifically recommend by HFT as solid gear and guaranteed to work with our services. Each product that we will be selling has been tested over a great deal of time by our Management Team.  Items we will be selling and carrying in stock, include, but are not limited to; Consumer Home and Business networking equipment, Home Mesh Wi-Fi systems, mobile phones and tablets, mobile device charging cables, netbooks, laptops, Software, printers, CCTV cameras, Smart Devices, televisions, home theater systems. But if it’s a bit of tech, plugs in, or takes batteries, if we don’t have it in stock, we’ll be able to get a hold of it for you.
      • With the ever changing things going on all over the internet it can be difficult to keep up.  Most consumer home routers, with a bit of a 1 to 2 hour seminar, can be easily taught to our clients and then they will be able to configure and administer their router and avoid having to pay costly onsite charges. This saves our customers money and allows us to carry such fantastic rates.  With that in mind, we’re going to start offering several classes each month, which we will broadcast out a training seminar a few times a month on the current times basic modern consumer home wi-fi router basic administration.  In most cases, 95% of people pick up just enough to be able to avoid those costly onsite visits for something that’s easily fixed with a few mouse clicks or taps / swipes on a mobile device.  Once the pandemic ease up, we will also start offering 1 on 1 training in our large meeting room in our new Resource Center.  This will a central part of what our HFT Resource Centers will be;  A community space for learning, education, growth, and learning how to safely operate your home and business in an every changing online world.
      • A lot of our small business owners and trades-people who work for themselves have been begging and requesting for affordable and reliable (even more so then our residential network)  business class services so we’ve answered your requests and will begin rolling out and taking co-location customers, VPS server rentals with WHM / cPanel licensing included, along with softtaculous, linux, or Windows capability, plus much much more, check out our business page by CLICKING HERE. Our online hosting services will boast a data center with many racks (eventually, just a few to start).  This location will serve as the primary location for our physical data center servers that operate the web hosting servers and services so that all our local Burnet County and Lampasas County web designers can work for themselves, online media producers can house their VPS server and other cloud services in order to provide reseller web hosting services to their web design clients.  Our hosting platform will be built from the ground up specifically to cater to these types of online web customers, in addition to larger firms.  All of our hosting services listed on our business page will be launching with full production status before the end of this summer.
      • We’re growing ever closer to a full Texas state wide public beta launch of our Hyper Vision Cloud TV service.  We have been building and testing with our alpha testing consumer base group and reports are that our TV streams are of much higher quality then DirecTV or Cable TV.  Best part will be, if your a Hyper Fusion customer, the bandwidth your TV service consumes will not effect the threshold of your plan, so if all your doing is watching TV in perfect 4k quality at a 20 – 25 Mbps sustained data rate and you run a speed test on your internet, you’ll get 100% of the speed you pay for, not less the amount your HVCTV service consumes.  Our data thru puts for 4k are actually much lower than that, and promise to be extremely efficient at compressing and decompressing streams for insane video quality and compression at the same time allowing multiple streams, across multiple devices, in multiple locations without choke, buffer, or interruption (of course we can’t prevent all outages).  In addition to that, HFT has made all the necessary requirements to apply to the FCC for our very own TV Broadcasting Licence and Channel, just like Spectrum did with their channel.  We’re hoping to get 22.2 KHFT  as our call sign, and we are getting just about complete our application. Over the summer we will be heavily developing our Hyper Vision Cloud TV service.

The HyperNET Full Roll Out Production Release

We have completed the last few things we need to get both of our gateways set, and our full upstream peering agreements setup so that both our networks will become one.  The North and the South shall unite and we shall become stronger than ever.  This will give all our circuits the capability of using 1 or the other or both of the gateways to ensure an unparalleled level of stability.  In addition to spending a heavy focus through the course of the summer to upgrade and standardize all our existing repeater sites we will be making a heavy focus on increasing the repeater site density with in our home market to inter-connect in as many ways possible our existing sites and have begun rolling out our Generation 6 Wireless Access Points.  Hyper Fusion is rolling out our new 6GHz spectrum access points and stations as well as some licensed spectrums to guarantee service.  No longer will we have to battle the pains of interference from the home wifi router.  All our existing customers will be excited about this roll out for sure.

Our new network uses proprietary hardware, we are also coding our own software for our web hosting platform, control server platform, and the software that runs and controls our network using a fuzzy logic system built right in house, as we get each phase of this rolled out, our network just becomes faster and faster, more fused with multiple technologies over multiple partnerships formed directly with upstream and now downstream peers as well and before the year is out, we are going to work extremely hard to make sure all 20 of our sites are completely standardized and will have at least 2 other hi-grade gigabit or better inter-links to every other wireless repeater or Fusion Fiber DMARC site to ensure a highly robust delivery network, fail-over and work resiliency.

Our chief architects last year had one of their pilot friends testing the SIM card in an EXISTING phone the alpha tester had, since he was a pilot it was the perfect chance to truly test out the world wide capabilities of our new SIM cards.  That’s right, WORLD WIDE.  Our tester reported, that after landing, and de-boarding, turned their phone on in the terminal, let the phone boot, and could place phone calls, text, and had full data with no fuss, no muss, no flipping of SIM cards, same US local home area code on the phone number and local calling, just happen to be in London.  Also verified to work in Ireland, Italy, and France.

We would like to thank each and everyone of our subscribers for making us the Top Internet Provider with the Locals Love us 2020 awards in Burnet County.  We couldn’t be more thrilled being an award winning provider.  Next year we aim to be voted best internet in every county we currently service!   Head to head, there is no competition in the rural areas of Burnet County and Lampasas County because we stand alone with the speeds we are able to obtain and the reliability we maintain thru having several upstream peering providers, not just one.

Hyper Fusion Fully Launches Kempner

CLICK THE MAP TO ENLARGE – Green lines are live and in use active lines, orange lines are actively under construction, and yellow lines are planned lines. This makes up the entirety of the Kempner Fusion Fiber network. It is fed by 2 completely independent upstream peers over 1 gig / 10 gig delivery ports with access of up to 12 fiber pairs for future expansion. More than enough to feed all of Kempner 3 times over.

Hyper Fusion Reaches Agreement For Kempner Fusion Fiber

As posted by the Kempner Family Community Development Corporation on May 12th, on their Facebook page Hyper Fusion has worked an agreement between KFCDC and Hyper Fusion to drastically increase our deployment of our Fusion Fiber, Fixed Point Wireless, and Live Streaming TV services to Kempner area residents.  (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE).  Everything inside the 2 loops pictured in the map is live and eligible for Fusion Fiber service and most areas have excellent wireless coverage.

The project core of this build out will be completing our Equrina Fields primary distribution tower located in Lake Victor before we kick this off to ensure multiple paths across the Kempner network, of which, once we hang the required super duty 2 gig per second backbone devices, will form a solid backbone that connects both our North and South upstream providers directly as well as joining both of our networks into one large enterprise class WAN Fiber and Wireless network across four active counties, twenty total wireless repeater sites, and three Fiber DMARC subdivisions.

Hyper Fusion Achieves Tier 3 Provider Status

As of April 10th, 2020 Hyper Fusion, LLC has left it’s reseller status behind and become the ONLY provider in our class to obtain an authentic ARIN issued AS Number.

What is an AS number?  Autonomous Systems are networks typically governed by large ISPs that participate in global Internet routing. Each network is assigned a unique identification number known as the AS number or ASN by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.  You can view information on both Hyper Fusion’s IPv4 Network and IPv6 Network by CLICKING HERE.

With this upgrade to our network and deployment of new services we have been able to move away from using the old IPv4 addressing system and into IPv6 addressing system.  With a modem free system, and no analog technologies in between like big box cable and phone companies use, we boast a PURELY digital network from upstream borders all the way to customer end points allowing for an extremely low < 20ms ping times across your average residential circuit, whether it is fixed point wireless or Fusion Fiber.

We grow ever closer to our Hyper Vision Cloud TV full streaming live TV service.  We’re getting close to wrapping up our alpha testing and the lengthy alpha testing is starting to yield some fantastic results.  Our Hyper Vision live TV service will become Hyper Fusion’s flagship service.  Boasting true pick one channel at a time from our entire library (Premium channels excluded) from twenty five channels for 25 dollars.  (More channels are of course available, either with bundles, or ala cart 1 channel at a time).  New features will be forthcoming from some never before used by traditional provider interfaces for TV guides, DVR recordings, watching previews, and many more features.  Our Nintendo Switch app alpha testing is rock solid now and we are getting close to submitting it to Nintendo for testing and verification certification and inclusion in the Nintendo e-Store.  Obviously, the app will be included free with Hyper Vision subscription, as well as our Android, iOS, and Windows 10 / Mobile apps.  No other rural provider delivers their own live TV and our Hyper Vision service, which is due for public beta coming this summer, will set Hyper Fusion apart.

As a genuine provider Hyper Fusion aims to be the gold standard in rural internet.  The reason you do not see a lot of Facebook posts online on our facebook page is because we are busy installing.  We built our backbone network first, got it up and running, and then went after it.  We’re already live, in Kempner, no need to wait.  We’re here to truly provide GOOD internet at a good price.

ISP Classifications

In a world full of ever changing internet providers, how do you know if your using a reseller, or getting service directly from a legit government recognized provider?  The best way is to simply visit  it will tell you your true provider.  Some providers claim they

Speed test from a 6.2km Fixed Point Wireless Circuit on our Standard 25 package that goes for $87 a month plus taxes. As you can see, our speed tests truly show Level 3.

“Lease” IP’s from AT & T and get service from Level 3.  Firstly, AT & T 100% will not give / lease or let any person or business use any of their IP’s without active internet service, we know, we called and asked.  Secondly, one of our upstream peers, is actually Level 3, and as you can see when you do a provider check on our IP’s, they in fact come back as Level 3, as one would expect if you actually have Level 3 service.  Clearly being dishonest about how they obtain their upstream services and how they distribute them.  As you can see from our Standard 25 wireless circuit speed tests from our south Burnet Network, we are an actual peer with Level 3, not just reselling for them, and it connects to the speed test server in Austin, hosted by AT & T.  Clearly two different providers and as you can see, they certainly don’t intermingle their IP’s and let the other lease them from them.

Another factor that sets resellers apart from genuine providers, is that they do not carry an AS number as explained above.  this is the biggest important defining factor between a reseller, who only provides internet, and an ISP, or Tier 3 Provider, is that actual ISP’s actively participate in global internet routing, where as resellers do not.

Resellers typically very rarely even operate their own equipment and often sell service “under another brand” which further complicates getting support and getting your service fixed.  They will also stick you with purchasing the equipment so if anything happens to it, your stuck with buying everything all over again.  Providers like Spectrum for example, if your equipment fails, they just give you new equipment, your not forced to purchase new equipment.  Hyper Fusion never charges customers for failed radio, as we are a genuine ISP and Tier 3 provider.

Genuine Hyper Fusion pure network speed test from our Kempner North network 6 miles from a wireless repeater. As you can see, faster than 82% of ALL providers, and the ISP is Hyper Fusion, LLC, our OWN privately owned network. Not resold, not AT & T Fibers, privately purchased, installed by Hyper Fusion staff Fusion Fiber. The one and only GOLD standard in rural internet.

Tier 3 Providers
Tier 3 providers all have genuine AS Numbers as issued by ARIN, the government agency in the US that controls such designations based purely on quality and amount of network assets owned by the provider in question.  Hyper Fusion has theirs, easily publicly searchable.  NO other competitor in our class as well as WISP’s have this, ergo, are resellers or VISP’s ( Virtual ISP’s ).  They simply resell direct internet access and control no routes and do not participate in the global internet routing.  Typically tier 3 providers , as with us, only deal with the end user, or customer directly.

Tier 2 Providers
Tier 2 Providers, such as AT & T, Level 3, Verizon, and others deal both directly with end users / customers and engage in downstream peering agreements with others.  Most of these bigger providers, although we may not agree with their practices, are required to make things with the internet just work a bit better and often will sell the smaller capacity lines such as 10 gig and 1 gig lines.

Tier 1 Providers
Genuine Tier 1 providers, have almost NO upstream peers, and ONLY provide downstream access to Tier 2 providers and do not engage with end users.  These are the core networks of the internet and as soon as Hyper Fusion can afford to peer directly with them, we will of course be doing so.  In addition, Hyper Fusion is working feverishly to establish as many downstream peers as we can.  We have several coming online soon and are continuing our growth into a solid Tier 2 provider.


New Hyper Fusion Headquarters and Primary Office

Here is the Hyper Fusion team running our OWN privately owned fiber just outside of Kempner, TX. No resold and installed by AT & T for us!

That’s right folks, Hyper Fusion is proud to announce the soft opening of our new commercial office just south of town located at the address below.  We will be opening our doors to the public for a soft opening on June 1st, 2020 with a full grand opening celebration and customer appreciation day with many exciting things happening which will be announced in just a few weeks.  We will be observing all the precautions as recommended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This new office space is right on the Burnet Airport and we’re on the south side of Burnet, right off 281, so we will be easy to get in and out of for our subscribers.  The new office space boasts a large meeting room with a capacity for 14 people, a small front sales floor area, large dedicated equipment and gear room, offices for every department, accounting, operations, IT, and a Network Operations Center.  Additionally we have a large dedicated server room with the capacity to handle eight server racks.

Hyper Fusion Achieves Tier 3 Provider Classification!

The HyperNET is born!


Hyper Fusion takes another leap forward with our official ARIN Tier 3 provider classifications.  No more reseller status like ALL the other WISP’s that service rural Burnet and Lampasas counties.  Not a single one of them is an actual internet provider, so don’t be fooled.  You can’t achieve this status unless you have 2 peering connections with 2 different upstream providers and qualify for an Autonomous System Number for ARIN ( American Registry for Internet Numbers ).  Hyper Fusion has now passed all qualifications and acquired the required licenses to be able to be classified as a Tier 3 provider.  All others are nothing more than simple internet resellers.   Don’t believe us, check your connections true ISP using the link below.

Because Hyper Fusion is a genuine ISP and NOT a simple reseller, we have direct IPv4 and IPv6 IP allocations from the government agency that controls IP networks for our area.  The ONLY way you are allowed to use ANY IP, is if you are getting service from another provider, ergo,  reseller.  As Hyper Fusion has a direct allocation, we DIRECTLY own these IP networks.  We do not lease them from “another provider” as some local rural providers have claimed.  This is simply not true.

We freely offer up our registration for our customers to review for themselves.

We continue to be the gold standard in rural internet service in Burnet and Lampasas Counties primarily and expanding ever faster into Williamson, Llano, & San Saba Counties, along with Marble Falls, a heavier focus on Kingsland is coming soon, including fiber to the home in Kingsland.  We also are looking at several locations for both a wireless repeater site and a fiber DMARC site so we can start offering fiber to the home in Horseshoe Bay and Granite Shoals.

New Network Features

With these upgrades Hyper Fusion will be completing our upgrades to put HyperNET ready routers at every repeater site along with bigger equipment boxes to convert most sites over to complete DC power with our new stable combination solar, wind, and fuel powered generators and several large batteries to remove our sites completely from line power making them 100% green on power production and consumption.

We are also doing away with our two internet connections on the south and north networks in favor of much more stable and professional grade network Peering Agreements that we’ve established with other network providers.  At the official launch of the HyperNET, we will have two peering points, Burnet and Lometa.  Each site will have two physical different upstream provider’s fibers plugged in with peering agreements established, which each upstream provider being capable of providing us up to twelve 10 gig / 100 gig fibers and Hyper Fusion will be able to provide enough bandwidth to supply every city in the counties we serve with direct fiber to the home and business.  We are the ONLY rural provider to have this capability and stability!

New Repeater Sites

Due to demand we have completed our initial build of the Adamsville South repeater location which lies about 15 miles north of Lampasas.  Due to security reasons and protection of the site, we will not be revealing its exact location.  This makes our 20th site we have completed in our 3rd year of operation.  We have now surpassed all other fixed point wireless providers in the Central Texas market and we’re the ONLY one that has a valid AS # with ARIN and a valid ARIN designation.

We will be working hard over the next two weeks to complete our Equrina Fields big tower, 183 Midway, and Briggs repeater sites in the month of May.  The month of May is almost booked solid. We have less then 10 appointments left for the month of May so be sure to sign up today.  Near the end of May we will be putting a heavy focus on the Lampasas area.

New Competitor Offer

Do you have an existing fixed point wireless internet service AND own your equipment?  Hyper Fusion will purchase your receiver station from you ( the thing they installed on your roof that brings you internet ) for $300 which completely covers your activation fee.  This purchase price is FAR more then the retail cost of your receiver station.  We can offer this because we are 100% confident in our repeater site network.  In most cases, we can reset your receiver back to factory defaults, re-point the receiver to our tower network, and with in about 30 minutes you are up and running with more speed, and a worry free circuit.  Should anything happen from the receiver station all the way inside to your wall plate, we will come out and replace it at no charge.

Hyper Fusion Is Officially an Award Winning Internet Service Provider

That’s right folks Hyper Fusion is now an award winning internet service provider!!  The 101 Locals love us has been awarded to Hyper Fusion for Best Internet Provider 2020!

Check it out for yourselves!!


Next year we aim to win all 3 areas and Lampasas.  We have a strict goal for 2020 to achieve the top level in customer service, support, and have the fastest, most reliable, most reasonably priced services for our customers!

April Updates

Upcoming Weather

As we move into the 3rd week of the pandemic and deep into the Shelter in place order, Hyper Fusion remains committed to ensuring that our subscribers have the best internet possible.  As much as it stinks for everyone, mother nature is just not going to cooperate with our agenda either.  April 2nd through April 12th there will be extremely limited appointments due to heavy rains and lightning.  During this time we will be focusing on existing customer repairs, strengthening our tower system, as well as piling through our support tickets to make sure everyone’s requests get handled as quick as possible.

COVID-19 Update

Hyper Fusion has confirmed Texas has ordered all schools closed at least until May 4th.  We must prepare for the fact that school may not return until next fall.  If you’re having issues uploading or slower VPN while transferring files to work, check into our SOHO / Distance Learning Plan.  As we now know that we’re gonna be stuck like this for the spring, we’re asking everyone to remain patient as we work through the pandemic like every other american.  We are no different, we are humans to so lets all work hard to help each other.

Staffing Update

During the pandemic everyone has had to make adjustments with everything from people working from home, to distance learning, and even home medical appointments. For the next 2 weeks we will be down to just 1 installation team and our accounting manager answering phones. For the fastest help please login to your Fusion Portal and open a new support ticket. If you are not a current customer and have a request, please email  Additionally, Chris will not be available for the next 2 weeks to assist with any customer issues but will be keeping an eyes on our network to make sure it stays in supreme operating order.

Known Issues

At this time we are aware of the issues below and over the next 2 weeks will be doing everything we can to get them addressed as soon as possible.

  • Equrina Big Tower – As soon as weather clears up we are going to be chipping away 2 to 4 hours every day.  Once we get this guy up it will drastically beef up signal to Naruna, give us a 2nd link to the north network and just all around beef up performance.
  • Chica Ranch Peak Time Clog – We have a funny radio on the omni that causes clogs during heavy network usage.
  • Kempner Main – The backbone radio that feeds Chica Ranch has a messed up ethernet port and is scheduled for replacement, this adds heavily to the clog issue
  • Kempner Main East AP – For some reason this access point is just super spastic and we will be swapping this one out soon.
  • Kempner North South AP Slowdowns – The South Access point on Kempner North. As soon as we can climb, this will be one of the next ones replaced. This will help with the clog.
  • Our Friends 1 & 2 Mesh WiFi Status – We still have some work to do in our friends 1 and will be adding 1 more beefy access point and upgrading the baby one up by the office to a beefy one.  Our Friends 2, as soon as we can, we’ll be putting in a short utility pole for the 2nd access point to get signal everywhere.
  • Kingsland North – We need to do some work at Eagles Nest to change out the backbone radio as its being a little funny and still causing a slight clog on the south network.

NEW: SOHO and Distance Learning Service Plan

In response to the COVID-19 shelter at home orders, we have come out with our new SOHO plan (Small Office Home Office). This plan is great for VOIP, video conferencing, as well as moving heavy files. If you are an existing customer please open a new support ticket through the portal to request an upgrade. It’s fast and easy to work from home with Hyper Fusion. Please note that new installs are extremely backed up right now,  therefore installation may not take place for several weeks. Please check our sign up page for updates on the timing of new installs.

Internet for Work and School

The SOHO plan increases capacity to both download and upload heavy files from multiple devices at the same time. That is why this plan is great for distance learning for your children so they can complete this years schoolwork, and working from home at

This speed test is done WIRELESS. 80 Mbps down x 57 Mbps up with 23ms Latency. We even out perform hardlined wired services like cable modem and DSL, we just smoke them with this new plan.

the same time.   A dedicated wireless link is also available, as well as a Dedicated Public IPv4 IP, just give us a call for more information.

I have a home space but not office equipment…

Hyper fusion is prepared to supply any type of equipment needed for the home office. This includes computers, VoIP/SIP desk phones, computers, gadgets, printers, and even office chairs. Just contact a Hyper Fusion team member and we will sterilize and provide no contact delivery on all items purchased.  There currently is no waiting list for delivery of office supplies. Watch the website for any updates. All electronics/office supply deliveries carry a flat $20 CASH ONLY fee, due at the time of delivery. If you subscribe to the SOHO Plan, then the delivery fee is $10 CASH ONLY fee, due at the time of delivery.

Hyper Fusion is committed to bringing our community through these difficult times however we can. Please contact our office or create a support ticket for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: This plan is not available in all service areas, call for availability.  This plan is most ideal for customers that currently have a stable internet service  but need more upload speeds and/or have children at home that require distance learning and the ability to reliably upload schoolwork.

Monthly Rate: $147.00 ( plus sales tax )

Download Speed: 35 Mbps  Upload Speed: 20 Mbps

Dedicated Wireless Link: $97 per month extra

Dedicated Public IPv4 IP: $47 per month extra

HyperNET WiFi Now 100% FREE!

As the onset of this global pandemic sets in and officials are ordering everyone to work from home, internet has become more essential then ever.  We realize however, with the lock-down happening so fast, it can be really hard to get at home internet right now.  With that in mind, we’ve uncapped our HyperNET WiFi system in downtown Burnet. Now EVERYONE can get 30 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up for FREE when connecting to our downtown mesh system.  Just drive to the downtown Burnet square, bring up your network settings on your device, and connect to “HyperNet”.  It works a lot like the way the guest wifi system works at the grocery store, just much faster.  More than enough speed for any device to accomplish any work from home requirements, such as video conferencing and uploading important documents.  We only ask that you kindly stay in your vehicles, and if you must get out then please follow the CDC guidelines and stay at least 6ft away from others. We appreciate the opportunity to help our community in this time of need.

Thanks So Much!

The Team @ Hyper Fusion

***These speeds are only FREE when connecting to our “HyperNet” network on the downtown Burnet square, and by using  the “HyperNet” you agree to our terms of service.

COVID-19 Onsite Appointment Information

Hyper Fusion is taking a very thought out approach  to continue helping our current and new customers with installation and repairs during the COVID-19 pandemic.  For people still requesting/requiring onsite appointments, there are several factors we must consider for the safety of our field engineers, as well as our customers.


For any onsite appointments, we ask that all customers take the following measures:

  • Bleach or Sanitize all door knobs and other areas our team may come in contact with.
  • Do not approach our team and maintain a 20 foot distance at all times
  • If you have a face mask, please use it.
  • We ask that all persons vacate the home except the responsible party, or a designee over the age of 18 to minimize transmission risks.  If this is not possible, then have them go to an area that our team will NOT be in.
  • Pre-open any closet doors or attic access doors that maybe required for inside wall drops or custom installations.
  • After the appointment is complete, we ask that ALL household members, wash their hands and wipe down all surfaces again.

We appreciate your understanding and want everyone to know that we are doing our best to keep the community connected while keeping everyone healthy.

Thank you,

The Team @Hyper Fusion

The Corona Virus Threat in Texas

As the Corona Virus spreads more thru out the U.S., the time for Hyper Fusion to act I’m afraid has come.  Since Hyper Fusion is an internet provider, our field staff are constantly going in and out of many different folks homes.  Many of these homes are vacation homes where folks come in from Austin, San Antonio and Dallas.  With the virus now more rapidly spreading and our #1 interest is the health and safety of our customers, we will be making the following adjustments in what we do in order to reduce the chances of transmission as much as possible.

President Trump as recommended that all people who travel self quarantine.  We know this may sound extreme but its alot better than the alternative.  As many of you know from our last post, where coming up on a major storm over the next 10 days.  Since we already have toned down work, we are going a little further with our procedures for the rest of March.  What does that mean for our existing Hyper Fusion customers and our future ones?

1. Our field team will NOT be entering any homes or any other structure.  Our field team goes in and out of many buildings and this just increases the chances of transmission of the virus.  Hyper Fusion is not equipped with level 5 bio-hazard gear in order to prevent moving the virus from 1 customer to another.

2. Any existing customers whose radios move, we will be conducting repairs and fine tunes, but we ask that you implicitly remain in your home while this service is conducted to minimize transmission risk.

3. New customers requesting service will NOT be able to be installed until sometime next month due to all the complications the weather and the virus have caused, although exceptions maybe made for critical business or government circuits.

4. If you had a pending appointment, install, un-install, service transfer, or any other request, it may now be delayed by weeks.  We ask that anyone with questions, comments, or concerns email  with a short subject in the subject line and then your request in the main part of the email.

As you can see, even our bank released a notice to all their customers regarding their efforts with this growing epidemic.  Hyper Fusion remains committed to its customers and will continue to do everything possible to keep our customers safe, informed, and we will do everything in our power not to let this epidemic effect continuity of our network connectivity and other services we may provide.

Customer support during this time may be delayed and we ask everyone to bear with us while we work thru it.  Additionally, we will be putting all jobs back in our queue, this is the opportune moment to “reset” our field jobs to make sure everyone gets helped appropriately.

We will keep everyone in our thoughts and still remain mindful of everything going on with the situation and our managers will be monitoring the situation daily.  For current customers, we will still pass on all information as we get it within our Slack workspace on our breaking news channel and keep our every growing network of customers, local business owners, and other local officials to keep everyone as informed as possible.

The Hyper Fusion Team

Special Update

Hey everyone, as y’all know we just recently put out a long overdue update and as I’m sure many of our very happy satisfied customers have noticed a drastic improvement in network stability, speed, and quality over the past 6 months.  Will has been working tirelessly to correct all the sloppy work conducted the first part of 2019 to make sure everything was set right.

Our new management team that we’ve formed is really starting to get in sync and get a solid routine and got all our work separated out and this beast running like a well oiled machine.  With that in mind, as we prepare for the rainy season this month, all our managers have studied the last 5 years of weather data, checked the  local weather stations as well as predictions from local weather agencies like KXAN and Weather Underground to be better prepared for weather events that can cause scheduling havoc due to backups and installation jobs we can’t complete because of weather.

With that in mind, its looking like starting this Friday until the last few days of the month are going to be constant rain, storms, and wind.  As such, we have suspended scheduling anymore brand new fresh installs.  Over the course of this coming week, we will ONLY be focusing on customer repairs, and then batten down a few of our repeater sites to ensure our towers stay strong.  Across the middle 2 weeks of the month we will make sure we get out and repair everything we can in between breaks in the storms.

However, construction of the Equrina Big tower , Briggs Tower site and expansion, Naruna tower re-structure, Kingsland North Re-structure, and the Chica Ranch fiber DMARC install have all been suspended, most likely for the month.  As the month develops we will of course update everyone on the out-come, and any changes in our field situation.  We ask that you bear with us and understand we only have a few weeks of weather and other administrative hoops we’re having to jump thru to close out last summers damage to our network, which is now 98% or so repaired and nearly every customer satisfied.   All hands will be on deck this week in the field so if you can’t get a hold of anyone in Slack or on the phone, that’s why.  We are checking things as we go along and doing our best to keep up, but this is part of the reason we’ve suspended new signups, is to spend March getting all caught up with work so folks don’t have to wait 3 months to get installed.

The Team @ Hyper Fusion

Spring Cleaning Is Here!!


So, it’s been a crazy start to 2020 but the newly reformed Hyper Fusion team has the bull by the horns now!  Hyper Fusion has survived some craziness since we stared in June of 2017.  Now that our re-structuring is complete and official and we can move on and get to focusing on what truly matters, our customers.    With that in mind, there will be some changes moving forward in how Hyper Fusion is operated.  We are gearing up to get some more upgrades and licences from several places so that we can operate a more professional, stable, and robust network.  In order to get those licences however, we have to have all other parts of our machine in tip top shape.


As Hyper Fusion continues to grow and we’re breaking over our 20th repeater site and with Will’s drive to re-form Hyper fusion into a well oiled machine, we have restructured the way in which we do everything and established a clear separation of lanes to keep everything running well and everyone taken care of in a timely manner.

As many of our current customers may know Chris, our Technology Manager and Chief Scientist behind our network, Chris has helped fill in some of the customer support positions, helping schedule, processing service credits, and things of that nature.  As our network as grown he needs to have his focus solely on the network and its digital and physical security, as such, Chris will no longer be available to speak with customers, and will have extremely limited time to post in our slack work space, however, we have several other staff that will be and are able to help with ALL customer needs moving forward.   With that in mind, we are also switching to our new year round schedule for our live support hours are as follows:

Monday thru Friday: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Although our live support hours for customer support are limited to the above, onsite installations, repair calls, upgrade calls and other appointments although focused Monday thru Friday, but we are now taking certain appointments by schedule only and for an added fee on weekends, 7 days a week so we can get caught up with our extremely large waiting list.  The 3 listed staff between them have full authority to assist ALL customers with ANY request or need they may have, we need our Chief Scientist to do what he does best, create.

Accounting Manager
All question regarding your bill, credits, discounts, or any questions regarding how much something may cost can now be addressed directly by emailing , by logging into your Fusion portal and opening a new ticket, or by calling our live support phone number (512-790-2250) during our new live support hours mention above and selecting the billing option and you’ll be put in direct touch with our Accounting Manager Debra.  As a side note, moving forward like all other telecommunications companies, there will be no more yearly or multi month “billing plans”,  each month you will receive a monthly bill with your normal rate like any other utility bill, plus tax. There will also not be any cash payment discounts and would prefer checks or your banks bill payment system with your Account ID# on it,  being mailed to PO Box 1442, Burnet, Tx 78611.

Operations Manager
If you have a scheduled appointment and need to change it, have questions on engineering, your circuit not quite working right, now we have someone specifically to handle those questions and get you set so that appointments are kept and held on time and tight communication is kept between Hyper Fusion and our customers allowing for speedier more timely onsite appointments, whether new installations or repairs.

Field Manager
Will of course is going to remain our field manager.  There’s just no one better in the field, and clearly over the last 6 months as Will is brought our network up to Hyper Fusion’s strict code of standards.  There just is no one better.  However, if you have any questions for Will regarding your circuit, we ask that you email  and he will get to your tickets as soon as he can.  Quite clearly, he’s the busiest person here at Hyper Fusion and in super high demand.


As we move forward with the marriage of the north and south networks into 1 single network as it should be, we are going to be completely restructuring EVERY repeater site in our network.  Will is going to be personally visiting every single repeater site to replace lines, re-point and re-secure gear, replace “clog” gear, upgrade maxed out links, and other things of that nature, as well as installing special new routers programmed, configured, and setup by Chris, the Chief Scientist behind the HyperNET.  Although Will will be visiting each site and installing new equipment, the new configurations will not roll out until all tower site re-structures are complete.  So far, Council Creek, 7 Creeks, Lampasas South, and Adamsville South.  The new HyperNET network will boast the following upgrades over our current system:

  • True Routed Smart Mesh Network – We will be adding special routers to all of our repeater sites that will allow us to install additional links to other repeater sites instead of just a single one.  This will give almost all of our repeater sites a diverse path across our network to ensure connectivity is maintained.  What this will allow us to do is re-route repeater site traffic if the preferred tower to tower link is either down or over loaded to ensure everyone is always on and always getting package and won’t put so much pressure on Will to get out there immediately.
  • Multi-Homed Autonomous Network – Basically, just a fancy term for “we have 2 internet providers that provide us our internet access”.  We currently have two different providers, each that provide us with a 1 Gig Dedicated Fiber Circuit, 1 up north installed at the Kempner North Site, and 1 down south, installed at the Burnet Main Site.  The primary difference however, is we will not be “getting internet access” from these 2 providers, but instead what is called a peering agreement.  Basically, we’ll have a set of IP Subnets that are assigned to us by ARIN, the folks who control IP addresses directly, instead of getting them from another ISP.  Then, our equipment “broadcasts” our assigned IP Subnet to the rest of the entire internet thru all of our peers, and we will be adding a 3rd peering provider to our network in the east to ensure a very diverse network with many options out to the internet to provide unparalleled stability in the rural internet market.
  • Tier 3 Provider Designation – Once we complete our HyperNET roll out and our peering agreements are actively firing across our single unified network, by designation and certification of ARIN we will have an official tier 3 provider designation and will no longer be “just a reseller” like all the other rural WISPs.  You can not get this designation without having at least 2 varying provider peering agreements of 1 gig or better fiber connections and having ACTUAL documentation they check out to verify all peering agreements and technical ability of executive staff before you can get this designation.
  • IPv6 Roll Out – As some of you may know, IPv4 IP’s are exhausted world wide, meaning, there are simply not left for ARIN to hand out.  The fact that we only have a limited amount of IPv4 addresses made available to us by the companies we have peering agreements set with, its caused some problems amongst our X-Box One users.  this will resolve that issue, as everyone will be getting a free IPv6 /64 IP Address subnet assigned to EVERY customer.  Which litterally is well over a million IPv6 addresses per customer, more than you’ll ever use.  IPv6 is a 64 bit system for IP address so there are way more possible addresses than on the older 32bit IPv4 system.  We will however be maintaining a dual stack system and legacy IPv4 addresses for legacy customer requirements, but will be charging $30 per month for a dedicated IPv4 address, and $15 a month for a shared or “pooled” address.
  • 1st Generation “Nano Pod Caching Cluster” Deployment – We will be installing a set of highly specialized server clusters that we will be installing in the Kempner and Burnet Main gear houses with the specific purposes of storing a copy of the most watched Netflix videos.


We have completed a full audit of our entire customer list and identified each customer that’s waiting on an install, repair, or billing issue and over the next 30 days will be working super hard to rectify each and every account and bring each and every circuit up to current Hyper Fusion Code of Standards to ensure reliable and stable internet for our entire network.

Existing Customers:  We ask that you bear with us, we are going to focus on you first, and starting with our oldest requests first and working from there.  Next up with this schedule is the Equrina Big tower.  Our Operations Manager will make a post in our slack workspace as far as when this is going to happen.

New Customers Who Have Signed Up, but haven’t gotten a call from Hyper Fusion Yet:  You are on our radar, but we’re currently 6 weeks out on putting on new customers.  We’re focusing on completing our year end audit and re-visiting every single customer to ensure everyone is up to code.

New Customers Who Have Not Signed Up Yet:  Please understand, if you fill out the “Get Service” link, new installations are currently 6 to 8 weeks booked out due to our 100 Mbps + service in most areas we are extremely popular and have grown faster then Will and our 1 field team can handle on their own, but we are working on getting a 2nd field team up and going just as soon as we can.

Prior Customers Waiting On Un-Resolved Matters:  There are still 9 customers yet waiting on resolutions from the issues we had Summer of 2019, for those customers we will have your accounts resolved with in the next 60 days.  Now that Will has gotten things pretty much put back together with the help of our accounting manager and operations manager we will be focusing on closing out the rest of any trailing issues from 2019.  This includes the group of customers that lost their circuits due to the Arrowhead repeater being un-installed and the couple of customers left over yet from the Lampasas North tower being un-installed.


The NEW Hyper Fusion Management Team